Easter at Great-Grandma's Easter Sunday we went to Steve’s grandmother’s house, where most of his aunts and uncles and cousins were gathered.  Now, Grandma has quite a bit of property, it’s a farm there.  Steve’s brothers each brought their ATV’s and one with his wife and other with his fiance, went riding off through the property.  In between Elijah whining that he wanted to go, too, and Kayleigh being an absolute bear because she hadn’t had a nap, Steve got the idea… Hey, we should go, too.  So off we went… in our Jeep Liberty.  Just like an ATV… but with seat belts and a car seat.  Kayleigh was immediately happy and contained, but Elijah whined nearly the whole time because he didn’t just want to go, he wanted to ride a 4-wheeler.  Too bad, boy.

It was fun, though.  First we navigated around near the house then went further.  The property, once you’re off to the bigger area, you’re on an open ridge, then you have to travel downhill through woods, then uphill through a field, down through woods, up through a field, down through woods, there’s another field and a creek there, then up through woods to another field then the final woods.  And we did it all!  Except the last woods, of course, because we didn’t feel like driving through a barbed wire fence.  There was an old house up there somewhere, though, in the last field, and the last woods have an old rock wall that’s pretty awesome.  Elijah got out and looked around.  He wanted to climb all over it but I was skeered of snakes coming out and biting him.

What was really funny was that we’d come across the other four down in the second to last field, right before the creek.  Steve said something to Brother #2 about it and he said no, he was scared to take the 4-wheeler through there!  So Steve went right through and they followed.

It was great fun and probably took us a good hour to go all through and when we got back, his grandmother and all his mom and aunts/uncles were just in disbelief that we’d been able to take the Jeep there and back.  His grandma seemed really interested, I guess she hasn’t been back there in a while, and Steve offered to take her back – she looked like she wanted to, but she declined.  He’ll probably go out there soon and take her when everyone else isn’t around that she feels like she has to be there to entertain.

And I learned what Trail Rated means!

The next day we ended up off-roading, again!  We went down to my Grandpa’s farm for Steve to pick up his two deer stands that were down there.  Apparently they need to be maintained and what not after having been out for 2 years.  This time we had my parents’ trailer and ended up not only driving through the woods again, but driving through with the trailer.  Steve was even able to turn around in the woods with the trailer at one point so we didn’t have to back out completely or keep following the very long trail.