School Girl

Well, Kayleigh’s on her third day of school now.  Her first day was last Monday and she went in fine, for the most part.  There was no fit-throwing, but she was all quiet and apprehensive.  A little boy walked up and greeted her by pointing, pointing, pointing, then pointing point blank at her chest.  She kind of gave this disgusted look and shoved his arm out of the way.  It was cute but we went “uh, oh, I can see how this is gonna be.” heehee

When we picked her up, we were a bit early and they were all out on the playground so we watched for a little bit, knowing exactly what was going to happen.  She was having a blast but when it was time to go in, all the other kids lined up… and K ran the other way.  Her teacher carried her in kicking and screaming… just like we have to after playing outside at home!  When she saw me through the door then, she was all happy, “MAMA!”  But when we tried to lead her to go home…  Steve had to take her kicking and screaming.

We were on vacation last week Tuesday through Friday so she didn’t go back until this Monday.  She went well and had to go home kicking and screaming.  Steve took and picked her up alone.

This morning… Steve took her again and this time had to leave her screaming.  Eek.  I knew it would happen eventually, I just didn’t think it would be so soon.  Should have had a clue when I was getting her dressed and she started to leave the room wearing her pajamas still, with her jeans.  I said, “come get your shirt on, don’t you want to go to school?”  She stopped, turned around… and signed “play.”  Oy!

Hope she’s in a better mood by pick-up time!