swim meet

So Elijah’s first swim meet was almost 2 weeks ago.  That’s how much I suck at updating.  I also really suck because I don’t have any pictures as I was helping with the bullpen and knew I wouldn’t be able to take any.  However, I plan on remedying that at the next meet.  I was so stinking tired after this meet, though, and we even got done earlier than they said we would.  I was so tired I actually took a nap.

He didn’t do too bad for his first one, though.  He was only in 3 events.  He was supposed to be in a 4th but that got all confused and he didn’t get in, long story.  Kind of aggravating, really, but whatever, it was no one’s fault, just miscommunication.  In 2 of his 3 events, he placed last and in another one he was 3rd out of 4.  But I told him I only want his best.  I think he was really distracted though, so that didn’t help.  I could tell he really was in the first event, probably overwhelmed by it all.

Hopefully at this next one he’ll have a better idea.  He informed me the other day that he’s “figured out” how to swim freestyle faster.

The really awesome thing was that he knew he didn’t win any of the races but he did not throw a fit.  That was impressive.  I would like him to win some but I also want him to lose some.  In the past he’s been real competitive and often gets upset when he doesn’t win so I’ve been hammering into him about just doing his best, wishing the other side good luck, thanking them for a good game or race, whatever, etc.  So far so good.

It was also new to him to have to start off a platform that’s up from the side of the pool.  Our community pool is too small to host a meet and we don’t have those platforms, so they’re always just launching off the side of the pool.  But now hopefully he knows what to expect with that.

So looking forward to the next meet, not looking forward to getting up at the butt-crack of dawn and driving far though…  :)