Gladiola Kayleigh So since before she was born, we’ve known our little girl had two cases of urinary reflux.  We’ve kept an eye on it since then and she’s had countless ultrasounds to see how they are progressing and what not.  October of 2010, she had surgery to fix one of her ureters as it was twisted and turned and kinked up and narrowed and just plain going in all the wrong directions.  Due to that, she also had one enlarged kidney.  Since then, that kidney has been steadily getting better.

Today, it was time for another check.  Not just an ultrasound, but a VCUG.  This was her second one.  The last time, she was only about the equivalent of 4 months.  They strapped her down and did their thing and she fell asleep.  Relatively low-stress.

Getting her renal scan


Not so much.

She’s 3 now.  Not only is she a typical difficult 3-year-old but she’s additionally difficult due to her inability to communicate and what not.  I am so thankful I wasn’t taking her alone this time and that Elijah was able to go to my sister-in-law’s for the day.

‘Cause it sucked.

First was the ultrasound.  She even hates those, heck, she hates doctors looking in her ears.  She always screams and puts up a fight.  It took both Steve and I to hold her down so the tech could get all the pictures she needed.  Wasn’t too long after K had finally calmed down from that when we had to do the other.  This one was more complicated and included draining her bladder via catheter then putting dye back in there so they can watch and see if it refluxes at all.  It was a lot different than last time.  Same place but smaller room and way more people.  And they had Steve and I wear x-ray drapes this time.  I didn’t have to last time.  Not sure why.

We ended up holding her up top and two more each holding one of her legs and one doing the work then a doctor instructing movement of the x-ray thing and a resident doctor.

It was insane and K screamed.the.whole.time.  I’ve never seen her face redder, and I’ve seen it pretty red.  Nothing we do can calm that child down.  One of the women, apparently her purpose is to try to keep the kid calm.  She was equipped with an iPad with all sorts of toddler games and  videos, she pulled up K’s favorite show: SpongeBob, but K wouldn’t even pay attention to that.  She glanced at it a few times but mostly looked away and screamed.  I was right in her face talking to her and using my free hand to try to stroke her hair and what not.  She retreated somewhere far, far away, wouldn’t connect with me at all.

There were lots of tears in that room, not just from her, either.

Seemed like it took forever but I don’t think it was that long, the longest part was waiting afterward in the doctor’s office.  Always takes forever there, longer than any other office I’ve ever been to, and we’ve been to a lot!

However, the final news and results were good.  Her kidney has shown improvement, a lot, getting to its natural size, and reflux now only happens on one side and only a bit, when her bladder is really full – it goes a bit up the ureter, not into the kidney anymore.  Very good.  So she’s to stay on her antibiotics until she’s fully potty trained, then she can stop those, and in a year or a year and a half, we’ll go for another ultrasound.  He figures once she’s trained, the risk of infection will be quite low.  She’s never even had an infection so far, since we were aware of this quite early on.

So yay for no more surgery.  And I am SO glad that’s over!

Crochet and Olympics

Didn’t know one could go without they other, did ya? They don’t. I’m crocheting now and watching the women’s gymnastics. Quite a good combo.

I’ve been a crocheting fool here lately. Have had several hired projects but now working on something fun, and a surprise gift for someone at that. My first real amigurumi project. Been fun having my Facebook friends try to guess what it’s gonna be, by seeing each little piece at a time. No more clues now though, not until I’m finished. I don’t want it to get too obvious and have the person who’s gonna get it… well, not be surprised. Also been fun learning a new stitch.  Also proud of myself for finally spelling it right without looking it up.

Up next is going to be another new stitch, going to try a broomstick lace scarf.  Got me some real pretty yarn to do that with and a nice, big, fat dowel rod because I’m too cheap to buy #50 knitting needles for like $10.

I finally finished a dress thing for Kayleigh, a pinafore, using 3 skeins of Bernat Mosaic.  I love how that stuff looks.  Not quite as much how it feels but it’s not bad as you work with it.  Washing might help, too.  Unfortunately it’s too  big for K but that’s because that child doesn’t eat.  Either way, every time I would try it on her as I went along, she’d get this “I so pretty” look on her face.  Adorable.  I’m thinking she’ll get to wear this in the fall.  Can’t believe I got a pic of her face, either.  Too bad I used my crappy camera and only had 2 seconds to do it in.  This fall I’d like to get her outside and try to do me some poses.  Maybe with her hat, too.  She’s finally starting to understand, at least I think so, that hey, if I wait just a second, Mom actually gets a pic of my face…

ummmm we went on vacation last week.  More about that later.  Random, I know.

As for the Olympics, my kids have been enjoying watching some of it.  Apparently they’re particular.  Elijah watches swimming because, well, duh.  Kayleigh, I discovered tonight, appears to really enjoy gymnastics.  Elijah likes it, too, but he prefers swimming.  Kayleigh, the child who ONLY watches SpongeBob, actually sat tonight and watched a bit of every event.  She started with the vaulting and she’d cheer when they would land.  It was pretty cool.  I asked her if she wanted to do that some day and she acted all excited.

I’ve already wanted to put her in gymnastics, but just haven’t done it yet.  I guess I was kind of waiting for her to get a little older, but I would like her to do some activity and I figured gymnastics, preferably, or dance.  So we shall see!


Swim Meet Still, I am too busy for my own good, largely, anyway.  This week seems to be some down time.  E boy has been gone at camp all week.  It’s weird, he’s never spent more than 2 nights away from home and the last time he did that, it was before K was born and Steve and I went away for a few nights.  Not for his lack of asking, of course.  Just one of those things that never materializes.  I’m sure he’s having a blast though and when he sees us for family night he’ll probably get all upset, thinking we’re coming to take him home early.

Monday we dropped him off for the bus and I did some editing.  We three went to the store… then I can’t remember what else.  Tuesday I worked… then edited… came home early.  We sat around.  Wednesday, K and I had a girl day, like we’re having today.  But, boy, I wish she’d take a nap already…  She’s been putting off the naps lately which would be fine but she still gets REALLY cranky around 5 pm or so if she doesn’t nap so she turns into an absolute bear.  Today I’ve puttered around and not really done much of anything. Yesterday, practically all I did was crochet.  Guess I’m in a weird mood with The Boy being gone.

I think I’m going to get back to that crochet in a minute.  Starting several new projects, including trying to learn some new techniques.  Hope I don’t get bored before I finish them.

One of the things we’ve been busy with is swim meets.  E’s done a total of 4 of them now, and I’ve taken pictures at 3.  Couldn’t at the first because I was working the  bull pen.  I get a lot of bad pictures – those kids move so fast – but I also get a lot of really good ones.  Been real fun.  The last meet in June, too, E actually took first in one of his heats.  That was really cool, they gave him a ribbon for it right then and there.  No, that is not E in the picture.  However, the girl in the lead is from our team.  Pretty neat watching the old ones swim, too, especially the butterfly.