First Day of School

First Day of School Yesterday was Kayleigh’s first day back to school.  She was all excited to go, couldn’t even stand still for her photo.  So happy, happy as she got in the car, pointed and screeched at the school, walked in all proud… then grabbed my leg before we could fully enter the classroom.  She then refused to let go and after it became too long of this behavior and the teacher pried her off of me, she started crying big and loud.  She had been holding on so tight that I literally almost went down to the floor when the teacher pulled her away.  She was still crying as we walked down the hall but it must have been a good day in the end because she was quite happy when I picked her up.  She quickly turned very cranky though, guess she worked and played hard.

Today was easier, no tears when I dropped her off.  I thought she was going to cry, just inside the door she stopped and turned toward me.  But this time, she handed me her half-eaten crackers with cream cheese and indicated that she was good.

Here’s hoping that this semester will bring some improvement.  Her teachers said today that she said “hamburger” but I really find that hard to believe…

Now, E-boy, he’s back to school the day after Labor Day.

craptastic day

Just a craptastic day, today.

Started with a funeral for my great-aunt and really, that wasn’t the worst of it, ’cause I know she’s ok.  But funerals are never fun and we were almost late, I was so nervous.  We managed to get there about an hour and five minutes when it should have taken an hour and a half, or thereabouts.  Then the processional was pretty stressful, I hate hate hate being in those things on interstates.  A late lunch with the family wasn’t bad but Steve had to go get K so he couldn’t come and I didn’t get to talk to all the family I would have liked to.

Then E’s first step at the orthodontist.  Went well, but after, he had a major meltdown in a gas station.

Then I got home and the bad news started pouring in.

A good friend of mine, 3 hours from home, passed out and possibly had a seizure in a store and was taken to the ER.

My uncle’s cancer is back.

This girl I grew up with and is my age has colon cancer.

Some plans we had for September… not happening.

Not to mention, still worrying about Steve’s uncle with major problems in the hospital and my cousin who’s going to have surgery on her spine very soon.

I’m just drained.  I’ve been told not to worry.  My response?  “Ha!”

Yes, I come from a long line of professional worriers.

Summer Games

So I managed to jump last minute into a scrapbooking event honoring the Olympics.  So far we’ve done three challenges though the next start today.  Have done two solo pages and one that had to coordinate and collaborate with my partner.  I’m not so keen on that one, I don’t think I did a very good job, but here are my two solo pages.

120620-Kayleigh and Gladiolas

This one had other requirements in addition to being four boxes put together to be like mini-layouts of sort to make up one page.

Preemie Power

In addition to all the requirements for this one, we had to scrap something deep.  This is about as deep as I can go right now and still actually have something to scrap.  I really don’t like doing layouts without photos unless it’s for a purpose such as a baby shower invitation or something.  I like to be able to have usable pages when I do a challenge and not just be participating without having anything to show for it.

K is dominating the pages, yes, the other one was a picture of both my kiddos.  I’ll be re-doing that layout at some point.  I mean, it’s ok, but the challenge required only black and white and I just don’t really like it.  When I re-do it in color…

Nyan Cat Scarf

Nyan Cat Scarf So, here it is!  My first real amigurumi project, all done!

Not bad for my first time.  Looking back I would have done a few things differently such as closing up the poptart last instead of first so I could close up gunk inside there lol.  I also screwed up on my gauge because the cat is too big to the scarf.  Scarf was coming out huge so I changed from triple crochet to double and then it was too small but it waved better than before and I am NOT doing it again.  It also took me practically all day to put all the pieces together.  If I were to sell this…  $100 lol.  End of story.

I made Kayleigh model it since the owner isn’t the owner yet, she has yet to be surprised.  At least I hope she will be.  I’m going to have to make sure I tell her that I don’t expect her to wear it.  Kitty be huge and the whole thing doesn’t seem to be her style, I don’t want her to feel obligated.  ;-)

Nyan Cat Scarf