Summer Games

So I managed to jump last minute into a scrapbooking event honoring the Olympics.  So far we’ve done three challenges though the next start today.  Have done two solo pages and one that had to coordinate and collaborate with my partner.  I’m not so keen on that one, I don’t think I did a very good job, but here are my two solo pages.

120620-Kayleigh and Gladiolas

This one had other requirements in addition to being four boxes put together to be like mini-layouts of sort to make up one page.

Preemie Power

In addition to all the requirements for this one, we had to scrap something deep.  This is about as deep as I can go right now and still actually have something to scrap.  I really don’t like doing layouts without photos unless it’s for a purpose such as a baby shower invitation or something.  I like to be able to have usable pages when I do a challenge and not just be participating without having anything to show for it.

K is dominating the pages, yes, the other one was a picture of both my kiddos.  I’ll be re-doing that layout at some point.  I mean, it’s ok, but the challenge required only black and white and I just don’t really like it.  When I re-do it in color…