craptastic day

Just a craptastic day, today.

Started with a funeral for my great-aunt and really, that wasn’t the worst of it, ’cause I know she’s ok.  But funerals are never fun and we were almost late, I was so nervous.  We managed to get there about an hour and five minutes when it should have taken an hour and a half, or thereabouts.  Then the processional was pretty stressful, I hate hate hate being in those things on interstates.  A late lunch with the family wasn’t bad but Steve had to go get K so he couldn’t come and I didn’t get to talk to all the family I would have liked to.

Then E’s first step at the orthodontist.  Went well, but after, he had a major meltdown in a gas station.

Then I got home and the bad news started pouring in.

A good friend of mine, 3 hours from home, passed out and possibly had a seizure in a store and was taken to the ER.

My uncle’s cancer is back.

This girl I grew up with and is my age has colon cancer.

Some plans we had for September… not happening.

Not to mention, still worrying about Steve’s uncle with major problems in the hospital and my cousin who’s going to have surgery on her spine very soon.

I’m just drained.  I’ve been told not to worry.  My response?  “Ha!”

Yes, I come from a long line of professional worriers.