Spiral Blanket

So my sister is pregnant with her second baby and the last time I made her a granny stripe blanket which came out very nice.  The main color was white but I worked in purples and blues and I think yellow, too.  This time I wanted to do something else that I hadn’t tried yet so I got started on a spiral blanket.  So yes, this is my first time doing this but I think it’s coming out really nice.  I mean, it’s pretty bold for a baby blanket but I try to make these so that they can continue using them and not outgrow them as babies.  Though it is bolder than I’d thought.  Holding four skeins of yarn together… you can’t always picture the final outcome.  But I think my sister will like it.  Her favorite colors are like that lavender and that blue, when she got married she had 3 bridesmaids (including myself) in lavender and 3 in a similar blue color.  You can’t see it in the crappy cell phone picture, either, but the dark purple has a glitter thread in it.

This is also the most complicated blanket to date but only because I have four things of yarn attached at any one time.  It’s not complicated to crochet, it’s complicated keeping all the yarn separate and from tangling up.  I think I’ve got a pretty good system going now, it’s just not something I can take somewhere else and work on.  Just an at home project, so it’s gonna take a bit longer, too.


Another First Day of School

As is tradition, I started Elijah’s school year today, the day after Labor Day.  That’s one great thing about homeschooling.  As long as I do the hours he has to have from July 1 through June 30, I can hold school whenever I want.  Or is it August 1 through July 31 in Missouri?  Doesn’t matter, we start right after Labor Day!

It went well.  Trying a few new strategies this year, so we’ll see about all that, but so far so good.  There was a bit of a meltdown when he had to re-do some math problems.  He hates getting them wrong more than he hates doing them in the first place.  Probably because he has to do them again.  But other than that he did everything well, and he’s got several new things to do this year.

Kayleigh had to stay home from her school, though, she had a fever.  A cold, I guess. She’s coughing a little bit, she’s sneezy, has some watery eyes.  The good news about that is that we don’t have to jump up and go get her a urine test.  Just ride this out.  She’ll probably be staying home tomorrow, too, since even if she wakes up without a fever, she won’t have been fever-free for 24 hours.

I forgot what else I was going to talk about. kthxbai.


So I’ve been trying to get caught up on all of my scrapbooking… like that’s ever going to happen.  A friend had sent me a coupon for a free book some time ago with Shutterfly and I ended up printing the pages I’ve done for 2009 through the present.  Of course, there’s a lot missing in between but I’m going to have to deal with having books that are not consecutive.  The point is getting them printed.  I did have most everything printed but Kayleigh made sure to damage those books so I’m going to end up having to re-print stuff from 2005 onward.  Eventually I’ll have everything in actual books rather than as prints slid into scrapbooks.  Of course, when I got the book (which came out marvelous, by the way), it went straight upstairs where children cannot lay hands on it until they are old enough to respect it.

Since then I’ve been trying to at least do some more pages, something old, something new, it doesn’t matter.  Here are some of the pages I’ve done recently, that I haven’t posted yet.

Stingrays Swim TeamThis is just my generic swim team page for Elijah.  Stacey and I were lucky enough to get to do the team photos this year and we had a blast.  Got individuals of all the kids and then a large team pic.  In retrospect, we should have made Coach get in there, too, but I think she just really wanted just the kids.  Next year we’ll make sure we get her in there, too!  She’s a great coach, we both really like her.  And, of course, I love that Elijah’s part of a team.

Jackson Swim MeetThis was one of his swim meets, the first one I really got to take any pictures at and the first one Steve got to go to.

Defending the FortHad to have this pirate kit and just had to use it.  A few months ago, Steve built that fort thingie in the backyard for the kids to play on/in.  We jokingly call it the “deer stand” because it makes Elijah freak out and inform us that we can’t hunt deer in the city limits.  But it’s just a little tree house like thing without a tree, like a deer stand, ha!  Kayleigh’s gotten to where she can go up in it and come down all by herself, so that’s cool, too.  Eventually we want to put a slide on it.

2011These are our family pictures from last year.  Love this pic, even if I was 60 lbs heavier there.  Not sure we’ll do another family pic this fall or not, but maybe.  I’m still not to my goal weight.  These were also some of the pictures for my parents and for Steve’s parents.  We have pictures of all my parents’ grandkids from the same day, wearing Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3, and Thing 4 shirts (and a onesie)!

Sheila's WeddingThis was the page from Steve’s sister’s wedding in 2010.  See, I told you I was behind.  It was also the second wedding Stacey and I did together, the second of many weddings to follow.

BaldiesTwo baldies here.  Long enough ago that Steve’s dad still had cancer.  Actually, I don’t think this was that long after he was diagnosed.  He decided to cut off his hair as he was tired of it falling out.  Elijah wanted to be just like Grandpa.  Of course, since then, my father-in-law has been through chemo and radiation and has just recently had his port taken out as he’s been declared cancer-free.  I still need to do a page about when the doctors first said it was gone.  I made him a cake that was all rainbow colors inside and it was a yucky looking color outside.  You cut into it and it was representative of the rainbow after the storm.  It was pretty cool even if it did send everyone into this ultimate sugar and dye high.

Christmas 2011Here’s a page from Christmas 2011.  I kinda suck with Christmas pages.  Present-opening doesn’t really lend for the greatest of photography opportunities.  This is probably the only page I’ll do from that Christmas.  The kids are good but the rest of the family is always just kinda like “don’t take my picture or I kill you.”

DaxThis is Steve’s cousin’s baby – I got to go down to Mississippi and take some newborn pictures of him when he was about a week old and I did this page for the previously mentioned Summer Games.  He’s so adorable!

I also have more of this vacation to scrap, a lot more.  We went to the coast one day, New Orleans over one night, Vicksburg, etc.  It was pretty much a road trip.

Perryville Swim MeetThis was another Summer Games page and was quite fun to do alternating cut-outs and layers.  This is from the last swim meet Elijah got to participate in this year.  We had to miss the absolute last swim meet.  But that’s ok, he made a good number of them and he got lots of ribbons.  Need to take his pic with all his ribbons!  And find a way to display them…

120701-120802-the-munyThis page contains two events, both of my trips to the Muny, once with a sister-in-law on Steve’s side and once with my mom, sister, and my brother’s girlfriend.  Both very good shows, Chicago and Pirates.  We had a lot of fun!  And I love the colors on this page.

120716-19-bates-creekThis page talks about the first time Elijah went off to camp.  He had so much fun and it was cool that we got to go for family night and get a pic of him with his friend.  Even cooler that he and this friend used to be mortal enemies. See, people can work things out if they really want to.

120418-silverdollarcity Finally, we have our trip to Silver Dollar City, which I never did even mention here, I don’t think.  In April we took a little vacation to Branson, MO and we spent on day at SDC.  It was about like I remembered and it was pretty fun though I’m more of a fuddy-duddy now and didn’t ride a lot of the rides.  Steve’s not a ride person, either, and Elijah is if they are tame.  I did make him ride one roller coaster with me, it is mild by my standards but Elijah didn’t enjoy it at all.  Kayleigh was a pretty bad turkey that day but enjoyed the kids area and the train ride.  She’s just at that age where she refuses to stay in the stroller but she can’t really behave too well or stop from walking off.  I think I have more from that vacation I want to scrap yet, too.