moving along

I’m afraid I’ve lost the ability to form cognitive thought in the form of a blog.  Just too darn busy, I guess.  So much going on lately.  Rarely have time to stop and think.

School is going well, for both kiddos.  Elijah’s actually been getting his stuff done mostly in a timely manner, though he still whines a lot about having to do his work in the first place.  Kayleigh enjoys going to ECE and often comes home totally wiped out.   Of course, neither of them have been going to bed at a decent time.  I’ll put them to bed at 8 and they’ll be up laughing and giggling for 2 hours or so.  So then they don’t want to get up in the 7 o’clock hour… of course.  Night owls, like their Mama, I guess.  The last two days, Kayleigh’s actually come in from school, had a little bit to eat for lunch, then laid down on the couch and gone to sleep… with her coat still on.  She refuses to take it off.  Strange, considering this is the child that usually just wants to run around in a diaper.  Maybe she’s finally figured out that it’s getting colder outside.

Steve’s still laid off but there might be some job prospects coming soon.  I hope so, he really wants to be out working.  And, of course, unemployment won’t last forever.  The good news is that we have paid off the mortgage and home equity loan.  The bad news is that we had to add a new bill for Elijah’s orthodontic work (necessary,  not your standard braces) and that we still have electric, gas, water, etc., to pay, not to mention we do like to eat from time to time.  So the quest continues.  I’m bringing in what I can, odds and ends here and there.  Photography, some web work, a few hours a week office job, Origami Owl, crochet, whatever.  Of course, most of what I do continues to be pro bono.  But things work out, somehow.

Speaking of photography, I’m totally itching to shoot.  And I have been shooting, just want to do more, haha.  Have been able to do some shoots for special people in my life here lately, though, long time friends, in-laws, and my cousins.


Ariel, Class of 2013

Sarah, Class of 2013

Ariel, Ian, and Gus-Gus

It’s great fun.  Still working on that last shoot there.  I don’t have to edit much, just some face swaps I have to do for the big group shots (read: very difficult bunch lol) and just plain converting RAW to jpg.  Was great fun to do Sarah’s senior pics, though, I love how she got all vintage and pinup like.  Coming soon: my sister-in-law and brother-in-law with their three dogs — that will be fun!