couple of firsts

AvenLast night, I got the call from my friend that it was TIME.  We ended up leaving her house for the hospital at midnight and the baby wasn’t born until 317 am.  Not bad, she’d decided to labor as much as possible at home.  It was a long night though, I didn’t get to sleep until I got home around 7 am.  I could have slept up there but Steve had been texting me that Kayleigh wasn’t feeling well and I just felt I needed to get home.  Of course, my clock is all screwed up right now and I’m more than ready for bed here at 930 pm despite having a decent nap earlier, too.

But this was my first time to cover a hospital labor and delivery.  I didn’t sit the whole thing out and just take pictures, though, I also did my best to coach.  I was told I was helpful, so that was nice.  She had a rough go of it for a while but I really admire my friend, she did the whole thing without meds.  And this little guy was right below 8 lbs.  My babies have both been small (5 lbs 7 oz and 2 lbs 5 oz) so I can only guess how this went for her.  But she really didn’t push that long, though it felt like an eternity, and here he was, his very first photo.

I’m not real happy that his arm is blurry but he was flailing all around and yelling, totally ticked, of course.  And there was next to no light in the delivery room.  The main lights were turned off or way down and the only real light was the doctor’s light and the one that would warm the baby in his bed.  It irritates me to do so, whenever I have to, but I had to crank my ISO way up.

But I think I did pretty good.  Will be getting them edited for her soon and posted in her private gallery, then she can tell me which ones I can post publicly.  She already said this one was fine!

Looking forward to doing this little guy’s newborn pics here soon, just like I did his little brother more than two years ago.

the time we went on vacation, yeah, that one time.

Gulfport, MSSo I know it was totally in July, but I never talked about our little road trip vacation we took.  At least I don’t think I did, but I often can’t remember two days ago, so who knows.  But I’ve been slowly scrapping the pictures so it’s on my mind.

We usually wouldn’t go to Mississippi or set foot in the South in freaking July, but I was specifically waiting for Steve’s cousin to have her baby so I could do some newborn pictures for her.  We actually got, what I felt was, a late start because he was born right before Elijah was due to go to his first 5 day camp.  I was all ready to head down alone and come back before camp was out but Steve wouldn’t let me lol.  So E was gone Monday through Friday, including his birthday that Thursday, then we had a family dinner with the in-laws Friday night, and headed to Mississippi on Saturday.

Took us forever to get there, I guess we even got a late start that day.  We spent the day Sunday with Steve’s grandma, aunt, cousin, and new baby cousin.  SUCH a cutie!


On Monday, we really started road-tripping it and headed to the coast.  I think Steve didn’t even really want to go there but I really wanted to take the kids.  Elijah hadn’t been since he was 2, I think, and Kayleigh, of course, had never been.  Unfortunately, because we were actually headed to New Orleans, we took a straight shot down to the coast from where we were and ended up in Gulfport.

Ok, I knew Gulfport sucked compared to other places, but I don’t remember it sucking that much.  The water was, well, the Gulf, so brown, but there was so much junk on the beach it was ridiculous.  We didn’t end up staying long and the kids didn’t seem to notice the nastiness.  Elijah was, of course, fascinated with the water and only wanted to swim and Kayleigh just wanted to run off.  She liked playing in the sand a bit, though, as long as someone else was playing with her.  She also was fascinated with the water and like the last time we had little Elijah there, kept trying to sneak past us and get in.  Of course, she had no understanding of what that water was actually like until I finally got in there with her.  Then she didn’t like it.  I was crouching in the water with her sitting on my lap and Elijah was with us, Steve trying to take pictures, and every time a wave would hit us, she’d get really ticked off.  There was no way she could have stood on her own.  Elijah was disappointed we didn’t let him swim longer, but, really, it was time to go, I burned to a crisp in that short time despite sunscreen.  Of course.

From there, we went West to New Orleans…

Like herding 500 cats, 300 weasels, and 1 bull through a China shop.

Yup, that’s what it’s like to take my kids anywhere without the support of another adult, especially Walmart.  Like herding 500 cats, 300 weasels, and 1 bull through a China shop.  The last time, it was an exploding bottle of salad dressing, this time it was hand soap on the floor.  Both Kayleigh’s fault.  The salad dressing was due to a tired little girl who’d suddenly decided she didn’t want anything to be in the cart with her.  It was not only on the floor and one of the shelves, but all over both of my legs.  I smelled real good, all the way home.  Good thing it was my favorite and not something yucky I was getting for someone else!  This time, she only meant well, she was re-arranging the cart and somehow broke the lid on the big bottle of soap but I didn’t realize it until it was on the floor.  Then, of course, in both of these examples, it is impossible to find an employee to help.  Heck, if I’d seen a mop anywhere, I’d clean it up myself, but I would feel horrible if someone fell in it.  This last time, with the soap, I find an employee and tell her, not too long after instructing all customers in the aisle, “please, oh please, don’t fall in that!”  What does she do?  Tell me to go tell my cashier, since I was about to get in line to check out.  Lazy much?  And, of course, I’m awkwardly carrying this large bottle of soap with the busted lid and soap running down the side, I was already intending to buy it, I’m not going to put it back and leave it for some unsuspecting other person to grab, but I’ve gotta walk through there like an idiot, trying to make sure I don’t get more on the floor.  And all the while, I’m constantly hollering at Elijah things like, “get over here,” “come back,” and “stop running off, darn it!!”  (In addition to, “no, for the five thousandth time, I am NOT buying any toys today!”)  However, through it all, I’m proud of myself for going in and getting only what was on my mental list… dog food, hand soap, toothpaste, new tooth brush for K (thank you, Darling, for giving your old one to the dog, I’m sure he was appreciative), and shampoo!

Ah, the joys of parenthood.


A lot of our house finishing and organizing projects have been on hold for a long time.  Life just gets away from you… bed rest, hospital, NICU, newborn, baby, toddler…  Kayleigh’s still destructive but she’s getting older.  Organization has been done here and there over the past couple of years.  I re-did the “lower” room earlier this year.  Took out the little school desk and the little book shelf, brought in a long table that E splits in half: half for school, half for Lego.  Storage space under.  New shelving for books rather than stacks and boxes.  Of course, those are already full.  In the “center” room, Steve finally closed up the space under the stairs.  There’s a door there now and inside a cart for toilet cleaning supplies, toilet paper, diapers, etc.  Kids’ room was done real nice not long before Kayleigh came home from the hospital and now they have bunk beds and a series of plastic drawers for both clothes and toys.  I’m sad that they don’t seem to make these drawers anymore, as we could use another stack.  The similar ones they make now are smaller and more cheaply made.  Thinner.  Thankfully, despite her breaking of many smaller tubs (hence the moving of E’s Legos to another room), she hasn’t broken any of the drawers…  knock on wood.  The living room is pretty well organized but often messy thanks to Kayleigh’s need to drag out all her toys and my aversion to folding laundry.  I’m allergic.  Can’t help it.

Today I started upstairs.  Our room is largely the worst.  It started out well enough but when you don’t spend any time in a room during the day, you just tend not to think of it.  Plus, with our house being a story and a half, there’s the whole slanted wall issue to think about.  Over the last couple of years, our room has been pretty neglected, filling up with stuff that needs to be up there, but not organized.  Not anymore!  I got rid of some stuff in one section and moved some tubs back in but I think my first real project is going to be getting rid of the desk that we have up there.  Really, it’s cheap, parts are broken, and we never sit there.  Then I’m going to organize the dormer that it’s in.  We have a ton of electrical books from Steve’s schooling that he still sometimes refers to so I can’t pack them away permanently.  Then there’s all his hunting and fishing stuff and my purses (though I have gotten rid of A LOT) and shoes for both of us…. and some memory books and items that I’m keeping for the kids.

SO, ideas on organizing a dormer?  Maximizing storage yet still making it accessible is the ideal.  38″ wide, 49 1/2″ deep, 5′ 4″ tall for the center 32″…. hmmm…!

Ideally I should probably move my yarn upstairs but I’m afraid!!

Um, what?

Ok so, we were going to this dentist, and I really liked him.  Wonderful dentist.  Horrible businessman.  My sister-in-law, who’s a hygienist  is the only reason we went there because he was a bit further than I would prefer to drive.  They also gave us a nice family discount which was very helpful as we ended up getting a lot done after having not had dental insurance and then failing to use it for 8 years at that point.  The last time Elijah and I were there was in January for our cleanings.  No cavities.  Yay.  We made appointments for July.  When Steve got laid off in March, he started going and getting his stuff taken care of.  He was there after us, of course, the last time would have been in April or May.  In late May, the dentist fired my sil because, though he didn’t admit it, he didn’t want to give her a raise.  He did this to his assistant as well and has since done it to their replacements.  Really, he’s missing out, my sil is a wonderful hygienist.  Yes, I might be biased, but she did work on my teeth, so it’s not like I’m talking blindly here.  As far as I know, we were paid up on everything.  Usually stuff goes through our dental very fast.  I know I had no charges from me or Elijah.  Our appointments in July, I hadn’t decided if I was going to keep them or not, but it didn’t matter because no one called to remind me and I ended up totally forgetting to go.  No one even called to say we’d missed them.

Anyway!  Yesterday, we got a bill in the mail.  It said, “balance forward: $0.00” and, “amount due: $78.04.”

Um, what??

Someone wrote on it, “To Pay By cc or” and it looks suspiciously male in handwriting (the office people are women) and they highlighted “Insurance has paid, the remainder is your responsibility” and the final amount.  But do you know what’s suspiciously missing?   Yeah, what the bill is supposedly for.  The big area where charges would be stated and outlined out is completely empty.

So Steve called first thing this morning – I’d actually gotten it then because I forgot to get the mail yesterday – and I was already mad so I had him call.  I’m hearing his side of the conversation and afterward he confirmed what I thought I heard…  Supposedly they never keep track of what money is owed for what service because “people usually know what they’ve had done.”

Seriously!?!?!?! Well, considering none of us have been there in at least 5 and a half months…

The billing woman was supposed to call him back and a whole business day has gone and no calls.  He thinks they’re going to try and make something up.  lol.  I don’t know what’s going on here but I do know that I am not paying for this under any circumstances unless they can show us what it’s for.  I should have all the insurance papers, too, that say what was done and when and how much we’d owe.  We’d been going there for about a year or so when we stopped.  Of course, I’m considering not even digging those out until they show me what this charge is supposedly for.

Gosh, as if it wasn’t bad enough dealing with children’s hospitals and pathology departments that don’t bill our health insurance right, now I have to deal with phantom dental charges.