can’t catch a break.

Poor K, well, both of us, we really can’t catch a break.  One night when I was forcing her to take her eye drops, I saw that she also has strep.  Couldn’t see it when she said “ah” for the doctor, only when we had her pinned down and she was screaming her bloody head off.  She didn’t even have to go see the doc, he just called in a stronger antibiotic based on my very good description.  Poor thing is now starting to have some side effects from that.  And I think I might have some walking pneumonia or another bout of bronchitis.  This is real fun.  Saturday and Sunday were bad for me, a lot of real bad weird pain in my chest and what not.  Was going to call the doc Monday morning but I felt a thousand times better when I woke up.  My sister-in-law listened with her stethoscope and said I sounded good.  I think something might be there still, I feel that weird feeling every once in a while, like there’s something in my lungs, but I’m going to wait and see if my body won’t beat it or it won’t get worse first.

K’s also having a hard time with Daddy going back to work.  She’s funny because she won’t show him a lot of attention or affection when he’s here but when he’s gone, he’s all she talks about.  First thing she says to me when I get her from school is always “Dada?”  She points at things around the house that are his, “Dada.”  She bought chips for him at the grocery store today.

She also sees a guy who sometimes picks up his kid at the same time and he doesn’t look like Steve at all, but he’s another bald guy.  Today isn’t the first time she thought he was Dada but today she caught sight of him as he was driving away and she started yelling “Dada!” and crying and tried to run after his car.  I grabbed her before she could take more than one step but had to put her in her car seat  while she cried up a storm.  I think she finally understood he wasn’t Daddy and she can see Daddy later but it was pretty heartbreaking.

So we talked to Dada on his lunch break and she actually chatted up a storm in her little Kayleigh way.

Never ends.

Seems like someone in this house has been sick every day since around Thanksgiving.  We’re just taking turns and it’s Kayleigh’s turn again.

My sweet little girl has pink eye.  We’ve never had pink eye here.  I didn’t even recognize it for what it was at first because the whites of her eyes are still, well, white.  But it’s been getting worse and she got into the doctor earlier this evening.  First thing he said when he saw her was, “oh, yeah…”  And by the way, he is on our new insurance, yippie.  Here we got hitting that insurance right away, too.

So she has some antibiotics and antibiotic eye drops.

Yes, this is already a nightmare.

It’s hard enough to get her to take her medicine, I mean, I’d finally convinced her that I was NOT putting it in her  milk and to take it like a big girl and she took 1 of the 5 ml and gagged and shuddered.  I had to force it after that.

I HATE forcing medicine down my kid’s throat, but she has to have it!  It really does make me feel pretty crappy though, for both her and me.

And the eye drops, oh my gosh, might as well be killing her.  He told me to try her when she’s asleep… yeah, that worked.  She woke up yelling as soon as I tried to gently turn her from her side to her back.  The rest is history.

So not sure what we’re going to do about that, necessarily, but we shall see.  Hopefully the other antibiotics can take care of it even if we can only get minimal eye drops in there.

But sheesh, I just want us all to be healthy for a while!  We did so awesome the past two years or so, and now…??

Creative Wedding Favors that Your Guests Will Love for Years

content_marketing_opi_photo487501-21-2013Your wedding is all about you. It’s a day you’ll never forget, and one that you want all your guests to remember too. In all the stress of planning the wedding, you might opt for some generic wedding favors, but you shouldn’t do that! While whatever you give your guests as a wedding favor will of course help them remember your big day, giving your guests a creative gift will ensure that their memories of your wedding are just as vivid as yours. Check out these ideas for creative wedding favors that you can give your guests without putting too much of a strain on your wallet.

Different Kinds of Mugs

Rather than simply giving each guest a generic gift, opt for some variety and let people choose their wedding favor. One way to do this is by making a variety of different kinds of mugs and leaving them on a table for guests to pick up on their way out. Create coffee mugs with the wedding information on them, so coffee drinkers will remember the big day. Create beer steins too, so your guests can instead choose a beer mug if they want to remember the wedding while having a pint. The great thing about mugs is that if you buy them in bulk from they are fairly cheap, meaning you won’t be spending a ton of money on party favors. Another idea for your wedding is rather then giving out the mugs on your guests’ way out, give them out before the dinner. That way, they’ll be drinking out of them during the dinner, and the mugs will become extra sentimental!

Personalized Flash Drive

Handing out a personalized flash drive might seem like an odd wedding favor, but in today’s digital age they are actually a terrific gift to give. Load up the flash drive with pictures and videos from the wedding, and include a playlist of the songs that you played during the celebration. There may not be a better way to remember the wedding then giving an audio and visual reminder, and your guests will enjoy all the fun and embarrassing pictures. Many people require flash drives for work these days anyways, meaning they’ll be a useful gift that your guests will use often.

Tiny Plants

Giving out little plants as wedding favors can kill two birds with one stone, and save you money on your wedding. Arrange the tables with beautiful, tiny plants for decorations (such as mini cacti) and decorate the pots with the wedding details. Once the party is winding down, inform the guests that they can take these plants home. It’s a very fun way for your guests to remember the wedding, since they’ll think of you every time they take a look at the plant or give it some water. Little plants are very inexpensive, and designing some stickers to put on them is also affordable. These plants are guaranteed to be a hit with your guests.

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health insurance fun.

Oh, yeah, envy me.  Envy me hard.

Really I guess it’s not all that bad.  I haven’t had to really deal with any of the set-up of our new insurance that’s coming with Steve’s job.  And they were so nice as to get our start date for the day he started the job which is great because he’s really paranoid regarding K since our other insurance ran out Dec 31.  The confusing thing is what to do with dental.  It’s optional, pay-in, for the three of the rest of us and his mom was telling him about their plan which is cheap compared to ours.  So he goes to work and tells them and they might switch even.  So might not be up to us to do anything.

But here I sit, in the online account of the health, trying to find out if our doctors are in network now or not.  I can’t find our family practitioner  which is strange, because the nurse practitioner who is there and the other doctor they now have, they are on there.  But I want him…

At least I don’t have to check quite as many doctors as I would have 3 years ago.  Thankfully, K is down to just a family practitioner near us with us, her pediatrician (quite a bit away), and her kidney guy.  And even then, hopefully we won’t have to be doing any kind of checking in with him after this year.

I still gotta check on the boys’ allergist.

Envy me!

last weekend

So last weekend was pretty darn cool.

Steve had already wanted to take a weekend for just us, before he started his job this Monday.  Not already aware of this, one of his brothers and his wife gave us this awesome gift for Christmas: gift cards to Red Lobster, movie ticket gift cards, babysitting coupons, and a gift certificate for a stay in a Hilton!

So we got to use that this past weekend.  We went on Friday, in part, because my mom is off on Fridays and was able to watch the kids to start.  She stayed with them from early afternoon and overnight and then our sister-in-law came and watched them the next morning until we got home.

We ended up not doing the movie.  Steve’s not really one for going to the movies, so choosing one was like pulling teeth then we were up in the area too late for the showing we were going to go to anyway.  He told me to take E to see The Hobbit soon instead.  E’s been begging.  Anyway, we checked in and hung around there for a bit then went to dinner a bit early.  Good decision.  By the time we got our food that place was hopping and people were starting to have very long waits.  But we sat a while and went all out, we ended up going double up on our gift cards by the time we paid a tip, haha.  But it was so stinking good.

After that, we just sort of wandered around.  We went in a lot of stores which is not something I really enjoy doing but it was tolerable without children.  No worrying about anyone possibly getting hit in the parking lot because they can’t hold my hand or listen, no complaining in the stores, no sudden trips to the bathroom, you get it.  Love those kids more than my life but a break was nice!  We even went out for ice cream!  I can’t remember the name of the place for the life of me but I’ve seen it several times, it’s a famous chain, I guess, but we’d never gone.  That’s also my last ice cream for a long time.  Back on my diet now!

It was back to the hotel after that then the next morning we had breakfast there and it was amazing.  Love getting an omelette made just for me the way I love it.  We did some more wandering around as we headed back.  We stopped at Goodwill even, and ended up scoring E a pretty large Lego set: the Millenium Falcon!  It was $100 cheaper than retail and isn’t really missing too many pieces.  He’s upset it has no little dudes in it, but I can easily remedy that and the other missing pieces by hitting

We had a great time.  Though we weren’t out doing spectacular things it was just great to get away for a little bit.  Felt really refreshing.  And, yes, now Steve’s in full force at his new job.  :)