Studies Reveal Chinese Green Tea Linked To Good Health

content_marketing_opi_photo600604-04-2013Chinese tea isn’t just a warm and refreshing drink – it can also be surprisingly good for your health. Technorati writes that Chinese green tea is being linked to an increasing number of health and well-being benefits, cementing generational evidence of the benefits it can bring.

According to studies into the effects of green tea on the human body, those that drink regular volumes of the stuff put themselves at much lower risk of developing both mental and physical conditions than controls. Some have even suggested that its unique properties might make green tea the healthiest drink in the world.

Cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, hypertension – green tea drinkers reduce their risks of developing all of these conditions, often to levels of less than one third compared to the average. The effects of green tea are surprisingly potent. The evidence is becoming increasing strong that those who consume green tea are left considerably healthier as a result.

Perhaps one of the most heavily publicized health benefits of green tea is its ability to increase metabolism in weight loss. Green tea effectively acts to stimulate the metabolic rate of the dieter, allowing the body to chew through more calories simply staying still. This means that green tea can make weight loss a much smoother process, compounding further the effects of diet and exercise on your waistline.

Aside from the direct health benefits that come from consuming green tea, there are also physiological effects to be taken into account. Green tea serves as a muscle relaxant, which helps combat stress and tension, while also sharpening focus and attention span thanks to the amino acid L-Theanine. This makes green tea a good choice for work or study, or for when you need to especially focus and concentrate – in fact, preferable to drinking water.

While water can provide immediate hydration, it lacks the same degree of antioxidants and satisfaction that comes from drinking green tea. To leverage all the health benefits, you need to go green. Luckily, it is now being marketed and sold in more innovative and convenient ways.

China Mist Tea Suppliers suggested that tea is a particularly versatile drink which can be consumed at any time of day. “Our iced teas are popular with those that want a healthy drink on the go, while our flavors help keep it interesting without sacrificing the tremendous, proven health benefits it brings. However you’re feeling, both hot and cold teas can pick you up and leave you feeling refreshed and healthy.”

Teas are central to traditional Chinese culture, and play an important symbolic role in the country’s history. Green tea is reported to have been discovered by the Chinese around 3000BC, through a coincidental tealeaf dropping into boiling water. The infusion that was born improved the taste of the water, and sparked a multi-millennial love affair with the many different flavors and variations of tea which persist to this day.

Chinese teas are reputed for their anticarcinogenic properties, while supercharged with antioxidants to replenish and rejuvenate the body. They have found significance in Chinese culture as a pseudo-medicinal drink, and generations have come to rely on their properties and flavors. Now, with increasing scientific validation it’s possible green tea will become an even more mainstream option for improving health and assisting with healing processes.

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