Refresh Your Kitchen With New Glassware

content_marketing_opi_photo590104-05-2013It is only natural to get bored with a room over time and feel an urge to re-decorate. But sometimes it isn’t the room itself that needs a facelift. Rather, it is the decorative and functional items that need to be replaced. The trick is to find something that fits the space and that compliments other items. Furthermore, it must stay in style for years to come while being unique.

The kitchen is the most common room for people to change. But if your kitchen is less than 10 years old and it still feels dull and drab, try adding some items to the space that are both practical and decorative. Buy some new glassware.

There is something about wine that just adds playfulness and warmth to a space. In fact, just seeing a bottle of wine sitting on a coffee table gives one a calming feel. Artists know this, for there are many decorative things ranging from chandeliers to candle holders made from wine bottles. When showcasing glasses from wine bottles on your table, you are taking artistry a step further: these glasses play on our minds via association. Wine bottles contained fluid for drinking, and now the vessel has been transformed into something completely different, yet it holds the same purpose.

Finding the best glasses
As wine is trendy and always will be, there are artists and crafters who make and sell wine bottle glasses online, at farmer’s markets and in the malls. Make sure you are paying for a quality item. True wine bottle glasses will be thick and properly cut, while the fakes will be thinner and all look identical (real wine bottle glasses will have slight pitting in random places). Furthermore, real wine bottle glasses will only come in colors used to make bottles. These colors include green, gold, clear, light blue and amber. If you see a purple or red glass, you aren’t buying a genuine wine bottle glass.

Fun drinks to serve in fun glasses
There are several wine-based beverages you can serve in these glasses that will delight your lucky guests. When it is July 4th put your glasses in the freezer for 10 minutes to chill, and make an American Glory for every patriotic friend. These simple drinks call for 3 oz of champagne, 2 oz of orange juice and 2 oz of lemonade.
If you return home from church annoyed that you sat through a dull sermon, mix up a Purple Jesus # 3. This sanctified beverage calls for 4 oz of Faygo grape soda and 2 oz of Irish Wild Rose wine.
Finally, if you have a book club meeting serve your guests a Hemmingway. This delicious drink calls for ¾ oz of Pernod licorice liqueur and 4 oz of champagne. Just don’t drink too many or you may have a ‘Death in the Afternoon’ (pun intended).

Drink up in style
These wine bottle glasses will be the talk of your parties. They are fun, creative and great for any occasion. Display them in your kitchen and enjoy the new vibrant ambiance they will create.

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