Hosting a Child’s Backyard Birthday Party

content_marketing_opi_photo1233504-26-2013If you want to make your child’s backyard birthday party extra special, start out by thinking about a theme that could work well for your child. For a young girl, a Disney-themed party could work well. All the girls could dress up as their favorite princess, and boys could dress up as male Disney characters, and they could role-play some of their favorite scenes. After the children have played outside, you could bring them in to watch a Disney film.

When you are hosting a children’s backyard birthday party, you should carefully watch the children’s exposure to the sun. There are cases where parents will only pay special attention to the children with fair hair and fair skin, and then those with a darker complexion end up getting burned. You should have the children line up, apply sunscreen, and then give them a treat at the end. Possibly it could be a bag of goodies, or even just a can of soda. You are probably planning on giving the kids something, so use it to your advantage.

Parenting has a list of healthy kids snack ideas, some of which are perfect for a backyard party. These include baked sweet potato fries, which “are healthier than regular French fries (and taste great dipped in ketchup).” The same article suggests tortillas with cheese, which children love. “When I asked a friend with two young daughters what they like to eat she answered in just one word: ‘Cheese!’” The article instructs that you should “mound a little salsa and cheese on each tortilla. Cook on foil-lined tray in toaster oven until cheese has melted and is brown at the edges.”

You might be understandably concerned about whether or not a lit firepit could pose a risk to children during the party. This really comes down to how many adults will be there on the day. If you will always have an adult in your backyard, then it should be OK, but be careful, and be sure to warn the children about the dangers of getting too close. You should also consider checking out this post on how you can revolutionize your firepit. It suggests using firepit burners, which is a great idea, because they’re much safer, and you have full control over the flame. The fire can be extinguished immediately and there are no air pollutants that come off it.

Many parents worry about what to do if a child misbehaves at a backyard birthday party. Children have a tendency to show off in front of one another, but they also tend to feel uncomfortable misbehaving in surroundings they are not familiar with. Children typically worry that you will tell their parents if they misbehave, and this worry will tend to keep them on the right path. But if the worry of you telling their parents isn’t enough, have a quiet word and that should work. In the worst-case scenario, you need to call their parents.

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