Prom & a Butterfly Fairy

Had two prom shoots the weekend before last.  One with my cousin on Friday and the other with my friend’s daughter on Saturday.  Strangely enough, I’d never actually had any prom shoots before this.  They were each also some of the fastest shoots ever.  That evening I also did my first boudoir, but we won’t be posting any of those.  So instead, I’ll first show you a pic of my little butterfly girl.  She had a birthday earlier this month and got the butterfly wings from Grandma and Sarah and they just so happened to match the tutu I’d won that week in a charity silent auction.  We threw together a little photo shoot on a rainy day and she actually cooperated!

my little butterfly

Ariel and CJ:

Ariel & CJ


Mackenzie and Zachary:

Mackenzie and Zachary


It’s that crazy/busy/fun time of year!