so much going on I can’t think straight

Bart & Amber Yup, that pretty much sums it up.

Let’s see…  Elijah is a lot better after all his allergy crud.  The allergist did call it “asthmatic” but did not want to diagnose him as such.  However, now he has an inhaler with Albuterol for when he needs it.  So far he’s had to use it once, the other day.

Kayleigh is doing well.  Only 2 days of school left, then a week off before summer school.  She’s still doing her extra therapy but as of lately has been refusing to use her iPad.  It’s really strange, well, she wants to play games on it but otherwise she’s not really using it to communicate.   I can probably count the times that she’s used it in the last several weeks on one hand.  One was while we were in the car, just enjoying a drive around and some snacks, she put in “I have to go to the bathroom.”  That was strange because usually she just signs “potty” and has never actually used that button before.

Steve’s enjoying his job but sometimes it’s still hard to really be used to his schedule.  I was working on his off day but I told my boss I want another day during the summer so we can actually DO something together during the summer.  I think the plan very soon will be to take the boat out.  He’s gotta get it all ready first, it’s been winterized.

In other news, I’ve been busy setting up my solo photography venture as I am now in business for myself.  There’s a big long story about how I got here that really doesn’t need any re-telling at this point.  My website, though, is very close to being ready to release, at least.  It’s gonna be: Valerie Holifield Photography

I would really like to blog more and be more in depth but I gotta tell ya, there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day!

poor boy can’t win

At least for now, anyway.

Last Friday E went to a pediatric orthopedist for x-rays and a consultation only to find out he has femoral torsion.  So basically, when he stands at his comfortable position where his femur balls fit into the hip sockets, his feet are pointed outward.  When he brings his feet inward, the balls of the femurs stick out the back of the hip.  This may or may not be a problem in the future.  If he starts to have pain because of this when he’s a teen, they will do a surgery where they cut the femur and basically put the legs on the right way.  That freaks me out, but at least for now, we don’t have to worry about it.  But on the same token, it also means we can’t do anything about it.

Thursday he got his braces off and had to get his head gear.  The good part is that the head gear isn’t as bad as it was when we were little, it’s rather small now, and he has to wear it 12 hours of the day so he can get most of his time in while he’s sleeping.  The hard part is getting used to it.  The first night he gagged so much he couldn’t sleep in it.

And then the next Friday, we were back at the doctor’s.  E’s allergies have been steadily getting worse, it seems.  He’s not been doing well on the medicine and we already have an appointment to get back to the allergist.  He’s allergic to a ton of trees and weeds – badly, and mildly with a few other things.  Early Friday morning, around 3, he had me up with him, he wasn’t able to really breathe.  It wasn’t bad enough to head to the ER, but it wasn’t right, either.  I gave him an old Singulair pill from an old prescription that I’d hung on to – I know, bad, but it really did the trick.

In the primary’s that afternoon they hooked him up with Albuterol, fresh Singulair, an antibiotic, and Prednisone.  Eesh.  However, he was doing better even after one dose of Albuterol in the office.  So now we have a little doggie nebulizer here at home.  Too cute for K to leave it alone, apparently.

So we’ll see what the allergist says next week!