good start to the week, I dare say

anniversary gift This morning started out crazy enough, practically the same old hurry up and get to school routine.  But straight from there, I had to get E to the bus to head out for camp.  Didn’t matter that we were 10 minutes late, they didn’t leave for another 50, heh.

Then Steve and I went out for breakfast which is just something that doesn’t get to happen nearly enough.  We ate at a place where we hate taking little kids so we never get to go.  Can you say all bar stools and eating at the counter?

But then I was informed we were going to go get my anniversary present.  He usually can’t pull the wool over my eyes too much but he sure did this time!  I was completely surprised to get a huge cedar sign, hand carved and hand painted with my business name and a Brownie camera.  So sweet, I am totally flabbergasted.

From there, I dropped him back at work and ran through the grocery store… spent about half what I do when E’s home, haha.  Raced home and put it all away then got K from school.  That little turkey has been trying to ride the bus even though she has her own personal chauffeur and this time managed to lose her teachers and got herself on there.  Thankfully, there wasn’t a lot of chaos, only she and one other boy were at school today.  But she got a good look inside and tried to stay, we had to pry her hands off the bar.  Then she’s throwing a fit as I take her to the Jeep, so I said, “want to see what Daddy got me?”  She immediately shut up and confirmed she did.  I think she recognized her last name on there – she kept saying Mama and pointing at it then pointing at herself.  Later, at home, she ran her finger under my first name and I said, “what does that say?”  She said, “Mama!”

In other news, we think that we finally figured out what “giga” means – we’re pretty darn sure she’s trying to say “tickle”!  This would be why she’ll eventually get mad if we keep insisting it’s “Giga Kayleigh,” and not “Giga Mama.”  It’s hilarious, really.

can’t believe I’m still awake

Ariel This has been one of the busiest days in history for me.  First, early morning, to a swim meet with Elijah.  His first for this season.  And those always drain me to begin with, even though we had awesomely cool weather outside, it’s so humid in the pool area, it just really zaps my energy.  Plus they put me to work so I got exercise, too, taking kids from the bullpen to the next place and walking back, then doing it again.  Not to mention before that, following all of them around to get pics of all our teammates.

Then my second shower of the day and to my aunt’s for my cousin’s graduation party.  That was fun, though half the family was missing.  The kids had a blast swimming until their lips were blue and then some.  Finally left after Kayleigh had a meltdown after I told her, ok, that was a face plant into the water, time to get out.

Then to my sister-and-brother-in-law’s for his surprise 30th birthday party.  Ended up staying there a lot longer than I ever thought we’d make it with the kids.  Steve was the first to poop out.  Ha.  Had some good laughs with people I haven’t seen in a long time, though.

Now I sit, everyone else in bed, waiting for the dogs to eat their fill, then it’s bed for me!  Even unloading swimming pics will have to wait until tomorrow night, I’m just too tired!!