they grow up so fast *sniff*

Mitch & EmilyI can’t believe it’s already been over a week since but two Saturdays ago my littlest brother got married.

It was quite an ordeal for us because not only was I family and photographer, but Kayleigh was a flower girl. You can imagine the craziness that ensued.  She made quite the cute flower girl, though, even if she did take off her dress twice before the ceremony.  She was so cranky beforehand, it was so freaking hot though (and the next day she woke up with a fever and another infection, so that might have contributed).  I think we had a high of 97 so it felt a lot hotter.  Maybe not the hottest wedding I’ve ever shot – did one last summer that was so horrible a groomsman almost passed out – but if it wasn’t that hot, it certainly rivaled it well.  Of course, we were there at the hottest times of day, too, and then during the reception, I was in this side room for the photo booth, not really a room, but an add-on made out of canvas and windows where the breakers kept blowing.  But… can you tell all of that in the pictures?  Nooooooo  :)

I’m very happy with the pictures.  I also wasn’t the only one covering it, her brother did as well, so they are getting more than one angle of a lot of stuff.

But most importantly, they love the photos.

But go figure, the next Saturday… more like September than July!

Two more for now!

Emily bridal party

back to the drawing board

This feels like it has been one busy, busy day but it wasn’t so much busy as much as it was just totally time consuming.

This morning, we looked at a house and were both disappointed.  I’m really kind of aggravating that the listing agent and the seller’s disclosure chose to hide the fact that this house does not have a basement.  That right there takes it off the list for us.  Other than that and a really weird (and possibly dangerous) kitchen, it was adorable and would have been great for us, though our realtor thinks it would be too small.  I don’t know – I mean it would be this place times at least one and a half.  But either way, no basement, no deal.  There’s currently nothing else on the market that we like AND can afford, so we are back to waiting.

After that, it was back to my mother-in-law’s to get Kayleigh but we ended up picking and shucking corn from the garden.  Came home with four plastic shopping bags full.  I then spent the next several hours washing and blanching and freezing all of it.  It was just Kayleigh and me now, and we had to go to the gas station for ice.  Of course she made a beeline for the Fritos and I let her get some only to find the whole bag dumped out all over my carpet a few minutes after we got home.

But finished all that and have been doing random things since.  Of course, my one goal for today…  can’t even get that done.  Desperately need to work on a website!  :P  But I’m glad for Flickr’s “replace photo” feature.  As they come up, been replacing pics that have my old business watermark on them with my new one.  Very helpful.  :)

poor K.

Last Friday evening, the boys were out of town for one night and, go figure, while K and I had a wonderful time together, in the middle of the night, we ended up in the ER with her first UTI.  She’s had that urinary reflux since before birth, of course, and has been on an antibiotic ever since birth to ward off any infection.  Well, it turned out she contracted a bacteria that had become resistant to the antibiotic, so she got sick, and it hit her hard and fast.  We’ve really gone to the ER relatively few times for our family of four.  I think Elijah has never had to go.  Steve went once when he sliced his knee open with a chain saw.  He barely even felt it and closed it up with butterfly closures but since he was out at his parents’ house cutting wood, they made him go in and get stitches.  Good thing too, I can’t imagine that thing healing even close to properly without them!  I went when I had the miscarriage before Kayleigh came along and then again when pregnant with Kayleigh early on.  Then after she had been home about a month, and her g-button popped, and we hadn’t yet been taught how to change it out or put in a new one.  Of course, that was the most traumatic, since the hole had already started to close.  It was horrible.

So anyway, had I known the hospital would send me a bill for $250 for our copay (and it arrived only 3 business days later, at that), then I would have gone somewhere better.  Don’t get me wrong, our family practitioner is part of this group and I really like him but…  the guy we saw had me quadruple K’s amount of usual daily antibiotic.  It was clear she had bacteria and they were getting a culture, which would take about 2 days.  He admitted at the time that it was possible that the bacteria she had had gotten resistant to the antibiotic.  I thought it was strange but who was I to question?

Sunday afternoon, she was showing absolutely no practice and was inconsolable.  I called the help line for her pediatrician’s office.  Why didn’t I do this in the first place?  I knew they would have to do a urine test and so it was just better to just go in.  (Or so I’d thought.)  Anyway, he called her in a new antibiotic.

Monday she was already acting tons better.  Heck, by Sunday night she was better.  Still saying “ow” but not yelling crying and screaming.  So the ER doctor finally called me with the results and sounded a bit panicked.  He was happy to hear she had a new antibiotic and that it was one from the family of ones that the bacteria is susceptible to.  I felt like I was on the phone with doctors and receptionists all day Monday.  I also talked to the pediatrician’s office and the urologist’s office.  It’s time for a check, too, so I’m waiting for them to get back with me.

Now, Wednesday, she’s doing much better.  Still saying “ow” but she still has 6 days left on this antibiotic.

Poor little girl, though.  And, of course, it’s so much harder with a non-verbal child.  She was pointing and crying and such but she can’t give specific answers.  I am just hoping that her kidneys themselves never had a chance for infection.

4th, 2013

Offering Praise Yesterday was a pretty good 4th.  Started the day with a sort-of-early photo shoot which was really cool.  I got to take some pictures of my friend from church and her dog – she has breast cancer and is going through chemo.  She has been a blessing to everyone she meets and we got out to celebrate her bald head.

After that, it was home and to the shower to wash off any critters I may have picked up in the fields.  I sat down on the couch and was walking Steve through some computer stuff when I fell asleep on my wet hair.  Hour and a half later, we got up and headed out to his parents’ house for a little bit, then to his brother’s and his wife’s for a bbq with her family and a little bit of some very amusing fireworks.

I had wanted to go to the display in town, really look forward to going every year and photographing fireworks, especially since last year was so dry and all the displays were canceled.  But Steve really wasn’t into leaving his brother’s yet, so we stayed.  Tried to get a few shots on the stuff they were shooting up but they’re so unpredictable like that, that it was near impossible.  Oh, well!  Maybe next year!

times change, but the world goes on

A couple of weeks ago, my last grandparent passed away.  Growing up, I really only had 2 grandparents but I was blessed to also have 3 great-grandparents.  I know that’s a lot more than a lot of people have, but there’s something to say about losing your last one.

But time marches on.  And so does drama, from crazy people who shall not be named, but that’s another story.

He passed away on a Wednesday night and we had the visitation on Friday, funeral Saturday.  In between all the running we did, I don’t think I was feeling normal for a good week.  Friday, we spent the whole time up at the visitation.  Thankfully, awesome friend Kate was able to watch Kayleigh.  My sister had brought her daughters and while one is a baby, the nearly-2-year-old wasn’t too happy.  Kayleigh would have been much worse, heh.  But she got to go have fun and I got lots of pictures sent over.

It was late home that night then up very early.  No one had brought any pictures except the someone who shall not be named so it was like uhhhhh.  I was up until about  2 am or so printing pictures of my grandfather and spreading the wealth among all the kids.  Then up at 5.  That was fun.  (This is relevant later.)  Had to leave extra early to be able to drop Kayleigh off where she was spending the day.  We also were able to make it all a bit more special – Steve’s idea, brought the DVD of the old home movies from the 50’s and 60’s.  The church put them up on the big screen in the sanctuary, it was a big hit.

When it was time for the burial, we went from South St. Louis County to Bonne Terre, which are about 45 miles apart.  Then back to StL for the family meal, of course.  But on the way down, I fell asleep and we missed our turn.  I’ve been to this cemetery many times before so I figured, ok, get off at BT and just head north on the outer road.  At the intersection, we saw the hearse and it was clear they were lost.  I still feel so bad for these guys, I think they were mortified.  It happens though.  So they followed us up the outer road… only to find out the bridge was closed.  We had to turn around and go all the way back to the turn we’d missed.  We showed up with the hearse just a minute or two late but everyone else was standing there going uhhhhh.  Grandpa, who was never late for anything a day in his life was late for his own burial.

You know, I hate that it’s always under these circumstances, but it was so nice to see all of my family.  (Except those who shall not be named, of course.)  One of my cousins even flew in just for the funeral – note that he wasn’t her grandpa, but she still came in – I could tell my mom was just really honored and it meant a lot to have her cousin there.  It was also nice that our associate pastor came to the visitation – our senior pastor would have come but he was out of state at the time already.  And all the flowers and plants were nice.  I brought home an arrangement of flowers and a basket of plants.  I wish I knew who sent them but the cards had already been gathered by the funeral people.  The flowers have been dying off but still smell nice in my kitchen and the plants finally got put in separate pots last night.  I know some of them will die but there’s a few I’m told it’s impossible to kill – will be nice to have them around for years to come.

Now comes the really hard part for my parents and aunts and uncles.  They have to sell everything including the town house and the farm.  We will all be sad to see the farm go but it’s just so big and expensive and far enough away that no one will be able to afford to keep it running.  Maybe it can bring joy to some other family down the road.