pages to watch…? uh, no…

If you have a Facebook page, you’ve probably seen the new section “Pages to Watch” by now.  The description is, as follows:

Track the progress on any Pages you want to watch. You’ll see how many likes they get so you can keep up.

You can add three pages (at least I can add three) that you can watch the progress of so you can compare yourself to them.  As if we needed another reason to be paranoid about how many people like us or don’t like us.  I know a lot of people take great pride in how many likes they have to a page, or even how many friends they have, etc.; as far as likes go, I tend to see this a lot with photographers.  I’ve seen some, frankly,  very bad photographers (aka fauxtographers) who have clearly paid to have likes.  Their work just does not correlate to having over 2,000 people who are interested enough to like their page and receive updates from them.

I am choosing not to use this feature because I just simply don’t need to compare myself to anyone else.  I have my own style of photography that is all me and the only person I want to compare myself to is myself, one year ago.  Or six months ago, whatever.  I am me and I’m gonna stay that way.

Now… Facebook, Darling… it would be nice if I could say what I want to be in that box so I could fill it with something that’s actually useful to me.  Just saying!


Kayleigh I’ve been really proud of Kayleigh this year.  Last school year and summer school ended with her not wanting to really go and whining and what not.  This year, she’s started off at a run and she’s been doing really good.  She’s saying more words, she’s participating almost all the time (she does apparently still have her days), and she’s enjoying it.  Maybe it helps that I’m letting her ride the bus home.  She really wanted to before and during summer school, there were a few times she actually chased the bus across the parking lot when I was picking her up.  Yeah.  So I drop her off and she rides the bus home.  Each day she’s telling me, “I a goo gerrl a schoo.”  That’s “I was a good girl at school,” for those of you that don’t speak Kayleigh.  So yeah, yay for full sentences!  We’ve gotten a few from her.

Of course, she’s still saying more at school and in her private therapy than she does at home.  Some of that might be due to the need.  There they are just forcing her pretty much to say random things.  At home, it’s about life and living and if she needs to say something, she will or I will try to get her to at least.  Like if she wants a cracker, she either says it the best way she can or if she’s not saying it, I do my best to get her to say it.

Speaking of the private speech therapy, we’d actually quit earlier in the summer because it just got to be too much to afford, it was killing us.  I hated quitting.  But Kayleigh ended up winning two grants, so we are back.  The one grant is smaller and we will pick up a second day in the summer to use that one.  It’s just hard to do more when the place is about 50 or so miles away, one direction.  Plus, I don’t wan to overwhelm her, but when she’s out of school, she won’t have that 4 times a week, so she can do therapy 2 times a week until the grants run out at the beginning of next school year.  Not sure yet what we’ll do then, but we’ll figure it out.  Plus, you never know how things will go, maybe by then she won’t even need it.

that time of year

Sheesh, has it really been two months?  Never, since I started a blog, 11 years ago, have I taken that long between posts.  I know, though, it seems all I do is come here and post about how busy I am.  It’s really true though.  Photography is really taking off for me in my solo-again business.  Add that to homeschooling and speech therapy and swimming and church and family and my “office job,” and I just really don’t have a lot of time.

I’m really enjoying it though, I am really enjoying where I am in my business and I have lots of plans and ideas that I can’t wait to incorporate.  Just that time of year, though, I guess.  Fall and spring are really the busiest times though I didn’t just sit around in summer this year, either.  I feel really bad telling my once a week, if that, office job boss that I don’t have time to work this week, but it’s just true.  I also don’t want to take advantage of my babysitters, aka grandmas, so I have to plan things for when Steve is off work as much as possible.

Then there’s things like crochet.  I’m trying to finish a baby blanket for one of my sisters-in-law but it’s not going real good.  Not to mention she just had the 4th preemie out of 5 grandkids for my in-laws.  This is crazy, I don’t know why this family has so many preemies!  Elijah was technically one though just barely and we all know Kayleigh came at 29 weeks.  Our other sister-in-law had one that was, I think, 5 weeks early this spring and now this one came at 30 weeks.  However, even though further along and even with Kayleigh considered small because of her lack of fluid for 8 weeks, this nephew of mine is even smaller.  He came in at 1lb 9oz.  The saddest part is they’re not even in the country right now so it’s going to be a long time before we get to see him in person as they are stationed overseas.  But he’s doing amazingly well, was breathing on his own right away, I’m so impressed and just floored, he’s really a little miracle in the happening.

Hmmmm, I think it might be finally time for a new look around here, don’t you??

Here are some of my favorite pics I’ve done recently, you know, just for funsies.

Jaime Aaron, Jenny, and Lily

Jenny, Aaron, Lily Jenny & Lily

McDaniel McDaniel