I hadn’t bowled in about 10 years or more but in April we took the kids for the little one’s birthday, it’s what she wanted to do.  I had signed them both up for the Kids Bowl Free program.  Pretty good deal, even with buying the family pass which I don’t plan on really using anymore because we both hurt ourselves bowling with the kids that day.  That’s my shooting arm, can’t risk it, ha.  So a couple of weeks ago I took them alone and they bowled without me.  Didn’t get much reading done but they had a blast.  Hopefully going to take the little one again within the next few days.  We’d probably go more often if the closest alley still wasn’t 30 miles away, but it only takes about an hour for the two of them to bowl a game (and that was with issues with the lanes between games) so it’s a great stop-over/breather for a few min.