hate is hate

Ohhhhh I am just so over this… this… constant hate everywhere.

I thought Friday was supposed to be about love?  People can say “love wins” all they want but all I’ve been seeing all weekend has been hate left and right, it’s ridiculous.

Here’s what I think about all of it: quit being a hypocrite!

I’m not here to talk about how I feel about marriage or anything even remotely close to that but to address the hate double standard.  Here’s a good example…

I just came across the page of a photographer who made a statement on her business page that she would not be photographing a marriage ceremony between same sex partners, and some other stuff along those lines.  Now, I’m not linking her on purpose, by the time I saw this, things had already blown way out of proportion.

She made her statement and of course the next thing was people accusing her of hate.  Now, I’m not here to judge whether or not her having an opinion on this issue or what she said is hateful or not but what happened next was an explosion of the internets and does qualify as hate.  Even if we assume that what she said is hateful,  I cannot believe the sheer volume of posts, it’s absolutely crazy and almost a surprise Facebook isn’t crashing in on itself.  For two whole days this has been going on.  People have even gone as far as to take her profile photo and “meme” it then spam them in the comments.

Here are just some of the most recent posts:

You should just go kill yourself now.

Say buh-bye to your business… this will not be tolerated.

You’re a ******* idiot.

You are an awful, hateful person… you’re ugly…

Hoping your business goes down in flames… RIP

You suck, your photography sucks…

Can’t wait to see a for rent sign on this sorry business…

…what a retard…


Didn’t you have an abortion sophomore year?

Kill yourself, please.

Does that sound like love is winning?

I find it extremely pathetic that people are behaving in this manner.  The way to win someone to your point of view is not by threats, insults, and more hateful speech.  It is beyond hypocritical to act this way, to go out of your way to serve back the same thing that has been thrown at you.

I don’t even really want to get into the issue of whether or not refusing business is discrimination or not or that it should or should not be illegal to do so.  I personally have two quick thoughts on the subject: 1. who cares?  If people want to refuse you, big deal? and 2. if you feel someone has discriminated against you, do you really want to use their business anyway?  I know I wouldn’t, I’d be more than happy to just go elsewhere and let it roll off my back.  After all, you win some you lose some.

Love is supposed to be winning.  The human race needs to band together and love one another.  The human race needs to understand that we are different and we struggle with different things.  The human race needs to show love to one another despite our differences and disagreements.  And each individual of the human race needs to realize that there are other people on this planet, much more oppressed than themselves, in much more dire situations, that someone else’s opinion is fleeting and doesn’t affect them in any way.

Grow up, people. Represent yourself, your races, your ethnicity, your religions, your genders, your identities, your orientations… represent them all with grace, mercy, and love.  Stop the hate.

Hate is hate, no matter who it’s directed toward.