I had to visit the laundromat for the first time today.  Granted, I’ve been in them before.  You know, I scoped one out for a photo shoot, I had a photo shoot in it later, and I walked through the one in town before to visit the dry cleaners… that one time…

I have a whole new respect for people who have to do this junk on a daily basis.  Let’s just say this was not a happy, happy, joy, joy, ultimate, super, fun time by any means.  I have been blessed to have a washer and dryer set at home that are not only each as old as dirt, but I have a great guy who can fix them when they’re broken.  When I say “old as dirt,” I mean it, too.  We are one day away from being married for 15 years and we bought the set used for $150 when we got married. They were old then.  Actually, we’re on our second washer, a couple of years ago we bought a used one of the same type when ours finally bit the big one… only this one is even older.

But we’re really busy right now, so my darling one wasn’t able to look at the dryer – though it turned out he knew the problem without even looking at it, yes, be astounded.  So there was lots of laundry on the basement floor waiting to be washed, including the load of towels that was in the dryer for two days, just hoping to eventually dry.  The stupid thing just wasn’t getting hot, I hoped that letting them roll around in there for 48 hours would eventually do the trick.  Nope, just wasted electricity.

So in the morning I trekked it out.  I told the kids to fill two baskets with clothing items to wash and, “only a couple of towels, not more than that.”  I checked over the baskets and saw only clothing… until we got there and it turned out I had a whole basket’s worth of towels AND a soaking wet quilt.

Did I mention that we’ve also gotten tons of rain lately?  So much that our basement leaked so stuff was already wet.  How rude.

Also rude: children who do not listen to a danged thing you say.

Further rude: I forgot our laundry soap.

Extremely rude: I had hoped I could do two baskets worth for $4.  Right.  Lofty dreams, y’all!

I ended up cashing in a $20 that came from a Vera Bradley purse I sold the other day.  Sigh, that was supposed to be mad money!  Then I had children whining they wanted to play games, they wanted snacks, and I was just such a generous mom for sharing my quarters.  Little punks.  The one really knows how to be sarcastic… in a really mean way, too.

So five million quarters later, I managed to wash two loads of clothing and only a couple of towels – I made Kid 1 take the other basket full of wet towels and the quilt back to the car.  No way I was washing his blanket on my quarters after the way he acted!  I managed to dry them.  I managed to go nuts telling the kids to shut up, stop running, don’t play with the carts, quit fighting, stop climbing on the pinball machine, no you’re not getting a treat you ingrate, because you don’t know how to behave…

In the end, thank God my man was able to go out on his lunch break and buy the part for the dryer and install it tonight.  I have clothes in there I have to go check on now.

If I ever see the inside of another laundromat again… well, it had better be for a photo session!

Hello world!

blah, blah, blah.

This is now Val’s world, it’s party time. Excellent.