Thanksgiving week

We’ve had Thanksgiving all week long, ha. Ended up with a ton of leftovers from Sunday night’s meal so I haven’t had to cook all week except for Thursday’s Thanksgiving meal. lol. Dinners anyway, as I often skip lunch on the days I work, as long as I have breakfast.

For Thanksgiving we had over a couple of good friends and had a good time. Made a couple new dishes and they went over really well.

In between all that and since then, I’ve been a photo ordering fool, trying to get all of these orders in. Photoshopping some stuff to make clients happy, and getting some unrelated deals on Amazon for Christmas today. I now have a Christmas card order to design for a client/friend I met with earlier today. Like an idiot I showed up at the wrong restaurant to meet her (ha) but turned out my choice was better as our original plan was full, so she came on down to the nearly empty Bread Co I was at. We selected her prints and cards and talked about everyone and everything like we do. Yes, probably talked about you, too.