Yawn, I’m beat. I’m just waiting for this fire to catch so I can go to bed. I might as well stay up though, Elijah’ll prolly have me up with in the next three hours again. He’s been doing that again lately.
He rolled over again today. :-)
Um… tomorrow doing that Christmas Shopping Extravaganza with the youth. Steve is only doing Friday evening, I’m doing Friday evening and night and neither of us is doing Saturday. We’re getting our pictures taken Saturday. Speaking of which I have had a really hard time figuring out what the three of us are going to wear. I mean we’ve gotta look good, lol. But it’s just been hard matching us to one another. Hopefully I’ve got it figured out now.
Well I wanted to write something that I once again forgot, and I have to go wrap up some Ebay stuff (which I cannot write what it is here because certain people read this and have big mouths lol), so good night. :-)

Crap… I can’t remember my PayPal login info…


  1. Matching all three. Definetly a girl thing. :-D

    Do you get compliments from the women who see them?

    Oh val, you all three match so well. Good Job ;-)

  2. No, not a girl thing – just have to make sure that we will all match the backgrounds. So like if we were to each wear a different color: purple, blue, yellow; then we wouldn’t all look good on the same backgrounds.

  3. It’s a girl thing, Bottom line. You watch Nascar, u see all the colors on the cars. KOAS is good ;-D

  4. Bull!
    When I watch NASCAR, I see numbers: who’s in what place, who’s a lap down, who’s what number, how fast they’re going, how many laps remain, etc…

  5. Ok, i stand corrected.

  6. Yup ;-)

  7. Your Rare, Can I clone you?

    This is bad way to talk, cause once it leaves the front page, it is ended.