Okay now I remember… I was checking the fire and I went to get another log to put in and I turned around and there was a dead mouse on the floor right where I’d been standing. Lol. Scared the crap outta me. Well, I don’t mean scared really, because I’m not scared of mice. I don’t like them running around my house but I’m not scared of them. But it startled me for sure. I didn’t scream or anything though lol. I just didn’t expect to see it there at all, not right where I’d been standing. I haven’t seen a mouse here since before we got rid of Kat. And I’d say that’s been over a year now.

Okay, well, I just thought everyone should know that :-)

Oh yeah, it’s still there by the way, I’m not cleaning it up. :-D Steve can do it as payment for not bringing in more wood like he said he would. Now I hafta freeze tomorrow. We’ll just have to make sure The Rimshot doesn’t decide to clean it up.