Ugh. It’s currently 1.30pm, I’ve been here at these people’s house/home office/apartment since 10 working on various computers. My mission this morning was change out computers for a disabled woman (hence the added apartment to the house) – set up her “new” computer and take the old one to the basement and hook it up there. Also on her “new” computer, I needed to get it on the internet with a wireless adapter and install this program called Zoom Text or something so that it can up the size of the text greatly so that she can see it. I also found out that there is indeed nothing wrong with a memory card and memory-card-to-usb adapater as we thought several months ago. I don’t get it, last several times I messed with it, it did not work, yet today it works in three computers including mine, in both ways.

The various problems I’ve run into today? Well, there have been several, but the biggest one was the fact that no one around here knows what the network key was. I am proud to say I finally figured that out (as you can see by my posting on my blog from my laptop). Go 2WIRE493! ;-)

Now my remaining problems are the fact that Zoom Text will not run on her computer (which turns out to be this refurbished item that runs Windows 2000. I personally think they overpaid for it also) and that I need a power strip for the basement computer. Oh, they bought a new mouse – some fancy thing – to use on that, I hope it’s plug and play because we don’t know where the cd is.

I love these people but this place is incredibly disorganized. And they’re the type of people who say just look through whatever and get what you need – I’m not the type of person that is comfortable doing that, and plus, it’s not my place to begin with so how would I know where to even start looking for something? But hopefully the son can find me a power strip and I can set that computer up and then worry about Zoom Text later. (She’s called “someone” and hopefully he can hook her up with a new version or some other solution.)

I’m hungry. I haven’t eaten yet today. Blah.


  1. Wow…sounds like you are having a busy day!!! I hope you are getting paid well! :D :D ;)

  2. That is so my dream job. I can do basic stuff but networking computers seems uber complicated. :lol: I think that them being so disorganized would be frustrating but you seem to have handled it well. :)

  3. Hehehe… I’m one of the people who really needs a new computer! Mine has a 3GB HD and 400MB Ram with Windows 98 SE. :| But at least I can run the essentials like Photoshop & PSP7. :D

  4. Hey! Huh. So… is that what you do for a living? Work on people’s computers? Or are these friends/community service/something else? Interesting…
    1:30 and you haven’t eaten?! Good grief. Feed yourself!!! ;)
    Take care and God bless!

  5. Hope it worked out in the end. And that you got yourself some food too :D

  6. I don’t know much about Zoom Text, but I hope you got it sorted out in the end. It sounds interesting anyway.

  7. Ah O_O; that sounds quite interesting.. and an interesting day for you lol.
    You have to eat! It’s not good for you to miss a meal x)

  8. Oh these are people that I guess you could say they are family friends. I’ve done stuff for them several times before over the last several years. But I don’t have a full time job, necessarily, other than chasing the kid around and my candle business.

    But, I also just did a website for this woman and yesterday she left for me a check for $200!!!! :) w00t

  9. Woah, you have been hard at work haven’t you! :) xx