Why DHL Sucks

I’m so ticked at these people right now, it’s incredible. My camera was shipped from Amazon.com in Nevada Saturday the 17th of June. DHL’s website claims you can send out packages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Packages move on the weekends, even the US Postal Service moves mail on weekends, even if you don’t get delivery but Monday through Friday, the mail is moving on the weekends.

Looking at DHL’s webpage, by their own description of their services, I should have had my camera in my hands Thursday the 22nd, Friday at latest.

So what I want to know is why did the tracking say for Saturday through Thursday that the camera was sitting in a sorting facility in Fresno, CA? Friday morning, the tracking finally changed to say it was in Wilmington, OH, another sorting facility. So… my camera went from Nevada to California where it sat for several days before overshooting me by over 400 miles and sitting in Ohio for a couple of days?

Today is Saturday the 24th. According to tracking info, my camera is still in Ohio.

My memory card, on the other hand, was not shipped until the 19th, Monday and it arrived Thursday the 22nd; the same as my 115.7 lbs of candle supplies that came from Pennsylvania, the memory card came from New York. They were both shipped via UPS. UPS has really good tracking, I always know when exactly I’m going to get my packages from them.

So this does not make sense to me why my camera is taking so long with DHL. I got the shipping that told me three to five business days. Well, that was Friday at the latest. I got that shipping instead of the tree shipping for a reason, I wanted the camera soooooooner. I’m quite disappointed as I was really wanting to have the camera before my special outing tomorrow (Sunday).

So I emailed Amazon and complained. I told them I understand that DHL’s stupidity is not their fault, but I paid for three to five day shipping. I didn’t say much, just expressed my unhappiness. Amazon did not reply, but when I went to check on the order this morning, they had issued me a refund for shipping charges. That’s great, but I’m still unhappy with DHL.

I have emailed DHL twice. Once was Monday or Tuesday. I was having problems with the tracking number I’d been issued and it kept returning errors. So I emailed for help. They still have not answered. Turns out, however, that I was trying to track it on their global site, dhl.com when I should have been using dhl-usa.com, because I found out yesterday that it works there. How nice of their global website to inform me that they had a USA website and that I should be looking there. I don’t even remember how I found it. So then yesterday when I emailed Amazon, I emailed DHL’s USA offices complaining about shipping times and asking why my package was still in Ohio. No response.

Well, they’ve lost all my respect. Of course it’s not like I used them a lot anyway. I think I’ve only gotten another shipment or two, I know my iPod came that way. Well, either way, I will not be using their services in the future. And should my camera not arrive on Monday… they’ll be getting a phone call from me. Of course, you all will know as soon as I get the camera… :)

ADDENDUM: I had completely forgotten about this, but DHL is also the carrier that lost (thankfully temporarily) loads of personal information of customers of our mortgage company: spoken-for.org/archives/2005/12/21/1342/.


  1. ms. positivity |

    “I had a Play Station 3 to delivered for Christmas with one day shipping, paid to Amazon.”

    This comment is a no brainier. During the month of December all couriers experience ridiculously large volumes of shipping and every year each company can not handle the freight. All service guarantees are off during Christmas, customer service is swamped. So my advice to you would to be plan ahead next year. All companies put up shipping advisories as to what is the cut off day you should ship your package if you want it their by Christmas Day.

    Also, I am not going to say that DHL dispatch is perfect, why don’t you call customer service and report the incident if you are so worked up about it?

    Finally, yes DHL was started in 1969 and acted as an international carrier. It was not until the German Post office bought it in 2001 and it merged with Airborne Express in 2003 (which by the way Airborne was a great shipping company, maybe not for your dinky ground company) In 2003 is when DHL become a domestic express company and is therefore very new.

  2. ms. positivity

    Actually Yes, the month of December IS a busy month for shipping HOWEVER, NO it is NOT acceptable that a company like DHL continually comes up for excuses for BAD service.

    If I pay for ONE day delivery THEN I except that package to BE delivered in ONE day NOT 14+ business days (no holidays).

    ALSO, since you did not read clearly or maybe you chose to not understand, I did call the DHL customer service BECAUSE the DHL driver did NOT attempt to make a delivery as he stated.

    She was the one that giggled and said maybe he was too cold to get out of his truck. Excuse me, that is not at all a professional attitude which is WHY people are frustrated with the company.
    Then she admits that he probably did not attempt to make a delivery and that maybe he could not find the place or that he got behind.
    I guess 14+ days is acceptable (at least I got the package).

    Maybe she needs to be trained to act in a professional manner especially over the phone.

    With employees like that it is no wonder that DHL has such a bad reuptation and people complain about the unprofessionalism of the employees. They must be so proud!

    As stated above in my previous posts this was not the first time I have had issues with them screwing up the delivery.

    Luckily Amazon sent the other PS3 through UPS and it got there in one piece and in the time stated.

  3. ms. positivity, wrong again. I do ship items overnight and internationally, and I do it with USPS.

    FYI: No one is going to be grateful for the sheer ineptitude of DHL.

  4. Oh, and, DHL’s ineptitude regarding shipments TO me over the month prior to Christmas this year, when compared to shipment coming through USPS, UPS, and FedEx, was also astonishingly lacking. Hordes of people actually converged on the local hub and the DHL employees actually called the police for help.

    Hilarious stuff.

    Service improved after someone was undoubtedly fired, but that’s just a story that is icing on the cake of an inferior company with bad policies and bad service.

  5. “These businesses can not use USPS because of the price and they need to be their next day 10:30.”

    Perhaps you are not comprehending the problems. DHL does not, most of the time, actually deliver the package anywhere nearly on time. Customers, and shippers, are lucky if the package even goes to the right place, and luckier still if it wasn’t also run over by a dumptruck.

    Their slogan: Go with us; We are cheap. So what if our ever so important businesses customers lose time, money, and reputation in the long run?

  6. I’m supposed to receive a package today. It says
    4/25/2008 5:25 am Depart Facility Fresno Hub, CA
    just like the original poster. It’s 6pm and there’s no package. The customer service guy said the package isn’t in the main facility and it’s gonna be here on Monday.

    I’m pretty sure I’ll be waiting more than a week for this package like the original poster.. DHL SUCKS.

  7. I know I’ve not been around much the last couple of days, my internet has been utter crap (hope this comment goes through). But just want to say thanks, everyone, for the healthy discussion and the civil treatment of one another without resorting to name calling and profanity. Kudos :)

  8. Ordered from amazom, they drop off my package at the post office. still waiting! dhl sucks!

  9. Joffrey |

    Diligent Delivery wasn’t that cool, they closed up shop. They’re unfair to employees, too, hiring most people as contractors and refusing to compensate them for their fuel use. Never use Diligent!

  10. I’m beginning to believe the delivery persons for DHL are suffering from mental atrophy.

    I ordered business cards through vistaprint.com and I requested Rush delivery, which turned out to be DHL 2nd Day Delivery. I was supposed to get the cards by the 28th of May, 2008. I looked up my tracking information online, and it said, “Delivery attempted; recipient not home.” I figured they must have missed my fiance when she went out, so I was sure they would just attempt a delivery the next day.

    Boy, was I mistaken!

    I checked online again on the morning of the 29th, hoping that I could give my fiance warning that it was out for delivery. Instead, they site said, “Awaiting pickup by recipient as requested.” Wait, WHAT request? I never even contacted them, let alone telling them to hold it for pick-up. I called their 800 number and asked why it was being placed on hold? They said they would contact the facility (City of Industry), and I should expect a call “within the hour.” The called once just a little passed the hour and they said the issue was that the driver could not enter the apartment complex because the front door was locked, and he didn’t know the code to get in. I explained to them that if they follow the instructions on the call box, find my last name listed in the directory (which is the last name on the package), they can call my apartment and be let in. They told me that they would make an attempt the next day. It was bloody noon! They couldn’t put it on a truck?

    Today is the 30th: the next day.

    I tried using my call box this morning. It took me 2 seconds to read the instructions and find my last name. On my way to work, I got 2 different text messages from DHL on my cell phone: one saying that it was out for delivery and the other with the same “Awaiting pickup by recipient as requested.” NOT AGAIN! I called DHL once again and they said that it was out for shipment, but to please hold so they can call and confirm. After about 4 minutes, she said they were holding it for pick-up. Trying not to blow up at her, since it’s not her fault, I said is there anyway to get them to wake p and make the delivery I paid for? She said she would have someone contact me “within the hour.”

    3 hours later…

    I got fed up and called them again, getting the same message that it was out for delivery. They said they would attempt to contact the driver and give him the instructions on how to use the call box. As I typed this, I got a call from TEXAS to tell me that DHL in City of Industry, CALIFORNIA can’t make the delivery today, and they have no explanation as to just what the hell the problem was. So, I have to wait for a delivery tomorrow (Saturday).

    So, I need these cards in my hand this Sunday, and it’s still a crap shoot! vistaprint.com is giving me a full refund on the shipping (because I’m not paying $25 for these morons). I really don’t understand how a company that has been making deliveries for a couple fo decades can’t cope with call boxes. It requires a 4th grade reading level and 2 calories to burn with their finger.

    Next time, if I make any online order, I will ask what shipping method will NOT use DHL.

  11. I try to avoid using DHL when at all possible. Half of the times, I noticed whenever Newegg.com has any promo “free shipping” deals, they tend to use DHL as that “free shipping” source. Tells you a whole lot don’t it? There’s a DHL facility right next door to where I work. If you can ever see the types of not-so-upstanding citizens I’ve seen making those deliveries for DHL, I would avoid that delivery service all together. To have my package handled by some blunt smoking, corona drinking, whiskey shooting douche bags, I wouldn’t trust with my dog!

    If wherever you are ordering from ONLY uses DHL, then so be it, but be prepared for some foul up’s. Otherwise, do NOT use DHL at any cost!

  12. good riddance |

    From StL Business Journal:

    DHL Express, the German-based parcel delivery company, plans to lay off 72 in St. Louis on Jan. 18, according to a notice filed with the state division of work force development.

    The company announced Nov. 10 that it will cease all domestic operations in the U.S. after Jan. 30 and focus exclusively on international service.

    Approximately 9,500 employees in the U.S. are being cut in the process.

  13. Wow. That is not good for all those employees. I knew it was only a matter of time though.

  14. I ordered a package thursday Dec 17 , to be overnighted to me on Friday Dec 18. Well It’s Monday..no package…I hate DHL…why wont they just go out of business already.

  15. I am having my own DHL problems. This package was shipped from California to Georgia on December 11 to arrive the 17th. It did. That’s where things went funny. I went through a third-party shipping agency. Turns out the street name is longer than the text field allows, so when they got to the end of the field it started deleting numbers off of the beginning of the address. The driver went out three times to deliver a big, red package with no house number on it and no one called me to let me know there was a problem. I called when the recipient said he hadn’t gotten it yet. They added the address on a Friday night, and said I’d get a phone call Monday. No phone call. I check the website and the same thing is still happening. This time I learn that the “signature required” box is checked. It was not supposed to be. Not only that, the recipient said that he hadn’t even gotten a note saying the driver had been by. This happened Tuesday, and Wednesday. I get a phone call from DHL on Wednesday saying that the package would be delivered Friday.

    Then it was Christmas. Now it’s the day after Christmas, and they still aren’t leaving the package at the house, and want me to agree to have the shipper come pick it up at their office.

    You can’t even understand how big and red and distinctive this package is. There’s no way they are not noticing it. They just aren’t doing anything about it. They are like goldfish over there. Look! A castle! I had no idea DHL had such a bad reputation. I went with them because they were convenient to the post office on a busy day for me and because they were about ten dollars cheaper. Well, they showed me!

    I should have gone UPS.

  16. Mixed views on DHL. I had a package come a couple of months ago – I saw the DHL truck pull away from my house (no knock on door no ring of the Bell No hanging tag). I called the and they said that they could re route the package that needed a signature and If I weren’t home I could leave a signed note authourising the delivery… I did and the driver came back a few hours later (later than they said) but they still delivered.
    The not so good…
    Ordered item from overseas. The shipper gives me DHL waybill – but Nada on DHL web site The CSR’s couldn’t find any shipment from originating Postal code to my Zip code … So I hope it may just be a ghost in the machine – Vendor has had nothing but positive reviews on a great number of Items sold …….
    I will post back in a few days ……

  17. Wild Thang |

    Your right as hell. DHL doesn’t suck, but that’s only if you are the ******* business getting a deal on shipping from them. If your the receiver you could be ******. I live in PA ordered from Newegg.com and my packaged started off in New Jersey (NJ). It then took 3 days for DHL to send it to ******* KENTUCKY……. KY —- are you serious. What the **** is the point of that. And all in all to just turn over the package to USPS (United States Postal Service). And I have seen DHL trucks where I live, so why would these tards send the package 4 states away before returning it back. No one companies are hurting at this time, it’s because they are so ******* stupid. ..

    Thanks Todd for providing the original rant to continue off of.

  18. Andrewski |

    DHL IS HORRIBLE. In the past, they have dropped off packages while I was at work.Left a note, I’d fill out the OK To Leave If No ones Home box. next day or 3 they would stick another notice on top of that one.. saying packaged must be signed for.. I’ve never had to sign for packages of such small value before,and I dont picture the sender applying those guidlines, so anyway I would have to call there hotline, get transfered a million times to set up a delivery time, only to find out, DHL doesnt even have a hub in my state.. Well I would set up to be delivered 3-5 and would take off early. Packes would either be sitting there when I got home (I thought I had to sign?!) or would come when I was home for lunch! Right now I have a package floating around, and another one returned to sender because ‘No such address’ which I’m guessing is because I dont have aroadside mailbox (I get my mail at the post office), and walking 15 ft to my porch would be too much work. I also have an issue with the deal between DHL and the USPS. They will ‘tender’ the package to USPS at some random point, and before that point, the items are not checked in and out (while in DHLs possesion) Wow thats a rather long post, but let it be known, DHL is the worst of all the horrible shipping companies!

  19. Just Another Dissatisfied Customer |

    I ordered a memory card from Southern California to be shipped to Central California. They took a few days to send the package from Southern California to Northern California. What’s the point of that? Then they gave it to the postal service for final delivery. Why not just give it to the postal service in the first place instead of shipping it across the state for no reason? I read up above that DHL even has a “hub” here where I live, but they rely on the postal service. It takes them all this time to send me this little item. Netflix can send me a movie from Southern California (Orange County) overnight, and I can return it overnight. That’s plain old first-class postal service shipping. The item I’m waiting for weights much less than a DVD. I find DHL to be amusing, and all I can do is laugh at their stupidity. What I want to know is, how many pennies did my seller save by shipping this way? Can’t be much. My item could have been shipped in a bubble mailer for about a dollar and change. How cheap can you get?

  20. DHL Sucks Period. They Stole From Me!!!!!!!!

  21. Not Impressed |

    I’d like to add to this! Though it’s not as bad as the stories above (touch wood)
    I sent out a very important package for repair on the 16th November, and I paid for it to get there within 3 working days.
    Well, first of all the tracking number took about 3 days to actually start working, but that was for a different company (the first time I’d ever sent anything by courier and the only service my post office offered)

    Finally when it did start working I managed to see that while my parcel did make it to the destination within 2 days, that’s where the good luck ended, as it had been handed over for DHL to take care of from then on.

    Apparently they tried to deliver the package twice in the same day (10 am and 3pm) only no one was at home.
    I know for a fact that there WAS someone at home, and that no one came by their house OR left a note saying that they’d even been.
    If I wasn’t tracking my parcel like a maniac then neither of us would have any idea it was even there or that they’d ‘tried to deliver’ it.

    For the past 3 days it’s been listed as ‘Shipment on hold’ and I had to google what it meant because the website was useless and didn’t tell me. Apparently after 2 failed delivery attempts you have to contact customer services and arrange to pick it up.
    But how the heck are you supposed to do that if they don’t even leave you a note telling you that they’ve tried to deliver it? It’s pathetic!

    I’ve e-mailed the recipient of my parcel and let them know to contact customer services.
    I’m very unimpressed, I chose to use a courier for a fast, safe and reliable service, and instead they handed it over to such a useless company that’s caused me a great deal of stress as the package is very important to me, and also made me feel awful for messing the recipient around.
    I wish I could have chosen who took over my parcel once it left my country!

  22. I thought they went out of business?

  23. No they are not out of business. I am unsure how it was to go. I thought they were not going to be doing any more delivery service in the US.

    However, from what I understood at the time they would still be offering services in other countries.

    I just went to their web site being curious not only because of seeing this in my in box BUT because I saw a DHL van the other day.

    I typed in the city I live in and they had 4-5 drop off locations an hour to 2 hours away.

    Not sure how they managed to stay in business with their practices. Thankfully have not had to deal with them in sometime though.

    OH and to NOT IMPRESSED!

    They did the same to me, saying they attempted to deliver.
    My front door was open and I had a glass storm door that keeps the cold out.

    We waited and then when I looked it said they attempted to deliver.
    Well, I called them up to say there was NO attempt to deliver.

    The girl on the phone was giggling saying maybe he was too cold to get out of the truck.

    I said that would make him a liar then and giggling & making jokes is not appropriate when it is a $600 items that is already a week late.

    So that was when I found out that they NEVER even came to the town I was living in at the time. The guy was not even close, they just would lie about it.

    Next time I would ask any courier if they use an outside source and if they do skip them.

  24. Well, it’s better they don’t go out of business. Too many jobs at stake. However, they need to clean up their business a bit!

  25. NEVER i say NEVER NEVER use DHL. A bunch of incompetent dummies making you lose a lot of time and money. off course THEY dont loose any. DONT USE DHL. NEVER NEVER! INCOMPETENT!!! Help make them disappear, dont use DHL. 4letterword ’em

  26. I purchased an item on Half.com & paid the extra money for the expedited shipping 1-3 days… They sent it through DHL on December 22nd, & on the 24th, they “TENDERED TO USPS”. What’s completely ridiculous is that the item was sent from NC to GA & now it is in MD! I live in PA, there should have been no reason to ship it to so many places. I was able to send a package “STANDARD” mail on the 22nd, from PA to CA & it got there before Christmas. Now I have to wait for DHL & USPS to decide what other six states they are going to send it to before getting it in my mailbox. I’ve never had so much trouble in my life, the package isn’t even half of a pound!

  27. DHL lost my international package today, which worth $3000!!! I hate them!!!!

    they call me several times always promise me it would arrive soon, but finnally, after 3 weeks, they claimed it was lost!!!!

    What should I do? Will they compensate my lost?

  28. I’m sorry to hear that, that sucks.
    Did you have insurance on it?
    Keep complaining, as the saying goes, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” Eventually you will probably get something but unfortunately it may not be the full worth of your package.

  29. YZ, for a package of that worth was it insured?

    Also who did you order from? You need to contact them immediately to let them know what the issue is and what is their protocol in those situations.

    I heard in the past when I had originally had so many issues with DHL that they were having issues with a certain computer company’s packages walking out of the warehouses of DHL.

    So, the computer company was HAVING to resend the packages free of charge. They were the ones that sent through DHL.

    So I say contact both DHL and the place you ordered from. They should both make it right.

    Good Luck and also you could ask the company you purchased from that they not send it through DHL since they already proved how unreliable they are.

  30. Yet another dissatisfied customer!! |

    Yes DHL does indeed suck. I ordered some books from Amazon through DHL.. and guess what.. they didn’t even deliver them to my address!! They just called my cell phone and asked me to pick them up from a neighboring town nearly a hundred miles away ‘coz they don’t deliver in our city, even with its population of over ten million!!! So I had to travel all the way there and back, just to get those books that I would rather have got via regular mail, instead of paying for those extra courier charges!!

    That was a couple of years ago. Now I’ve dared to use Amazon and DHL combo again.. and.. this time they’ve even screwed the address. After searching tirelessly for their particular website on the internet, and having found it.. I get this message.. Address information needed; contact DHL!! It turns out that they missed out an entire line in the address given on Amazon. So instead of contacting the customer via the cell phone number provided.. they very graciously mentioned on their hard to find website that they need the address information. What if I hadn’t checked the website?? Similarly what if I had decided against making that hundred mile return trip two years back to get my books????

    What kind of company is this????? Absolutely pathetic in its modus operandi and customer service. Makes one think how far evolved are the people running it from our primate ancestors. The worst courier service on earth!!!!!!!

  31. To Yet another dissatisfied customer!!,

    You should not have had to drive out on a 3+ hour round trip.

    I had issues with Amazon using DHL. I had paid annually for their 2 day delivery and any time they used DHL it was never on time or did not show up at all.
    When it was said delivered and I did not get it I notified Amazon.

    They always sent a replacement. They tried the so much crap that they came to my house and I was not at home. I was all day or they tried to say they did not deliver to my area (after having delivered before) or they used Post Office for final delivery so in they would say delivered when in fact it was not.

    I always contacted Amazon, they would have to resend what ever package, reimburse me for the package if they could not resend it and in some cases reimburse me postage even though I paid for that annually I was not getting what I paid for.

    Then Amazon started to NOT use DHL as much. They started to lose money using DHL services. It happened all over though with smaller companies using DHL. They were having to reimburse people for not only the shipping and for the product but in some cases for lost business. A lot of those companies lost their clients to using DHL.

    DHL’s people when I have contacted them were unprofessional and one even admitted that a lot of times if you were out of their way they would NOT go out in that delivery and just make up that they attempted delivery when in fact they were not even in your area.


  33. DHL is horrible! I ordered an item on ebay that was shipped on April 27th, and it was “tendered to USPS” on April 30th. It was supposed to be here in 3-5 days, BUT IT HAS BEEN ALMOST TWO WEEKS (May 9th) AND IT’S STILL NOT HERE!!

    It’s no wonder these idiots went out of f’ing business, they can’t deliver a package to save their lives. I live in Philadelphia and it has apparently been sitting in Maryland for the last 10 days. They should just pull out of the US for good! I’m bought many items on ebay and they never took more than a week with USPS, FedEx, or UPS!!

  34. I just got off the phone talking to the retarded souls at DHL, the world wide express jokers. For three days I have being chasing one of my 2-Day overnight parcels consisting of items urgently required by one of our business customers. Instead of delivering the item the Driver has updated the tracking system with the following info; Delivery attempted; recepient refused. or More address info needed. After getting the More Address info needed msg from the tracking system my assistant contacted DHL and gave them the cell number to call if the driver has any issues. And guess what?. No delivery. Instead the tracking system is updated once again with more garbage and lies. So now it is clear, IF YOU ARE BUSINESS/PERSONAL CUSTOMER NEVER USE DHL. EVER. As a business I should be able to trust the tracking system. But DHL tracking system is filled with lies.

  35. I’ve got the same problem by DHL. I don’t know why it sucks so much.

    I’ve been tracking my package online, and today it says it’s with the courier OUT for delivery at 12:18PM, I waited the whole afternoon and it doesn’t get here at all. By 6:49PM, I received a noticed about “Address information needed, contact customer service”

    Tried to call the customer service and it’s forwarded to the mailbox which IS FULL. Unbelievable!

    This is freakin ridiculous, even UPS delivered my package on time and never had problems with “address information” and besides it is very unlikely to happen to someone who order stuffs online and give a wrong address, I mean, seriously?

    I’m blaming it on DHL.

  36. This what happened to me …

    Thank you DHL for the worst service ever. When in Kazakhstan I though it was just a local people who screwed things up all the time. Now in Canada I made sure that you have this kind of service around the globe :) And even worse, that you don’t even care. I sent e-mail to dhl.cares and never had reply. You charged me premium for express mail which arrived after 2 weeks. Your agents couldn’t even call local numbers to find out when we can accept delivery. The flat rate postage for 20$ sent at the same day arrived earlier. I believe that you have to refund 100% cause this absolutely not acceptable. I will submit this feedback on all forums in the Internet and probably will talk to my lawyer about legal actions against DHL. Thank you.


    Dear MR MIKE:
    Thank you for taking to submit your feedback. Your valuable feedback means we can provide you with even better products and services. Because we’ll never be satisfied just meeting all your shipping and logistics needs – we’d prefer to exceed them.
    Our Customer Service Specialists will be in contact with you within the next business day.
    Dear MR MIKE:
    Thank you for taking to submit your feedback. Your valuable feedback means we can provide you with even better products and services. Because we’ll never be satisfied just meeting all your shipping and logistics needs – we’d prefer to exceed them.
    Our Customer Service Specialists will be in contact with you within the next business day.

  37. Not that I want to keep on kicking this dead horse, but I have nothing but BAD things to say about DHL as well.

    For example:

    – I have NEVER received a shipment from them on time
    – There have been packages (read: more than one) that have been LOST by them, NEVER to be found again!
    – Their tracking system is so badly written, that their dates make no chronological sense

    In short: Wouldn’t it be great if you grab this whole discussion on your blog, and send it to their offices? Or Amazon, so they stop using their services? PLEASE!!!!!!

  38. I hate DHL! why because couple years ago I ordered a frog humidifier from amazon and it was the end of november I ordered so it would get here few weeks from christmas time! anywho they shipped it and I got it tracked and few days later it DHL stated it was in Nebraska and I was like alright 100 miles away from my hometown in SD but few days later the tracking never showed up at all and I kept going to my post office as well I annoyed my post office guy by going there every day I got the damn frog humidifier in Jan and I ordered it in November it said it would be in my home town 4 to 8 days! Im very pissed at DHL so I got to be very careful of what shipping method I use on Amazon!

  39. better then your package sitting in , , u.s. for 48 hrs… your just being impatient and stuck up american, with the money i just spent i virtually have no reassurance that package even exists anymore

  40. If anyone is curious the BBB (Better Business Bureau) of the U.S. shows that DHL Global Mail based out of Westin, Florida have a rating of a D on a scale of A+ to an F.

    Not surprised one bit! More and more of the big online shopping companies are using DHL as a shipping partner. This is truly dismaying! I did not realize how many people were affected by the sheer incompetence of DHL! I have not researched which branch of DHL is the worst but DHL Global Mail is just idiocy! For example I have ordered components for a desktop that I am building and two parts were stuck in limbo (one of their warehouses) with the handoff note on their tracking site that read “Ready for transport to USPS.” I live a little over an hour from their warehouse and it’s been ready to be transported to USPS for 3 days now! Same story went with everything else that ends up in their warehouses.

    I have written two letters to two companies plus DHL about the terrible shipping times. I expect to receive lip service. We’ll see how it goes when I receive any email from them. Why is a German postal service so integrated into the U.S. Postal system anyway???

  41. Wow I can’t believe this post was written 8 years ago! I have not heard of DHL in a long time. Only very rarely do I see a truck and the last things I received shipped by them were some photo books I had made that turned out to be out of the USA despite the company’s name being “Photobook America.” That company is a joke in and of itself but one of the books I received through DHL was – big surprised – damaged in shipping. Anyway, I say that to get to the answer to your question. DHL has ceased domestic US operations, quite some time ago now. So as far as I am aware, we only see them when receiving international shipments which would be why they are integrated with the USPS. It is just another program of we take your shipment from around the world then hand it off to your real carrier. I actually ended up having an even worse experience with DHL sometime after this one, they never did do their job right so I was happy when they ceased domestic operations though sad so many people were put out of work.

  42. to D9Fox… not sure how your story is any different from mine and how that makes me stuck up and impatient. If I pay for a service that is to be completed within a certain time frame, it should be completed within said time frame or I should not have to pay for it. It’s simple and has nothing to do with me being American or stuck up or impatient, etc.

  43. I currently have something being shipped by dhl. For the last 36hours according to tracking it’s been sitting “on hold” in Singapore. Why the heck couldn’t the have sent it directly to Australia. 9 f…king days isn’t express shipping… It looks like I won’t get it till during the bloody week.

  44. Juliana olayi |

    I have a document 1777187005 which should very arrived Friday last week. It did not I called them and said it should be sent to an agency where I had an appointment on Monday 12/22//14. I waited all day and it wasn’t delivered. I called and got different stories. Eventually told it was in ohio and would leave eV in the eVenING. Meanwhile all weekend I’d been assured it was in Houston. This morning same thing.it’s still in Ohio several calls later I’m getting different stories. Online tracking show it’s still in Ohio on hold. Please how do I sue or get them to pay for adjustment on my BA flight for 4 people. ?

  45. Juliana olayi |

    Delivery date on my my shipping is past due.the service is appalling

  46. Juliana olayi |

    It’s been on hold since the 12/18/14 despite all my calls to them. A 5 page document that’s time sensitive.


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