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I am so excited, the hubby’s union starts picketing Best Buy this weekend. The boycott’s been on for some time now. They’re building a new store in Wentzville, MO and using everyone union except the electricians. So the union is urging everyone to go to American TV, Circuit City, or Ultimate Electronics instead.

Of course, I know that little paragraph is going to bring me heat from the usual crowd of morons, so let’s make a note that I am only excited about this because we already boycott Best Buy for many other reasons, including Geek Squad.

And speaking of Geek Squad, the real reason for this random post, I came across something interesting a couple of months ago. When Vista first came out, this kid who hangs around our TV control room came in with his brand new laptop his grandpa had bought him. He’d gotten all three brothers one. This kid, however, is 13, and was showing me something very strange that had his grandma “like all freaked out”: there was a CD left in his computer. It was a burned CD with handwritten text on it.

“Let’s see what it is,” I say, and we pop it into the Avid. As it autoran, I just cracked up.

I love what it says:

Do not access this confidential tool unless you are authorized by Best Buy/Geek Squad. This MRI Customizer executable is a trade secret and proprietary/confidential information of Best Buy/Geek Squad. Do not use it for any other purpose other than repairing and/or upgrading Best Buy/Geek Squad customer’s computers. Do not provide unauthorized users access to this tool. Unauthorized access, use or duplication is strictly prohibited and can lead to legal action and, for employees, termination.

Okay, then how about you don’t be so irresponsible and sell a computer to someone with this CD still in the drive!?! Uh… Duh! LOL

Of course I had to take a look at this thing and it only further confirmed my belief that Geek Squad employees are not real techs but salesmen in bad uniforms. All the thing does is install some programs (which, granted, you do have to pay for and have a valid license key for) and then handle things such as startup services and programs, add/remove programs, start menu shortcuts, etc. So that’s what they mean in those commercials where they say, “and Geek Squad can personalize it for you”! (In other words, they’ll remove all your Flickr, Firefox, and other wonderful shortcuts and replace them with the IE ones you already removed and the IE ones will continue to reappear after you delete them each time. “Because Lyke OMG, every1 nos IE rules!!!1!!1!1”)

Moral of the story? This is all stuff the techs should know how to do without having a CD. Trade secret my hiney!