The home health company guy came today and he took away the oximeter, oxygen concentrator, flow meter, and the 4 portable oxygen tanks. I all I have to say about that is GOOD RIDDANCE YOU WILL NOT BE MISSED.

But with that said, I do have some left over supplies that we cannot send back but are still unopened and sterile and wanting someone to use them. I’m willing to ship this stuff to whoever needs it at no cost to them. You might be someone like us with a preemie or child needing temporary support or you might be more long term. But whomever needs it I would love to send it to you, I know first hand how expensive this stuff is. Or, rather, I know how expensive it can be when insurance doesn’t cover something or even with co-pays (finding out actual out-of-pocket costs has me reeling). So we don’t have a lot of stuff but we do have some. Here’s the list, if there’s anything you want/need just claim it. (I also have girl preemie clothes I’d love to send to someone, let me know.)


1 MIC-KEY Low Profile G-tube/button. Size 14 Fr, 1.0 cm.
Made by Kimberly Clarke, good through 2011.
This is the whole kit, from what I understand — unopened and sealed.

5 500 mil Enteral Pump Delivery Set (bags) by Zevex, INF0500
1 1200 mil Enteral Pump Delivery set (bag) by Zevex, INF1200
(If it helps, this is the pump we had so the bags look like this.)

1 12″ right angle feeding set with Y-PORT for use with AMT Mini button or MIC-KEY equivalent.

2 Kendall Kangaroo 60 cc/mil enteral irrigation system syringe with cap

6 Kendall Monoject 60 cc/mil syringe with catheter tip


5 (2 1/2 packages) tender grips by Salter labs
Ref #1005
Latex free

14 vials Detachol adhesive remover, latex free

4 Salter Labs nasal cannulas
Infant size, 7″ width, latex free
Ref #1601


1 Kendall infant electrode belt kit for apnea monitoring
Ref #3201
(Note that this is actually half a package since they come two per. There is one belt, uncut, 2 electrodes, and 2 lead wires. So this isn’t unopened but those have stayed in the package when I took the others out and everything can be washed before using.)

5 Similac sterilized water, 2fl oz.

So if you have a need for this stuff let me know – take one thing or take it all, doesn’t matter. :)
I’ll leave this open until the end of September and if there are no takers I’ll start seeing if hospitals or nursing homes want this stuff. It would just be great if we could find someone who needs it, this stuff is expensive! Those little Tender Grips? We were going through them so fast because she just kept ripping them off so I started looking into buying some right out so we didn’t have to wait on the home health people and, holy cow, they’re like $61 for 25!!! That’s expensive for stickers!! And dang, if you look at that second link to amazon for those feeding bags, they want $222 for a 30 day supply! Excuse me while I go pass out.

I’ll try and update this soon with the clothing, gotta run for now…