What the heck, Photobook America??

FYI: Photobook America’s software for designing a book is PURE CRAP.

Enough said.


After I use these Groupons, I think I won’t be buying here anymore.  Sheesh.

Editing to add:

1. apparently it’s Photobook Worldwide and these buggers are shipping from Malaysia hence the outrageous shipping prices I have to pay.

2. Took me over 24 hours to get the last book to get all the images uploaded, and no, it was not my problem.

3. And now, with the end in sight and the last book ready to go, their site is having MySQL errors and I can’t order.  (And this is not the first time I’ve gotten these ridiculous errors in the last few days.)

I’m sooooo over this…


  1. I’m having the exact same problem as you – getting those damn MySQL error messages when trying to purchase my photobook.

    Did you end up figuring out how to fix it? (if so, mind sharing?)

  2. agree. had the same issues. it’s junk

  3. April, I just kept trying and trying and trying and finally it went through, I think on the 29th. I had to order 5 books, 3 were personal and 2 were business, all on Groupons that expired the 28th. I did come to the conclusion that as long as I could pay via PayPal for my shipping and stuff that my Groupon was accepted and used, even if I didn’t get the book to upload until after the expiration date.

  4. Wow. Seriously.
    Now I have an email that says my last book had corrupted files and they have the audacity to blame it on my virus protection… right… cause the virus protection suddenly said to itself, “hmmm I’ve let 4 books gone through, I’m gonna stop the 5th.”
    So now to try and upload… AGAIN.

  5. My humble opinion is PhotoBook America has the best quality product and has excellent customer service.
    I’ve purchased three of them and am thrilled with each. I’ve
    got decent internet, but have never uploaded one also, however it’s really simple & not a problem to send your data on a memory stick. (they return it with your book)
    Not for sure but I think high resolution pictures are irrelevant … I’ve sent a three hunderd page book on a two GB stick, I think their software converts it into a lower resolution printer friendly resolution
    My one small gripe is Photobook America seems to be based in Canada and if you send your memory stick to New York it will add another week for them to get it to Canada. I wish they would just come out and state the correct address to send it to

  6. Paula Brouwer |

    I have been thrilled as well with 3 beautiful books and another one on the way, Plus excellent support via email.

    No trouble uploading, ordering. I recommend. Tho it takes awhile to learn the software it is nice you can work on it anytime while offline.

  7. kathleen M. |

    Horrible expeience. Filed BBB complaints on Groupon and Photobook America. It has been 4 months and they took my money and no book. Groupon takes no responsibility. They will not contact the company or gey my money back. The company will not respond to BBB or my emails or Paypal invoices for my money back. Paypay would not get my money back…they are not located in the US like they say on the Groupon..they are over-seas…running off with our money. SCAM. Shame on Groupon for being part of it. I will not do business with them again…they do not screen these businesses.

  8. having trouble with the customer service, is there no number to get a real person for support? so far the website seems decent I just want to change the style of my book and the so called button isn’t available.

  9. I had the same experience as Kathleen. If only I had taken the time to read these reviews. There is no number to contact and they won’t respond to my emails. I have no books (I ordered two) and they should have been here a month ago. I have emailed the company four times and gotten no replies. DHL cant help because the company doesn’t give a tracking number for the cheap shipping. Looks like I’m out of my money. My suggestion: stay away from this companyl

  10. J Warren |

    I have been trying for days to get some answers from Photobook and they do not respond. I had bought a Groupon, now it seems that was a total waste and simply a loss of cash!!!!

  11. This is the WORST software ever. Such a terrible experience. Words can not explain. Just awful. Waste of time and money. Very frustrating!!!! Disgusting! !!!!!!! Fix your problems!!!! Worst program!!!!!

  12. Same just happened to me. Worked on a book for days, then PB’s site told me my account didn’t exist. Then I got MySQL error messages trying to reenter info. I’m only out $6 but am very disappointed. Should never use anything, but Shutterfly. And agree that Groupon should be ashamed.

  13. I am also having a terrible experience. It took FOREVER to create the book- and no I can’t order it. It says there are no shipping options, and it won’t allow me to purchase it. I bought a Groupon too, so I’m not out a lot of money. But I’ve invested SO much time in this. There is no phone number, and no one has replied to numerous emails. Very frustrating.

  14. Crap!! I ordered my photo in April for mother in law for mother’s day. The most important photo is missing. I emailed them since them and didn’t hear from them.

  15. kathleen k |

    I just paid $78 for 2 books and I can’t even open the app, since they said it needs updates, and the update procedure freezes every time. Tried chat, got chat error “uncaught exception” (?) and then email to which they send me to a support page TO ASK AGAIN (Try #3). I may have to uninstall and reinstall. If that even works. waste of my entire afternoon

  16. I ordered a photobook through nCrowd.
    The site is TERRIBLE and it logged me out and now there is nothing I can do to get back in. Nothing but errors when I try to contact them; they keep sending me ‘new passwords’ when that isn’t my problem.
    Now going to try to get my money refunded from nCrowd. Wish me luck!!

  17. Oh – and Photobook doens’t provide ANY refunds!!

  18. I finally gave up; it’s awful through and through. Thankfully only wasted $15.
    Each time I log out there is no way to log back in without an error. It’s like they take the money and run.
    Don’t Bother!

  19. I had nothing but problems with the website…it kept freezing up or pictures that were on the photo pages one day were not the next time I started working on it. Each time I attempted to work on my project my systems would freeze up when I attempted to turn to the next page. This would happen at least 3-4 times each time I tried to work on my project. Trying to get satisfactory customer service was useless. I would have to send them an e-mail in which I would receive a response in a couple of days and the response did not solve the whole issue therefore I had to send another e-mail. After 5 frustrating months trying to complete my 60 page photo book I finally received my photo book. The pictures within the book itself were clear, bright and sharp however the picture I put on the cover is very dark and not sharp. The picture on the cover of my photo book on their website is sharp, clear and bright. I had to send a picture of the cover of my book to customer service and their response was that the picture I used was dark and therefore not their problem. They offered to reprint another copy at a reduced cost and I would have to pay for shipping. I replied no thank you and that I would never use their website again. I have made at least 30 photo books using different website before and never had this problem or have been disappointed in the finished photo book. I will NEVER use their Photobook America or any of their companies again.


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