So my sister is pregnant with her second baby and the last time I made her a granny stripe blanket which came out very nice.  The main color was white but I worked in purples and blues and I think yellow, too.  This time I wanted to do something else that I hadn’t tried yet so I got started on a spiral blanket.  So yes, this is my first time doing this but I think it’s coming out really nice.  I mean, it’s pretty bold for a baby blanket but I try to make these so that they can continue using them and not outgrow them as babies.  Though it is bolder than I’d thought.  Holding four skeins of yarn together… you can’t always picture the final outcome.  But I think my sister will like it.  Her favorite colors are like that lavender and that blue, when she got married she had 3 bridesmaids (including myself) in lavender and 3 in a similar blue color.  You can’t see it in the crappy cell phone picture, either, but the dark purple has a glitter thread in it.

This is also the most complicated blanket to date but only because I have four things of yarn attached at any one time.  It’s not complicated to crochet, it’s complicated keeping all the yarn separate and from tangling up.  I think I’ve got a pretty good system going now, it’s just not something I can take somewhere else and work on.  Just an at home project, so it’s gonna take a bit longer, too.