One of my sisters-in-law is in town from out-of-state before she goes out-of-country with her Navy husband and last night we got to have another girls night out.  My sister went along this time, too, which was fun and the four of us (the three plus another of my sisters-in-law) went to dinner at Friday’s then a movie.  We missed the show time for the movie we were going to see so we chose another based on what time it started and saw Flight.  It wasn’t half bad.  Maybe wasn’t the best movie to watch right before my sil goes off on her first flight ever, and to Europe, at that, but she says she’s fine.  :P  The last time, we went with the three of us, another sil, and our mother/mil.  We saw Looper then and I really enjoyed that one.

Now it’s back to my diet again today.  I ate way too much yesterday.  I tried to stay mostly carb-free, and did decently, I guess, but I did fail some.  But I’m also not used to eating three meals in a day, either.  Because of the time change, we had an extra hour in the morning so the four of us went to breakfast, then there’s the traditional after-services lunch, then out with the girls.

Today’s Monday and it’s back to reality.  School, house cleaning, etc.  Phone line guy was out and found the problem with our line (that’s affecting internet) is that the line coming to the house has gone bad.  He’s set up a temporary line and said it should take care of our problems, though I’m not sure how fast it is.  Of course, I got another email, second month in a row, that I’m about to go over my usage.  Ridiculous.  Not sure what the issue is, really.  I mean, I have been doing an online backup the past few months but this month I’ve had it on only at night and now it’s off completely because of the stupid internet.  So we shall see, I guess.  Last thing I need is to start going over usage.  Stupid that I used to have no limits but now that everyone has limits, I have to have them, too.