I was reminded of this a bit ago.  It seems my dear little Kayleigh has a boyfriend.  As to whether or not she wants this boyfriend, I don’t know, but last week, when I took her to school, she walked in and was greeted by her two teachers.  She did what she always does, stands there awkwardly and quietly.  This little boy comes right up to her and goes, “can I kiss you?”

We all laughed, it was pretty funny.  Kayleigh looked at him kinda like he wasn’t even there.  The teachers informed him that we do not kiss in school.

The next morning, brought her in, same old same old… the little boy walked right up to her again and said, “can I hug you?”  This time she looked at him like she might kill him.  The teachers had him back off.

lol it was pretty cute though.

But of course, what little boy wouldn’t want to be Kayleigh’s boyfriend?  See previous post lol