Man, am I miserable.  My sinuses are taking me for a ride.  I’m not sure it’s an infection but something’s clearly going on.  I’m so stopped up that I’m actually getting out of breath, severely, when eating!  Apparently it’s impossible to eat and breathe through your mouth at the same time.  My head is just so full of crap.  Blowing my nose constantly, it’s so raw and dry now.  What’s crazy is that I’m not really getting headaches from it, which I usually would.  But I just cannot get any air through whatsoever.  Not to mention, this means I’m getting no sleep whatsoever and this breathing through the mouth thing is wreaking havoc on my lips.

Calling the doc the first thing in the morning.  I’m so desperate that, and I know I’m not supposed to yada yada yada, I’ve started taking some antibiotics from my last sinus infection that I never finished.  I figure it’ll even out ’cause that’s what they’re going to give me again so I’ll just start with the new pills and finish the proper term.  Steve went to the doc, I think it was the day after Christmas, tonsilitis, sinusitis, and ear infections!!  I could have ear infections, that seems to be the norm with me lately.  My tonsils don’t feel weird.  But the really weird thing?  Neither kid has any symptoms.  Usually me and the kids share everything.  Kayleigh did have pneumonia a few weeks ago, a light case, but my lungs were listened to the other day at my yearly woman’s exam and they are fine, so I don’t have anything going on in there.

I really can’t take much more of this.  I’ve never had sinus issues so bad.  I’m ready to tell the doc that we should go ahead with the CAT scans he’s suggested.  Not only am I tired of this, but I’m tired of having fluid in my ears all the freaking time.  Six years now.  I’m so over it.