Oh, yeah, envy me.  Envy me hard.

Really I guess it’s not all that bad.  I haven’t had to really deal with any of the set-up of our new insurance that’s coming with Steve’s job.  And they were so nice as to get our start date for the day he started the job which is great because he’s really paranoid regarding K since our other insurance ran out Dec 31.  The confusing thing is what to do with dental.  It’s optional, pay-in, for the three of the rest of us and his mom was telling him about their plan which is cheap compared to ours.  So he goes to work and tells them and they might switch even.  So might not be up to us to do anything.

But here I sit, in the online account of the health, trying to find out if our doctors are in network now or not.  I can’t find our family practitioner  which is strange, because the nurse practitioner who is there and the other doctor they now have, they are on there.  But I want him…

At least I don’t have to check quite as many doctors as I would have 3 years ago.  Thankfully, K is down to just a family practitioner near us with us, her pediatrician (quite a bit away), and her kidney guy.  And even then, hopefully we won’t have to be doing any kind of checking in with him after this year.

I still gotta check on the boys’ allergist.

Envy me!