Today we’ve got a bit of a “down” day – something that doesn’t happen too very often anymore.  We were supposed to start K’s speech therapy back up early this morning but there’s some confusion with the contract from the people who awarded us the grant for therapy so the provider needs to iron that out first.  Basically, they named the woman that was giving her therapy at the beginning of the summer as being the only one that can render services but that woman is no longer there, she just worked the summer.  So, of course, the provider wants to follow the contract as they should, so it’s got to be revised.  They would like to be listed as an entity rather than a single specific therapist in case a therapist is sick or goes on vacation, etc., then K won’t have to miss therapy that week.  I know that it’s best to work with the same person on a regular basis when you can, but I agree with that, too.  Sometimes new faces can come in and get different things out of her as well.

Her teacher told me yesterday morning when I dropped her off that she’s been doing really well this week and that the day before, Wednesday, she had said quite a few words.  I wish she would say them more at home.  Trying to be patient!

She will start Cubbies in AWANA this coming week for the first time.  I held her back a year last year for a few reasons.  But I am going to be doing my best to work hard with her to say her verses using her iPad.  This will be interesting.  This will be my fourth year working in Cubbies and thinking amongst the whole group, I don’t think we’ve had a kid yet in there that was unable to participate like K.  We had one little girl one time with Downs who would have had difficulty but she only came a few times and I wasn’t in her group so I’m not sure what they did for book time.  K will not be in my group either, at least to start, so I will have to show her teachers how to use the iPad and her signs and what not and hopefully they can coax her to do the verse.  Even if she does not, the leader tells me she will progress with the rest of the class, but I really would like her to participate the best she can.  It will be good for her.  She’s not going to be able to just slide by in life.  I don’t want her using her disability as a crutch, I want to teach her to work through it, to still do everything to the best of her ability.

So anyway, down day today.  A day where I really don’t have to go anywhere… except the post office, ugh.  I’ve been selling tons (for me anyway) of books we don’t use on Amazon.  They are all homeschool or college curriculum.  Most of them were basically pushed on me a few years ago.  I didn’t really want them in the first place, I already had what I was doing.  But I took them anyway and they’ve been sitting around gathering dust.  This house is too small to have things sitting around gathering dust.  So they are moving on out in an attempt to fix up the school/office/Lego room and organize it more.  I see this is apparently a yearly process.  Some of these books I gave away at the meeting the other night, determining they weren’t worth selling.  In hindsight, some probably were but I just want them out and helping someone else who can and will use them.  I accidentally marked one as shipped yesterday that wasn’t shipped yet – hadn’t realized a new order had come in while I was out.  So I gotta make sure I get that in the mail today.  I wonder if I can print postage at home, I do have a postal scale, if I’d just use it.  Of course, I probably already missed the mail lady, quite taking our time today, we are.  After that, I will be down to three books in my “for sale” pile.  I also have a ton on paperbackswap and some have been there a while – mass market paperback just doesn’t move all that fast unless the book is brand new.  If those are still here in a couple of months, off to Goodwill they go.  Maybe they can make a little money on them, none are bad or unreadable books.

In other news, I had to order a new backdrop today.  Both good and bad – bad because I hate spending money right now lol and good because I’m looking forward to the big project I have coming up for it.  I do have several backdrops already and a few of them would have been more than appropriate, but I needed something bigger than 5’x5′ or 5’x7′ so I got me a 9’x10′.  Going to be a big and probably stressful project – bigger than any like this I’ve done before – but it will be worth it!