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amazon echo

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Ok so I love tech-y stuff but I’m not usually one to jump on bandwagons and go out and purchase the brand new thing. But Amazon knows me too well and I guess I’m just that awesome of a customer since I’d rather purchase stuff there on my Prime membership than get my butt and […]

six months gone

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Today marked the 6th month anniversary of her disappearance. I still can’t believe it. It’s still so unreal, it’s not really happening. I’ve had to turn off a lot of emotions or I’d be losing it all the time. K still points out her picture in the missing posters when she sees one. Sometimes she […]

my tips for Jamberry Nails

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Yes, I know in the last post I said MLMs must die, and I totally meant that. However, I bought some of these Jamberry Nail stickers to support my friend who was getting started and it turned out that I actually really like them. (Though I must apologize for the crappy pictures, just because I’m […]

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