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this MLM stuff has GOT to stop

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You know, MLM – Multi-level Marketing. Those legal pyramid schemes where you sell things to the consumer and move up in the company not only by doing this but moreso by recruiting other people to sell, so then the salesperson makes money off the consumer and those “under” them in the company. And the real […]

no longer a homeschooler

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In September, we made the decision to put E into a school. It was just time, he and I were butting heads too much, now someone else has to tell him what to do and I’m not the bad guy quite as much. Aside from the whole, you know, doing work thing, he seems to […]

Now here’s something that’s been going on since the end of August. I got caught. In K-Mart. The guy saw me coming. My daughter was being an absolute handful. He enticed me and didn’t give me all the information. I thought I was subscribing to Sunday only papers for $3.99 a month but when I […]

moiI'm Valerie and this is where I talk about random things as well as what interests and keeps me occupied: photography, digital scrapbooking, crochet for fun and sale, Origami Owl (see below), or whatever else I feel like! I'm the mother of two, including a preemie who's now a toddler diagnosted with apraxia (of speech), a wife of one, and a second generation homeschooler.

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