So here we are, 2017.

Been here a few weeks and so far so good. We have a new President and the country seems to have gone completely insane over it but let’s face it, folks. Whether your guy or your girl won or lost the election, the sun still rises in the east and sets in the west. It still comes up every morning and goes down every evening, can we just dial it down a notch and stop the hysterics?

2016 was both a good and hard year for me. A lot happened and while I’m not going to talk about all of it now, I’m excited to see what 2017 holds. I dare say that now that I’m rid of some toxic people and some situations have resolved themselves, including getting the no-cancer clear in July, I think this will be a good year. I’m through dealing with people’s crap and I think that will help too.

Thanksgiving week

We’ve had Thanksgiving all week long, ha. Ended up with a ton of leftovers from Sunday night’s meal so I haven’t had to cook all week except for Thursday’s Thanksgiving meal. lol. Dinners anyway, as I often skip lunch on the days I work, as long as I have breakfast.

For Thanksgiving we had over a couple of good friends and had a good time. Made a couple new dishes and they went over really well.

In between all that and since then, I’ve been a photo ordering fool, trying to get all of these orders in. Photoshopping some stuff to make clients happy, and getting some unrelated deals on Amazon for Christmas today. I now have a Christmas card order to design for a client/friend I met with earlier today. Like an idiot I showed up at the wrong restaurant to meet her (ha) but turned out my choice was better as our original plan was full, so she came on down to the nearly empty Bread Co I was at. We selected her prints and cards and talked about everyone and everything like we do. Yes, probably talked about you, too.

two years, three months, three weeks, three days, and 18 hours gone

And then she was found.

Sort of. Do skeletal remains count as “she”? This person we loved and laughed with, even sometimes cried with. No, I don’t think it does. She isn’t there anymore, isn’t here. And by all appearances, she’s been gone from here this whole time, while her body was within a mile from home.

How do you process something like this? I mean, I knew it was coming and, really, I’m ok, but still. It would be different, I think, if things weren’t compounded by her two sons and a daughter-in-law who are, shall we say, on their worst behavior. The things they are pulling these days just baffles the mind and I cannot understand how they can do these things to their father. The lies, the half-truths, the cyber bullying, the one-sided media war; it’s really ridiculous and has been very hard to sit by and say nothing in defense. I know, though, that they’re going to take care of their own demise, just as soon as their 15 minutes of fame are over, I don’t need to stoop to a lower level in the meantime. As I’ve already heard, those who need to know the truth, already know the truth. Sure gives you an idea of who you can trust though, people are certainly letting their true colors be known.

So we sit and wait and see what happens. The remains were found two weeks ago now and no one has been charged with anything so I am thinking they are finding only proof of suicide. I believe that is the case as well, I just hope they reveal their findings soon so this can all be completely over.

one day I woke up and I was old

Had another great photo session earlier today and it about killed me. I think the combination of the heat and humidity plus being on a ladder in a strange way to get the shot I really needed to get today really took its toll. That plus my shoes must not be as supportive as before. But I feel kinda dead. I felt this way the last time I did one of these sessions, too. It is seriously like I woke up one day and suddenly I was old. I really need to make some changes, but, well, just UGH.

outdoor milk bath session

Well worth it though…


Blah. I’m trying to work on one of my websites and I just haven’t kept up with this stuff. It’s so ridiculous, here I am, Googling some basic HTML code because I just can’t remember exactly how it goes. I used to breathe code, haha, what happened? People do still ask me to do websites from time to time and I just tell them that I haven’t kept up with the technology and I don’t have the time to research how to do this or that, whatever they want. It really stinks when you can’t remember something that you used to do so well! Now all of my sites, which aren’t nearly as many as there used to be (and I only do two for other people now), have templates created by someone else. :)

just a bride, in the creek, you know, a typical Saturday

Here I am again, up entirely way too late. Surprising, actually, because I was utterly sleepy all afternoon and evening. Must be that coffee I grabbed when we got the kids ice cream.

This morning I had the opportunity to work with a gorgeous model. She donned an almost-vintagey wedding dress and flower crown and we headed to a beautiful location… a creek! Not the typical type around here, either, full of mud and what not, this one was just breathtaking, rock bottom and crystal clear water, complete with a great view of downstream. The rock is what makes up the bank, too, so it can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t get the right angles.

Took my son with me, his first time to really be paid as an assistant and he did pretty well. I mostly needed a pack mule but he was helpful in other ways, too. One of these days I’ll start actually teaching him photography.

The weather ended up being just perfect, too. It was raining all night and all morning where we live but the location had a window where the weathermen were calling for only 5% rain and it was just timed perfectly. I couldn’t have asked for better, especially after the horribly humid day we had yesterday. The rain, I guess, washed some of that humidity away. I actually got cold and was utterly chilled to the bone by the time we got home. I hopped right in the shower to clean off and warm up!

I’ve posted one preview so far and it’s gotten some great reviews and interaction. I’m pretty proud of it myself. I’m always improving and this year I’ve spent a lot of time learning about editing. Photography skills all being equal, your editing will make or break you.

I’m looking forward to going through the rest of the images but it’s going to have to wait until I design and order a client wedding album. Then we shall see! :)