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29 Nov 2015 In: Days Go By

it’s very random

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favorite customer

17 Oct 2015 In: Days Go By

That’s me!


I was in Bread Co yesterday evening to meet a client for her print ordering session.  I always make sure I spend some money there when I meet someone at Bread Co.  So I’m at the counter in the middle of placing my order and the cashier interrupts me with:

“You’re my favorite customer.”

Huh, whut?

Of course, I said “what?” and laughed a little and he said, “you said ‘caramel,’ not ‘carmel.’  ‘Carmel’ sounds so… gross.”

Gave me a giggle.  I said, “well, it’s spelled ‘caramel’!”  Any time I order my caramel drinks there or at McDonald’s or wherever, they always repeat it back “carmel”!

This Grammar Nazi dies a little inside each time.  It might be noticeable if it weren’t for people around here saying “warsh” all the time, that has already deadened me.


30 Sep 2015 In: Days Go By

Apparently I have some anxiety issues.  My new class talking about and scheduling the three after-class get-togethers and already I’m trying to think of ways to get out of going, to avoid being around people.  Whut.  And, to be honest, I don’t even know why.  They are all perfectly lovely ladies.

Stop it!

Coming again soon. This site is about to get an overhaul.

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