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13 Nov 2013 In: Days Go By

Julian & Corrinne I’m no big time photographer, of course, but in moving some of my latest edited photos to the backup drives, I noticed that I’ve broken my record for weddings shot in a year and by a good percentage, when compared to previous years.  That’s pretty cool.  Hopefully next year will end up seeing at least one more.  It’s certainly not something I want to do every weekend, but an average of one every three weeks would be nice.  Which reminds me that I’ve broken two other personal records – two weddings in one weekend (in September) and most recently, three weddings in three weeks.  Fall is a good time for a wedding, I really like the outdoor fall weddings a lot.  Oh, earlier this year I was supposed to have two weddings in a single day, however, it didn’t work out in the end.  Probably best that way, it probably would have killed me!  :P  Of course, this slows down my turn-around time when you mix this with all the family sessions and what-nots going on, but I’m still doing pretty good with getting the images to clients in a timely manner.  This wedding I just finished editing was 3 Saturdays ago, not half bad, not the two weeks I’m used to, but not bad at all.  The next one should edit up quicker, then I can concentrate on my last one which will probably take longer than both of these as it was just plain a longer day.

But let’s see…  some other facts from this year…

First weddings shot at some key locations that I’ve always wanted to shoot a wedding at.

First wedding where I needed someone to translate (language) for me during family photos.

A wedding I can describe as a country Pinterest wedding (very cute).

My most glamorous wedding so far.

First time I second-shot for someone else.

First Catholic wedding that wasn’t a Mass (I didn’t even know they could do that).

First wedding where I had to practically force a bride and groom to do family photos and a (very shot) bridal session.  ;-)

First time I saw a child from a previous relationship participate in the symbolism of “two becoming one” (a sand pouring).

First weddings I hired assistant(s) for some help and second shooting.

First weddings I used off-camera lighting with flashes and transceivers.

First print-on-demand photo booth wedding (talk about busy fun).

First wedding where my couple faced their friends and family during the ceremony with the priest’s back to the audience.  (The same Catholic ceremony.)

First catered reception (believe it or not, all before have either been buffet, no reception, or cake and punch receptions) AND first reception where they had a high enough regard for me to actually assign me to a table with guests for the meal.

The hottest wedding ever on the hottest day of the year.

The first time I had a bride and groom ride off in a horse-drawn carriage.

First non-reception wedding where I got to use that time instead as a date with my husband.  (No charge to customer, of course, lol.)

I’m sure I could come up with more really random and insanely boring wedding facts, but my files are done copying, so now it’s back to work!

(I’d also like to add that it’s really helped having cable internet as opposed to the DSL I used to have…  wow, what used to take me all night of leaving the computer running now takes 20 minutes!)

pages to watch…? uh, no…

24 Oct 2013 In: Days Go By

If you have a Facebook page, you’ve probably seen the new section “Pages to Watch” by now.  The description is, as follows:

Track the progress on any Pages you want to watch. You’ll see how many likes they get so you can keep up.

You can add three pages (at least I can add three) that you can watch the progress of so you can compare yourself to them.  As if we needed another reason to be paranoid about how many people like us or don’t like us.  I know a lot of people take great pride in how many likes they have to a page, or even how many friends they have, etc.; as far as likes go, I tend to see this a lot with photographers.  I’ve seen some, frankly,  very bad photographers (aka fauxtographers) who have clearly paid to have likes.  Their work just does not correlate to having over 2,000 people who are interested enough to like their page and receive updates from them.

I am choosing not to use this feature because I just simply don’t need to compare myself to anyone else.  I have my own style of photography that is all me and the only person I want to compare myself to is myself, one year ago.  Or six months ago, whatever.  I am me and I’m gonna stay that way.

Now… Facebook, Darling… it would be nice if I could say what I want to be in that box so I could fill it with something that’s actually useful to me.  Just saying!


23 Oct 2013 In: Days Go By

Kayleigh I’ve been really proud of Kayleigh this year.  Last school year and summer school ended with her not wanting to really go and whining and what not.  This year, she’s started off at a run and she’s been doing really good.  She’s saying more words, she’s participating almost all the time (she does apparently still have her days), and she’s enjoying it.  Maybe it helps that I’m letting her ride the bus home.  She really wanted to before and during summer school, there were a few times she actually chased the bus across the parking lot when I was picking her up.  Yeah.  So I drop her off and she rides the bus home.  Each day she’s telling me, “I a goo gerrl a schoo.”  That’s “I was a good girl at school,” for those of you that don’t speak Kayleigh.  So yeah, yay for full sentences!  We’ve gotten a few from her.

Of course, she’s still saying more at school and in her private therapy than she does at home.  Some of that might be due to the need.  There they are just forcing her pretty much to say random things.  At home, it’s about life and living and if she needs to say something, she will or I will try to get her to at least.  Like if she wants a cracker, she either says it the best way she can or if she’s not saying it, I do my best to get her to say it.

Speaking of the private speech therapy, we’d actually quit earlier in the summer because it just got to be too much to afford, it was killing us.  I hated quitting.  But Kayleigh ended up winning two grants, so we are back.  The one grant is smaller and we will pick up a second day in the summer to use that one.  It’s just hard to do more when the place is about 50 or so miles away, one direction.  Plus, I don’t wan to overwhelm her, but when she’s out of school, she won’t have that 4 times a week, so she can do therapy 2 times a week until the grants run out at the beginning of next school year.  Not sure yet what we’ll do then, but we’ll figure it out.  Plus, you never know how things will go, maybe by then she won’t even need it.

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