So this is another quickie, cause I’m tired.
Went to the St. Louis Mills today – totally cool, as far as malls go. Was so big there was so much more we didn’t see. However, I did accomplish getting G’s presents and some for M2. So now all I have to do is get R, Mom, and something else for M2. I also bought Elijah three children’s classics books. They were only $3 and the list price is $10. They had the whole collection, maybe I’ll go back for more later. I also bought one for Sarah that she picked out, with the promise that she would read it.
Then we headed home and Sarah washed dishes while I made a mess making Chex mix and ice cream pie. I wasn’t too happy with the ice cream pie, from what I remember, it’s supposed to taste more ice creamy, but it tasted more pudding like. Oh well.
So then we went over to Steve’s family’s house. We had supper and opened presents and hung out, basically. & I hope everyone enjoys what we got them!
Steve was excited because he got that Orange County Choppers sock hat and the West Coast Choppers stickers he wanted. I got Elvis stuff. :-) Elijah got a “toy” bulldozer thingy. That’s not everything, of course, but I’m tired, lol.
Oh, it was pretty funny later though, we had Elijah laying on the floor playing with some toys, and the puppy, Axil kept trying to play with him. It was hilarious, he kept jumping at him and trying to bite his feet. We had to stop him though, I didn’t want him poking E in the eye. I also learned what “Axil” sounds like when you yell it (he wet on the floor) – yes, Sheila says she’s going to change his name lol.
We also picked up our pictures today, they can all three be seen on this post.
So it is 1:57am – gonna put this baby down and go to bed…. :-)


19 Dec 2003 In: Days Go By

Just a quick entry before I go wrap some presents and go to bed.
Today has been nuts trying to get ready for this weekend it seems. Just trying to get some Christmas presents together that I am making has taken nearly all day. And then I had to go to the grocery store and I went to Country Mart and said, holy crap, I’m not paying that much for cereal! So I headed to Save-a-Lot but forgot before I left that they closed an hour earlier than Country Mart, so I get to go there when they open at 8 tomorrow morning.
Then I have to meet Steve’s mom and sisters at 9 to go to that new mall in St. Louis. And since I don’t have all my ingredients for what I’m taking to their house tomorrow evening, I’m going to have to probably get home and make those really quick before I go to their house. Arg, it’s going to be a heckuva day. :-)

4 times

18 Dec 2003 In: Days Go By

Everytime Elijah rolls over from his back to his stomach, he screams, because he hates being on his stomach. I have been in there four times already as he’s playing because he suddenly starts screaming until I turn him over. He won’t let me hold him either, lol, he just wants to lay on his back on the floor and play. So now he’s in his crib and I think he just rolled back over, but this time I’ve decided to let him go for a bit longer and try to get back himself. He’ll never learn to crawl at this rate if I don’t… :P

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