A hole in my potholder

16 Dec 2003 In: Days Go By

Yes, today I discovered that there is a hole in my potholder. Owwie.
In other news… The Rimshot is licking my foot, go away dog!!!
Um… Elijah is down for the night… crabby baby tonight… Crabby husband is down, too…
My orders from that place still aren’t in… I’m getting annoyed. My mother-in-law’s gift was supposed to be in there and ready to ship yesterday. As of yesterday they removed the date and it still says backorder. Two sets of ornaments say shipped on the 9th, but I have yet to see these. Four other sets say ready to ship, and have for the last three days at least. So Yes, I am highly annoyed with them. Tomorrow while they’re open I will probably call them unless I see a change on my order status page first.
Hey, dog, who invited you into my lap? I don’t have any food!
Anyway… Lemme think a while, I might post a flashback…

Party time, lol

15 Dec 2003 In: Days Go By

Went to the homeschool Christmas party tonight. Just got home about 40 minutes ago! Well, let’s make that, “Just got home around 12:20am.” Hehe. I’m going to have to edit the time on this thing again, since now it is actually after 1am. It really bugs me to have the entry on the wrong day, because to me, it’s still Monday, even though it’s Tuesday. :-)
Well I went out there, wasn’t going to take Elijah, but Steve ended up doing like three hours overtime, so I had to take him with me. He stayed with my dad and sister though. Gina’s biggest complaint was that he spit up all over his shirt and I forgot to pack another one. Since I wasn’t planning on taking him, and I didn’t hear from Steve until a half an hour before I had to leave, I totally wasn’t prepared. So I had to rush around to get ready. But I had a good time there tonight….
Got home and was giving Elijah his bottle in bed, so that if he fell asleep I wouldn’t have to move him, and he pushed it away and then laid there turning his head back and forth. I think by now he’s actually put himself to sleep.
This morning Steve was running late for work and he was rushing around and he accidentally woke Elijah up – man, I don’t think I’ve ever heard that kid scream like that, he was so totally pissed off!
Um… Added a new member to the youth blog a few minutes ago. I hope that thing gets going, I think it will be really cool. But so far the only two entries are mine. Blah.
Anyway… got a domain name for sale… I put it on Ebay. It’s the one I mentioned earlier that I’d bought – well, I decided that I really don’t need it. It’s diakonos-theos.com. I wanted just diakonos, but it was taken. Oh well. I’m really itching to add a third domain to my account for some reason though, lol. I offered it to Sheila, she can get her own domain name and I’d host her, give her a bit of space for free, what more can you ask? But I don’t know if she’s going to take it or not. Dunno why I want to do this, I mean I should prolly keep my space for all the pictures I put up! lol oh well.

I want Alien Youth

14 Dec 2003 In: Days Go By

Okay, so now I have the newest Skillet cd Collide – well, actually it came in last week, hehe. But now I need Alien Youth, which was the last cd. I have all the others. The first two, Skillet and Hey, You, I Love Your Soul are autographed, even. Invincible might be autographed, I’m not sure. Anyway, I really like Skillet… :-)
I remember when I first heard of them… Jeremy told me this band was playing at his church, would I like to come? It was a while away yet, and I was joining this cd club, so for one of my free selections, I picked Skillet, their only cd out at the time, I believe. Honestly, at first I didn’t like them, but after listening to the cd a couple of times, they grew on me, and now are one of my favorites. So I went to the concert and they signed my cd. Then there was another concert later not long after Hey, You, I Love Your Soul came out, they signed that cd for me too. Of course, that was in the days when there were three members: John, Trey, and Ken. Now there are four: John, Korey (his wife, joined with Invincible), Ben (Invincible), and Lori (Alien Youth). Yeah, it’s not typical for a band to lose two out of three founding members and still survive, get bigger, in fact. I guess it’s ’cause they weren’t that big back then. But I remember Ken and Trey… Ken was the shyest person I think I’ve ever met. Trey was really outgoing. Hehe.
Anyway enough blabbing about Skillet… except all this reminiscing has got me making a page… it’ll be [address removed] – you can go see some pictures of my high school days hehe.
What else is new? Elijah slept for 8 hours again last night, like he did Friday night. It’s good, but by the time the end of it rolls around it’s scary, because it’s like, “Is he breathing down there?” And if you notice the time of post… Elijah’s been in bed for a little bit, it’s early for him!!
Um, we didn’t go to church today – we are trying to keep E from getting the flu. It’s crazy this year, as I’m sure you know. There are two local schools that are closed because of it, even. So we don’t need a lot of people touching him in the nursery, or him being around other kids. At least until this dies out.
We still didn’t get any Christmas shopping done this week. Which really sucks, because the family gatherings start in a week, less than a week actually.
And those ornaments and stuff I ordered for my aunts and uncles… still on back order, well those that haven’t been cancelled. I am so mad. But I have to stick with it because I don’t know what else to do.
I’ve also got an order on Ebay that I paid for by PayPal on the 4th and I don’t think they’ve shipped it yet. They have a high feedback rating and their emails said that if you pay by credit card that they will probably ship the same day or next day. It’s been over a week. I emailed them but no response yet. Grrrr.

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