24 Nov 2003 In: Days Go By

Well, it’s Sunday night… or actually early Monday morning….
I’m tired again, but I figure I’d better write, or I’ll fall in a rut and the next thing I know it will be 2004 with no new entries. :-)

Been working on the church website tonight… I can’t get my email box to work right – according to what I see, everything is set up for it correctly, but it won’t receive any mail so far. I am wondering if it’s just me or if no one is getting any mail. So I emailed support a few minutes ago. I’m sure that their host is a pretty good one, but they are not getting their money’s worth at all and there are so many other options to be had out there…

Let’s see… Friday… usual stuff…. I got a new coat – finally. I ripped my suede one last year somehow, think I got it caught on something, and I’ve needed one ever since. That’s the 2nd suede one I’ve ripped, arggg. So I didn’t get suede. I got a down-filled one, surprisingly was the cheapest one they had at the time, too, lol. It’s powder blue though, don’t know if I like that, cause it’s not typically “me” – I wanted black, but they only had one left, not in my size – but I guess it will grow on me. It has 5 pockets, 2 out, 3 in (one is cell-phone shaped) and a huge hood. Boy is it warm.

Saturday… actually got to stay home for a change – all day – lol. It was nice, or would have been, if Elijah hadn’t screamed literally all day. All he wanted was to eat, scream, or sleep in my lap, anytime I laid him down, he screamed again. Went on all day. Kinda what Sunday’s been like too…

so tired

21 Nov 2003 In: Days Go By

So tired – can’t get the SSI or the PHP or the HTM or whatever the heck I’m talking about to work. Forgot what I wanted to write in here. Going to bed. *sigh*


19 Nov 2003 In: Days Go By

So, like, there are two reasons that I haven’t written lately besides being busy, of course:
1. I have been working on my website.
2. Our phone line was messed up for about two days.

Yes, I have been working with that new layout, trying to make the whole website state-of-the-art (yeah right, like that will ever happen lol). But I am totally elated, because I just put in this new form thing and it works – and not only does it work, but it’s green!! :-) I am slowly beginning to figure out some of this php stuff.
Now I need to figure out how to make my own layout for this thing to make it match and fit where I want it to. Hmmmm….

Yes, our phone line was messed up all of yesterday and most of the day before. It was the weirdest thing because when you would talk to someone it would crackle really loud and when I tried to connect to the internet, the crackling was so loud, the modem couldn’t find the dial tone. Yes, I still have to use dialup. That’s what happens when you’re poor and in the middle of nowhere. :-D
Anyway, I called the phone company from our cell phone and they told me to unhook all phones in the house and then find the phone box and hook up a corded phone there to see if it was still doing it. I finally found the box in the basement. No, it is not outside. And it was still crackling in there, so that meant it was their problem and I called back and they were supposed to send out a technician either today or tomorrow between the hours of 9 and 4. *roll eyes here* But late this morning, I tried it in the phone box and it was working fine and obviously, I can get on the internet now. I wonder if they fixed it already or if it just fixed itself? (Maybe the problem was due to the weather we’ve been having.) Oh well, I guess if they show up to fix it, that will answer my question.

But even with all that, I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since I wrote!

What else has happened???

Saturday I went downtown again with Carrie. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe – it was pretty cool, even if we did have a psycho waiter. We both bought the huricanne glasses – I think they’re pretty cool, but when we showed it to my mom, I don’t think she was too impressed. :-) Kinda looks like a vase though. And I saw this sweatshirt in the shop I would love to have. However, I don’t know if I’m up to spending $30 on it (plus shipping since I’d prolly order it from the website) – maybe I’ll ask for it for Christmas. :-) There were a lot of other cool things in there, too.
So from there, we went into Union Station and walked around a bit. We were in our first store when Steve called on the cell and said that he had gotten a deer and was headed back. So he went by his grandma’s and strung it up, or whatever they do, and then came home. He spent the night home and then headed back in the morning to get all his stuff, etc. What did I tell you? I knew he would not be able to fit all his crap and a deer and himself in that truck.
In the meantime, Elijah and I went to church… I went in the control room again – this time I gave Sheila the beeper (yes, the nursery gives you beepers now in case they need you. Saves them having to come search for you in the service) so that she could go incase it went off and I was not able to go. It didn’t go off, of course, but if it had, I wouldn’t have been able to go real easily. Turned out, the guy who usually does the directing was gone – the guy that does the assisting and the editing was there. However, he also plays organ, so we the praise band played instead (usually he plays then during the sermon comes and does his thing, then heads back down, then back up after service). So anyway, he turned to me after the music as the preaching had been going on a few minutes and says, “You want to do this?” hehe, after last time I was still pretty nervous, but after a minute I did it – and I did it the rest of the service! Once I got going, I was not quite as nervous, and this time I did not hit a non-existent camera!! (Yay) So it was totally cool though!!
Then after church, I went out to Mom’s so I didn’t have to drive all the way home and then back up, 30+ miles to my house from church, about 12 to my mom’s. Plus, it kept me from having the excuse of “naw, I’m tired, I won’t go tonight [to church]” and I ‘had’ to go because it was on my way home. :-) Ah yes, one smart cookie, ehehehehe.
Uh…. Monday…. hmmm… I don’t remember, lol.
Tuesday…. um…. just messing with the phone I guess… I missed Charmed bleh.
Wednesday… tonight I missed church because it is Steve’s grandma’s birthday. So we went over there for a while and we brought her an ice cream cake and her framed pic of Elijah, for her wall of grandchildren, as I call it. Yes, all 27 (28?) grandchildren and 2 and counting great-grandchildren.

Anyway, gonna go now, trying to figure out if I want to risk making my index file on the webpage a php or not. If I do, I can go ahead and incorporate the poll and the feedback form without having to put them in frames. But then I won’t be able to use a WYSIWYG editor (FP in my case) at all and that is a big step for me. But then again, I really need to learn it the “right way.” I know some, but not enough….

Coming again soon. This site is about to get an overhaul.

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