5 Nov 2003 In: Days Go By

So what – yesterday it’s in the 80’s and today in the 40’s & 50’s? What’s up with that? I guess that’s Missouri (Misery) for you.

I picked up Elijah’s three month pictures today – they came in a whole week early! I am pretty impressed here with Walmart (we went in Perryville). The only problem I’ve had is that the disk was messed up. My replacement disk is the same way, but they also GAVE me two prints (3.5×5″) each of the ones we didn’t order – and I don’t think they’re proofs, exactly, because they’re just as good quality as the other prints that we did order, which by the way, is pretty dang good. So I’m not that upset that my disk has the pictures whitewashed, etc, because I just scanned the ones the gave me then. I think the one pic of him is a little blurry, the one with the cloud background, but it almost seems purposeful – maybe it is? So I will definitly go back there this month for his four month photos. You get a lot for your money. The pics are at a-elijah.htm.
I liked the work at Olan Mills, but they are just too dang expensive. And they make me want to cry, too, because they print out this whole big package by default and then if you want to buy the whole thing it’s like $160 or something. I ust can’t afford that – certainly not every month!! So there we got our free new baby package (8×10, 2 5×7, 8 wallets) and then later bought one more 8×10 (for twenty freaking bucks). Sears was okay but I was not happy with them because she did this enhancement thingy on our favorite photo, but didn’t tell us when she took it. Then she told us later that it was going to cost an extra $5.99 PER SHEET that we ordered of that photo!! We only went there because we had a new baby thing for no sitting fee. Then as I looked at the other prints, that we did not order (also seen on the above page) I realized that I did not really like any of them too much, just the two that we ended up ordering. Plus, normally, if you go there, they are more expensive… We usually go to JC Penny’s, for the last three years anyway, for our yearly pics. So I plan on going there the beginning of Dec for all three of us. But for the baby alone, I think I’ll stick with Walmart.
Other than that, my day has been pretty much as usual…
I did not go to church tonight because, well, I don’t think I could have been ready to leave on time, and it was only business meeting tonight. Mom called later and asked me if I’d been there, and then said that business meeting was still going at 8:00 when she left! It starts at 6:15! And someone told her that they still had like 6 committees to go! I think they were going over the yearly budget tonight. Yes, I know I should be involved in all that – but I trust everyone – and I’m there so much that I think I can use the break every month. If something comes up that I’m really concerned about or involved in, I’ll go. Or if Sheila needs a ride to PowerUp or something… which I guess she didn’t go tonight either… she didn’t say anything about it to me when she was online earlier….

I can’t remember my Yahoo security key… so naturally, I try to get another one and it asks me “What is your favorite city” and tries to tell me that I answered this question on sign-up. Bull crap. I wouldn’t pick a dumb question like that that I would not remember the answer to. So I couldn’t remember that either, so it locked me out and is now telling me that I have to call them to get a new security key. So the stupid person I am – I suddenly remember, I’ll bet I put it in that Code Wallet program on the Pocket PC. I did. But now it still won’t let me in, now that I have the correct code, either. @#$%(*&@^!@*&^$((#$(&@#*( Do they want my money or not!? For crying out loud. Would a hacker or other person of immoral senses be seriously trying to order only 5 photo prints on my account? No, only a picture freak like myself would pay shipping on an order that small. GRRR ARRG.
Did I mention that the call is long-freaking-distance? They’ll probably put me on hold for two hours, too. And I won’t be able to do anything that requires a secure log-in until I call them. AUGH.


Well anyway, I hear the X-files coming on so I guess that means it is getting late. I am once again going to reset the time on this thing so that it goes on the right date instead of the next day :-) I like that I can do that, heehee. It’s actually 12:06am….
Oh, by the way, and knock on wood – Elijah slept 8 hours last night!! Hallelujah!!

n o v e m b e r

4 Nov 2003 In: Days Go By

I can’t believe it – it’s November and I’m wearing shorts. How special.

I think there’s a bump on my head

3 Nov 2003 In: Days Go By

Okay, so I was leaving Elijah’s room about a half an hour ago – he’d been sleeping in there a while and I went to cover him up as it’s gotten cooler (after an 80 degree day!!!). As I was coming out, I somehow banged my head on the door (it was only open enough for me to squeeze through – it makes noise when you open it, so I didn’t want to wake him up). I don’t know how it happened, but it was totally wierd. And for a split second, my vision went funny – I saw things as if you had a camcorder and shaking it back and forth – I guess like a cartoon. It was so wierd. And go figure, I hit my left side of my head while I already have a temple-headache on my right. Grrrr.
I am also kicking myself in the butt today… I went to the bank and asked, “what’s the difference between a money order and a cashier’s check?” She told me, “a money order is $4 and a cashier’s check is $6.” “Okay then, I’ll have the money order, hehe.” It is for the Poseidon expansion pack. So she makes me out a money order for $13.35 – which includes $5.35 shipping (I went ahead and went with priority mail since it was only $2 more expensive than media mail) – and I had to pay the $4 fee. Then I went down to the post office to get some stamps. On my way out, they asked me if they could help me and I said, “oh I was just wondering how much a money order cost here.” Guess how much… 90 cents. Grrrr.
Steve came home from a bad day at work… and he brought with him Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle and The Matrix Reloaded. Neither are really bad I guess, but neither is as good as its original either. Oh well.
I guess I should go do something productive – I mean since I didn’t get anything done today in between getting up late, running errands, making supper, and watching those silly movies…

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