Alone… well, almost…

14 Nov 2003 In: Days Go By

Yes, alone, but not completely. Tonight is Steve’s first night away, ever. He’s gone deer hunting with the rest of the guys down at my Grandpa’s. He will be gone tonight and probably tomorrow night, too. Unless he gets a deer early though, then he may come home and set it up for cleaning & etc at his Grandma’s. What I’m wondering though is where he will have room for a deer in his truck, seemed like it was full of things.
So today I packed all of Steve’s clothes and I was supposed to go to the store for him – there was all this food he wanted, etc. But I didn’t get there until he got home thanks to crabby baby today. So I went then and when I got back, he left.
Then tonight Erin came down for a little bit. She wasn’t able to stay long, because her roomate/cousin locked herself out of their apartment. But she came down and we drove out to my in-law’s and left Elijah with Sheila. Then we headed out to Farmington and went to Spokes. Spokes is pretty cool – I had the chicken strips again – it comes with two side dishes and a salad. We also had an appetizer. So needless to say, I was nowhere near eating all that. I brought home 4 of the 5 strips! I’ll prolly eat some in a minute though. :-) But after we ate, we basically came straight back and got Elijah and came back to my house where she got her car. I gave Sheila $15 for watching Elijah, which isn’t bad for only 2 hours, but it sucks considering she’s watched him for free at least two other times. I wish I could give her more! But she says don’t give her anything, but I don’t like to do that all the time – she helps me out so much.
Tomorrow, I will be going to my mom’s and leaving Elijah with them. I sound like a wonderful mother, don’t I? I mean, leaving my kid everywhere with everyone! :-) I’m really not that bad, I don’t do this too often. It’s just this weekend is crazy for me, and since Steve’s not home, he’s not watching him. Plus everyone always wants to watch him anyway. So I will be going downtown with Carrie again – this time we are going to go to the Hard Rock Cafe and Union Station (since HRC is in US, I suspect we’ll end up there anyway). It’s really funny – I mean, I’ve been to HRC in Memphis and Indianapolis, but never in St. Louis – and I’ve lived in this area all my life. I wanna get a HRC tee-shirt, but I don’t know if I will or not. Maybe I’ll just wait until I can get one that proves I’ve actually been out of Missouri, hehehehe.
Sunday, I had thought about asking mom to pick up Elijah from his nursery class after services, so that I could stay and watch them edit the sermon for tv. But now that I think about it, I don’t think that’s a good idea this week. Maybe a week when I haven’t been having Elijah being babysat so much. I don’t like to get big-headed, but I know he misses me, and so he cries. So I really don’t want to be away from him too much. Plus, by that time, I will have been going pretty much non-stop since Wednesday, I’ll probably be beat.

Well, last night was the concert with the youth group. It was Relient K (headliner) and three other guy bands that I’d never heard of before. I thought the first one was okay, the second one sucked and played way too long, and the third one was okay. Relient K was definitly the best. But I want to know one thing – what is it with these shirtless drummers? I mean, 3 out of 4, c’mon! That’s so not cool. But they all sounded alike – well, I mean the first three bands. At least Relient K has origionality – prolly why I liked them best. But the first three were almost like MXPX rip-offs and wanna-bes. Oh well lol. I still had fun with the kids. I ended up sitting back with the other two adults the whole time though (Paul, youth leader & Jason, drove us up) so the kids probably don’t think I’m cool anymore lol. But at first, I was needing to sit after standing outside in the cold for 45 minutes + before we could get in. Then I started getting sick again (it has been happening to me a lot lately, I wonder if I have some low blood sugar issue or something, I’ve been getting sick when I get pretty hungry, and last night it was the worst) like I had at 5. So at 5pm we’d gotten some McD’s before we left for the concert. At 7, I was feeling it again, but I ignored it. At 9, I couldn’t stand it anymore and by 9:30 I had gotten some food from the cafeteria-like foodplace in there (it was really wierd though, because this place was like, a club or something). It sucked. I had to pay $6 for a plate of food – main course, two side dishes – that wasn’t really good or fresh, and $2 for a stinkin’ bottle of water! Arg. I so wanted to wait until after the concert, but at this time we were only half done, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. So I ate most of the food, but after a while, I had to stop ’cause it was just kinda gross. We left the concert at 11, and I was feeling it again!!! We stopped at a gas station to drop one kid off and we all went inside – I got a donut and a Mountain Dew and that was nice. (I’ve started drinking Mountain Dew occasionally again, up until this month, I had not had any since April when we were in Hannibal because of the horrible heartburn it gave me during pregnancy.) So then I got home around 1am and Steve was sleeping on the couch. He musta slept good though, cause he woke up and did not go right to bed for a while. Instead, he kept me up – making me write a list for today of the stuff he wanted. Finally, I said I am going to bed and it was about 1:30. By 1:40 or 1:45 – Elijah was up. Steve said he went to bed sometime between 8 and 9 – which is early for him. So I fed him and was trying to get him to go to sleep and he just kept smiling at me! It was so cute and everything, but I was getting frustrated because I was so tired. Finally, he started to get crabby and conked out around 3:30. Of course, then he made me get up and get him around 7:15. Then we finally got up for good about 8:45. So I am stupidly sitting here past midnight when I was so tired this morning. Oh well…

Oh yeah – so yesterday before the concert, I met with Pam at the church to talk about the website. Looks like I am now a co-webmaster. Well, she kinda acts like she wants it off her shoulders totally, and I don’t mind doing it, you all know I love it, lol. I don’t want her to think I’m trying to take her job though, but like I said, it seems like she’s tired of it. I know she has a ton of other things to do, being head/pastor’s secretary and all. So today during the times when Elijah was being fed, I worked on it a little bit. Haven’t published anything yet though. I’m coming up with tons of ideas though, it’s totally cool. But the host they are using now, it’s all good and stuff, but they’re being ripped off. It translates to 15megs for $16.66 a month, they pay yearly. And the domain is costing them $15 a year. So I told her where I am, at CP and their contract is up in January – so we will probably be moving them somewhere at least. But they’re going to need a lot more space, if we get to do some of the things we have in mind. Pl has ideas for lotsa stuff for the youth…. Plus, I don’t think their host now supports PHP, and I wanna use it! :-)

Well anyways – gotta go and do something productive, either that or go to bed. But I at least have to go up there and change the channel – I hate Elimidate. Arg.


12 Nov 2003 In: Days Go By

Ah… I’m going to have to beat Jared up… he comments on Sheila’s blog, but not mine… whaaaaaa


So the other day, I bought a third domain. I am allowed to split my hosting between three domains max, and thought a new, different one would be cool. But now I am not so sure I can use it. So if anyone needs a domain :-). I do have an idea for it though, so I will refrain from posting the address until I know if this will pan out or not.

So I have used the credit card online three times this week, and it’s only Wednesday. Steve is gonna kicka my butta.
The other two times, I’ve ordered books, mostly.
First, I went to CBD (, I think) and found a fourth book to the three I bought Sheila on Saturday. It was on sale, so I decided not to wait to order it. Then I ended up buying Elijah two pacifier holders, a stuffed animal, and a rattle.
Then yesterday, on, I found these two books I was trying to find for Elijah. I bought two in this series on Saturday (Weather Windows, Winter, Autumn), and decided I wanted the other two (Spring and Summer). I could not find them on Sat. So I contacted the publisher and learned they were out of print. So I found them brand new at for only $1 each. I am paying over $5 in shipping, but it’s still cheaper than other places were before shipping.
I have not really spent that much money, but I really don’t use the credit card much except for my monthly hosting fees. And when you already owe, it really adds up.

I am also a bit ticked because before my computer crashed, I found this really cool free layout. I wasn’t going to use it necessarily, but I wanted to learn how they did it – absolute positioning, I think it was – and maybe use the colors for another page – it really made brown work. Anyway, now I can’t find it.

Well, I am sitting here with E in my lap, trying to get him to sleep, and waiting for Steve to get home so he can watch E so I can change and get my make-up on for church tonight. I’ll be picking up Sheila & Sarah tonight, too. Then I guess afterward we’ll hit Walmart to redeem two free formula thingys. Tomorrow I will take them and the four I already have to church for the food pantry. It’s a different formula from what E gets, but they keep sending me free cans.

Not in a while

11 Nov 2003 In: Days Go By

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted :-)

Well, let’s see, what has happened since Friday??

Well on Saturday I drug C to downtown St. Louis to go to that book sale thing. It turned out to be outside in a tent and they had a TON of stuff! I spent only $13 but ended up getting Elijah 10 board books and 5 (4?) hardbacks, Sheila 3 paperbacks (for Christmas, shhh), Ab two board books (to go along with her birthday book I have yet to give her), and Em two board books (either for her bday or Christmas, they’re pretty close). That’s 22 books! One of the ones I bought Elijah is called “The Very First Christmas” and it lists at like $18.99! It goes along with the one we already have “The Very First Easter” – which we got free from the insurance company (they send all kindsa stuff to us), but it’s also by the same publishers, etc – not published by the insurance company.
So then from there we went to the music store, but I didn’t see anything I had to have. Found the book for Chicago (piano music), but didn’t want to spent $11 on it at the time. I’d prolly never play it anyway.
Then we had lunch in South County at the Steak n Shake and then went to Sears and got Steve’s measuring tape replaced. Then we headed to Fenton and went to Target and Garden Ridge before coming home. At Garden Ridge, I bought a 5ft Christmas tree – I call it my Charlie Brown Tree. It’s not real scrawny but it isn’t full either – it has a real wood trunk and fake branches and real pine cones on it. It had grapevines wrapped around it too, somehow, but I had to unwind them to get all the branches straight. Then the next morning, I came downstairs to find Rimshot eating one, so I finally just cut them all off today. I never decided if I liked it or not anyway. But I have been wanting a small tree like that since last Christmas when we set up everything only to not be home on Christmas, but in Mississippi. That’s not going to happen this year, but we still don’t have a lot of room, and I don’t want to use the fiber optics tree because Elijah is so small – those things get in your skin and they hurt. I never liked that tree anyway.

Sunday – I did not run a camera, cause they had enough guys, but I did help the director out. Mostly I just paid close attention and wrote down the times of when things happened, to help him with editing later. I did feel a bit better about last week though, because right away he hit camera 2 (which is still sick) and got black on there. He said they just covered my black from last week up with some “stock” crowd shots. Said, “I can make someone who’s not here be here if I want to.” lol
So then afterward Steve and I had to run to Walmart, then to Autozone. I was sitting in the car at AZ with Elijah and this guy came out and got into the passenger’s side of the truck next to us (on our left), while the driver got in, too. And when he did, he hit our car with the door. At first he didn’t know I was in there, so I just kept staring at him – he noticed, then they drove off real fast. But not before I got his license plates :D. He is ILL plates 1 NMMC. Easy enough. So I got out and looked at the door but didn’t see anything. But when Steve came out and looked, he found a scratch. In looking at it, it was probably done by that truck, it’s at the right height, etc. Plus, the paint on the car is in like perfect condition. So Steve wasn’t too happy. We drove through Burger King then he was like, “What’s the chances that they went to Walmart?” SO we went there and looked at all the white trucks. Nothing. Then, going to head home, we saw him at the stoplight – he headed back to AZ and we followed! Then he went inside – he was passengerless by now – and Steve got out and looked at his truck!! He had a website on the back of his truck: I’m supposed to email them, heehee, but haven’t yet. May in a few. But we haven’t told the insurance company and I guess we won’t – it’s so small and we’re not @#$%’s. But I was just mostly mad that the guy knew he did it and knew I was there, but didn’t say a @#$% thing!!!!
(I just emailed the company hehehehehe)
So then we finally went home, long enough for me to be there like an hour and a half then go back to church.

Monday…. uh, nothing much happened, until Mom called me and said that, “this might be on the news tonight” and it was… there was a fire from a meth lab in an apartment building in De Soto the other night (Sunday night/Monday morning around 12am). The guy who started it went running from the building on fire. The woman upstairs was killed. That woman is/was a friend of our family. Granted I have not seen her in a few years, but still… I am very angry. These people obviously have no regard for anything but their meth, not even another’s life. They are going up for, obviously, making meth, but they also said it could be manslaughter or even 2nd degree murder. If this guy does not get 2nd degree, I will be very upset. He and his partner who were making this crap killed an innocent woman – a very nice, godly woman I might add. I am stinking mad. The funeral is Thursday in Pilot Knob at 11. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it due to prior engagements (not until evening, but I’m afraid I won’t be back in time), but my mom, at least, is going to go.

Tonight… M was in town! So she came over here and we went to eat at Dairy Queen and then came back to the house to meet Elizabeth, Sheila, & Sarah after martial arts. But on the way… We witnessed an accident, at the last stoplight before my house (well one of the only two in our town lol). So of course we had to stop and wait. We were pulling up to the light, it was yellow, and this truck coming from the other direction was going pretty fast, it’s only 35 through there. I wasn’t paying too close attention to him, but I heard his tires screech and heard the impact, and noticed the stoplights waving ALL around. My first thought was, the wind, but then I was like, no it’s not THAT windy here, I didn’t feel any wind on the car. And then I noticed the poll was cracked good. So we started to go, and I saw the truck and so we turned and pulled in the gas station parking lot (just barely, right out of the street, which is a pretty wide one at that). I got out and said to M, “get my cell phone out of my purse” and started running to his truck. I did this because when I first looked at him, he was slumped over and I thought, “Oh my God he’s hurt.” But I guess he was just messing with something because he came up as me and this other woman went toward him. I said, “are you okay?” He said “yes.” I said, “do you have a cell phone” (stupid thing to say) “Yes.” “I do too – need me to call someone?” “No” – and this other guy walked up and said, “I already called the cops.” And some other guy came running up and had one of those cop radio things so they were there in no time. Then they tried moving the truck. He had hit the guide wire of the poll, causing it to crack and the lights were flung over entirely and all tangled up. So he gets his truck out of where it was and it’s in the middle of the street- by this time, I’m on the phone with Steve, telling him we’ll be a bit later. The guy starts hollerin, “tell them to move their car! Tell the people in there to move!” He’s talking about my car. By this time, I realize he’s totally smashed. So I just quit talking to Steve and ran to the car and moved it as fast as I could – forgetting my seatbelt and headlights even. As I turned into the hardware store parking lot where we’d been standing, our extra food we’d saved for Steve fell off the dash all over the floor. I said a bad word (oopsie). But don’t tell Steve, cause he ate it anyway. So by this time, I turn off the car and hear Steve hollering on the phone “what!? what’s going on!?” and etc. lol. So we hung around a little bit more and gave the cop our statements and he took our info and said we could go then. So we did. The guy never did get his truck out of the middle of the road though, some other guys were moving it and he’s sitting there going, “I don’t know what the f- big deal is, I just blew a tire.” So that was his story. He blew a tire. He blew a tire my @$$. lol. Not the way that accident happend. Oh yeah, he blew a tire, AFTER he hit the brick flowerbox. And some other guy was saying that he was in the car with him. BULL. And we overheard the cop’s radio… DUI, traffic this, traffic that. BUSTED! (Or so said Mindy.)

Okay, it’s late now, I’m finishing up some things here, then I’m off to bed. Elijah’s been in bed since like 9.30 or 10 – I prolly won’t get much sleep tonight. :-)

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