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11 Nov 2003 In: Days Go By

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted :-)

Well, let’s see, what has happened since Friday??

Well on Saturday I drug C to downtown St. Louis to go to that book sale thing. It turned out to be outside in a tent and they had a TON of stuff! I spent only $13 but ended up getting Elijah 10 board books and 5 (4?) hardbacks, Sheila 3 paperbacks (for Christmas, shhh), Ab two board books (to go along with her birthday book I have yet to give her), and Em two board books (either for her bday or Christmas, they’re pretty close). That’s 22 books! One of the ones I bought Elijah is called “The Very First Christmas” and it lists at like $18.99! It goes along with the one we already have “The Very First Easter” – which we got free from the insurance company (they send all kindsa stuff to us), but it’s also by the same publishers, etc – not published by the insurance company.
So then from there we went to the music store, but I didn’t see anything I had to have. Found the book for Chicago (piano music), but didn’t want to spent $11 on it at the time. I’d prolly never play it anyway.
Then we had lunch in South County at the Steak n Shake and then went to Sears and got Steve’s measuring tape replaced. Then we headed to Fenton and went to Target and Garden Ridge before coming home. At Garden Ridge, I bought a 5ft Christmas tree – I call it my Charlie Brown Tree. It’s not real scrawny but it isn’t full either – it has a real wood trunk and fake branches and real pine cones on it. It had grapevines wrapped around it too, somehow, but I had to unwind them to get all the branches straight. Then the next morning, I came downstairs to find Rimshot eating one, so I finally just cut them all off today. I never decided if I liked it or not anyway. But I have been wanting a small tree like that since last Christmas when we set up everything only to not be home on Christmas, but in Mississippi. That’s not going to happen this year, but we still don’t have a lot of room, and I don’t want to use the fiber optics tree because Elijah is so small – those things get in your skin and they hurt. I never liked that tree anyway.

Sunday – I did not run a camera, cause they had enough guys, but I did help the director out. Mostly I just paid close attention and wrote down the times of when things happened, to help him with editing later. I did feel a bit better about last week though, because right away he hit camera 2 (which is still sick) and got black on there. He said they just covered my black from last week up with some “stock” crowd shots. Said, “I can make someone who’s not here be here if I want to.” lol
So then afterward Steve and I had to run to Walmart, then to Autozone. I was sitting in the car at AZ with Elijah and this guy came out and got into the passenger’s side of the truck next to us (on our left), while the driver got in, too. And when he did, he hit our car with the door. At first he didn’t know I was in there, so I just kept staring at him – he noticed, then they drove off real fast. But not before I got his license plates :D. He is ILL plates 1 NMMC. Easy enough. So I got out and looked at the door but didn’t see anything. But when Steve came out and looked, he found a scratch. In looking at it, it was probably done by that truck, it’s at the right height, etc. Plus, the paint on the car is in like perfect condition. So Steve wasn’t too happy. We drove through Burger King then he was like, “What’s the chances that they went to Walmart?” SO we went there and looked at all the white trucks. Nothing. Then, going to head home, we saw him at the stoplight – he headed back to AZ and we followed! Then he went inside – he was passengerless by now – and Steve got out and looked at his truck!! He had a website on the back of his truck: I’m supposed to email them, heehee, but haven’t yet. May in a few. But we haven’t told the insurance company and I guess we won’t – it’s so small and we’re not @#$%’s. But I was just mostly mad that the guy knew he did it and knew I was there, but didn’t say a @#$% thing!!!!
(I just emailed the company hehehehehe)
So then we finally went home, long enough for me to be there like an hour and a half then go back to church.

Monday…. uh, nothing much happened, until Mom called me and said that, “this might be on the news tonight” and it was… there was a fire from a meth lab in an apartment building in De Soto the other night (Sunday night/Monday morning around 12am). The guy who started it went running from the building on fire. The woman upstairs was killed. That woman is/was a friend of our family. Granted I have not seen her in a few years, but still… I am very angry. These people obviously have no regard for anything but their meth, not even another’s life. They are going up for, obviously, making meth, but they also said it could be manslaughter or even 2nd degree murder. If this guy does not get 2nd degree, I will be very upset. He and his partner who were making this crap killed an innocent woman – a very nice, godly woman I might add. I am stinking mad. The funeral is Thursday in Pilot Knob at 11. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it due to prior engagements (not until evening, but I’m afraid I won’t be back in time), but my mom, at least, is going to go.

Tonight… M was in town! So she came over here and we went to eat at Dairy Queen and then came back to the house to meet Elizabeth, Sheila, & Sarah after martial arts. But on the way… We witnessed an accident, at the last stoplight before my house (well one of the only two in our town lol). So of course we had to stop and wait. We were pulling up to the light, it was yellow, and this truck coming from the other direction was going pretty fast, it’s only 35 through there. I wasn’t paying too close attention to him, but I heard his tires screech and heard the impact, and noticed the stoplights waving ALL around. My first thought was, the wind, but then I was like, no it’s not THAT windy here, I didn’t feel any wind on the car. And then I noticed the poll was cracked good. So we started to go, and I saw the truck and so we turned and pulled in the gas station parking lot (just barely, right out of the street, which is a pretty wide one at that). I got out and said to M, “get my cell phone out of my purse” and started running to his truck. I did this because when I first looked at him, he was slumped over and I thought, “Oh my God he’s hurt.” But I guess he was just messing with something because he came up as me and this other woman went toward him. I said, “are you okay?” He said “yes.” I said, “do you have a cell phone” (stupid thing to say) “Yes.” “I do too – need me to call someone?” “No” – and this other guy walked up and said, “I already called the cops.” And some other guy came running up and had one of those cop radio things so they were there in no time. Then they tried moving the truck. He had hit the guide wire of the poll, causing it to crack and the lights were flung over entirely and all tangled up. So he gets his truck out of where it was and it’s in the middle of the street- by this time, I’m on the phone with Steve, telling him we’ll be a bit later. The guy starts hollerin, “tell them to move their car! Tell the people in there to move!” He’s talking about my car. By this time, I realize he’s totally smashed. So I just quit talking to Steve and ran to the car and moved it as fast as I could – forgetting my seatbelt and headlights even. As I turned into the hardware store parking lot where we’d been standing, our extra food we’d saved for Steve fell off the dash all over the floor. I said a bad word (oopsie). But don’t tell Steve, cause he ate it anyway. So by this time, I turn off the car and hear Steve hollering on the phone “what!? what’s going on!?” and etc. lol. So we hung around a little bit more and gave the cop our statements and he took our info and said we could go then. So we did. The guy never did get his truck out of the middle of the road though, some other guys were moving it and he’s sitting there going, “I don’t know what the f- big deal is, I just blew a tire.” So that was his story. He blew a tire. He blew a tire my @$$. lol. Not the way that accident happend. Oh yeah, he blew a tire, AFTER he hit the brick flowerbox. And some other guy was saying that he was in the car with him. BULL. And we overheard the cop’s radio… DUI, traffic this, traffic that. BUSTED! (Or so said Mindy.)

Okay, it’s late now, I’m finishing up some things here, then I’m off to bed. Elijah’s been in bed since like 9.30 or 10 – I prolly won’t get much sleep tonight. :-)

Christmas Lights

7 Nov 2003 In: Days Go By

Yes, Christmas lights…
We put some in Elijah’s room tonight, around the perimiter of his ceiling. He’s in there watching them now in awe. They are really cool lights though, because they have about 18 different speeds and settings. I don’t know how long it will last (him enjoying them tonight) though. I’m afraid he’s going to be up really late tonight again. Last night I was out at Steve’s family’s house and ended up being there until after midnight, working with Elizabeth to try and figure out her schedule for this coming spring semester. We did a pretty good job though I think – she got into one of the two honor’s classes she wanted – long story. The only other one she didn’t get into was her science class, because it was full. So she picked something else today when she registered.
I would like to take some classes… I want to take a web design class, and some Bible classes, and I need to learn Spanish. But I guess I will have to wait until next summer or fall after I can try and get federal money again. Last time I applied, they denied me – why I don’t know – I mean, I got money when I lived at home with my parents, but Steve and I make less than they do, of course – so you’d think I’d get at least something. I think it’s that whole marriage penalty thing… But I will apply again after we get our next tax return – cause now that Elijah is here, everyone says I should get something. I can’t afford it if I don’t get some federal help – & that’s just the way it is.
I am trying to get into manage my domains at enom… not working… hmmm… I just hate that when you register a domain they don’t tell you what your login info is for managing it. Not that I am wanting to transfer it or anything, I love CyberPixels, but I just want to be able to manage it if the need ever arises.
Boy, Elijah is being awfully quiet – guess I’d better go check on him… I hope he’s asleep so I can go to bed, too, lol….
Not asleep, arg – still laying there kicking and watching those bloody Christmas lights! I guess I’ll just wait until he starts crying, then I’ll go get him and hopefully that will mean that he’s tired and ready to sleep. I have had the worst day for getting him to take a nap today. At least five times before Steve came home, I would have him asleep, only to lay him down and have him wake up. He finally slept for like a half an hour when I lay down with him on my chest on the couch. But as soon as Steve laid him in bed – he was awake again.
My parents were here not too long ago with my sister and one brother tonight. They picked up their trailer. Last night, Steve went to get rid of the trash he had in it (we burn our trash at his parents’ house) and he got a flat on it on the way out there – Elijah’s crying now…. – 15 minutes later – he’s asleep now, hopefully he will stay that way. Last night he actually slept 6 hours! The night before was 8 and the night before was 6! Maybe we’re on to something? Knock on wood…
So what was I talking about? Oh yeah, so Steve got a flat on his way out there on the trailer – I came later and did not even see him. He musta pulled off the road good. I don’t really know though, because I haven’t had too much time to actually talk to him since then. Cause then we were at his parents’ and he and Chris had to go get the trailer with a spare, and then he came home before me and went to bed, then he left for work and I was still sleeping, then he came home and we prepared for my parents coming down. So they took the trailer with them. Nice to not have it in my backyard anymore…
Well tomorrow I was wanting to go to this sale at Concordia Publishing House that someone told me about. But Steve has to go cut wood in the morning and the sale is downtown (I mean downtown St. L) and from 8am-2pm only. It’s their annual warehouse sale or something. So he told me to get someone else to go with me. Arg. Lol. But I did call C, but she wasn’t home. So I left a message but G was on the internet so I don’t know if she tried to call or not. I guess I need to give her my cell phone number. I will try and call her in the morning. We are probably going to do something next Saturday too, though. I want to go downtown then, too; I want to go to the Hard Rock Cafe and maybe the arch or something.
But anyway I guess that’s all… I need to get some sleep if I want to go to that thing tomorrow….


5 Nov 2003 In: Days Go By

So what – yesterday it’s in the 80’s and today in the 40’s & 50’s? What’s up with that? I guess that’s Missouri (Misery) for you.

I picked up Elijah’s three month pictures today – they came in a whole week early! I am pretty impressed here with Walmart (we went in Perryville). The only problem I’ve had is that the disk was messed up. My replacement disk is the same way, but they also GAVE me two prints (3.5×5″) each of the ones we didn’t order – and I don’t think they’re proofs, exactly, because they’re just as good quality as the other prints that we did order, which by the way, is pretty dang good. So I’m not that upset that my disk has the pictures whitewashed, etc, because I just scanned the ones the gave me then. I think the one pic of him is a little blurry, the one with the cloud background, but it almost seems purposeful – maybe it is? So I will definitly go back there this month for his four month photos. You get a lot for your money. The pics are at a-elijah.htm.
I liked the work at Olan Mills, but they are just too dang expensive. And they make me want to cry, too, because they print out this whole big package by default and then if you want to buy the whole thing it’s like $160 or something. I ust can’t afford that – certainly not every month!! So there we got our free new baby package (8×10, 2 5×7, 8 wallets) and then later bought one more 8×10 (for twenty freaking bucks). Sears was okay but I was not happy with them because she did this enhancement thingy on our favorite photo, but didn’t tell us when she took it. Then she told us later that it was going to cost an extra $5.99 PER SHEET that we ordered of that photo!! We only went there because we had a new baby thing for no sitting fee. Then as I looked at the other prints, that we did not order (also seen on the above page) I realized that I did not really like any of them too much, just the two that we ended up ordering. Plus, normally, if you go there, they are more expensive… We usually go to JC Penny’s, for the last three years anyway, for our yearly pics. So I plan on going there the beginning of Dec for all three of us. But for the baby alone, I think I’ll stick with Walmart.
Other than that, my day has been pretty much as usual…
I did not go to church tonight because, well, I don’t think I could have been ready to leave on time, and it was only business meeting tonight. Mom called later and asked me if I’d been there, and then said that business meeting was still going at 8:00 when she left! It starts at 6:15! And someone told her that they still had like 6 committees to go! I think they were going over the yearly budget tonight. Yes, I know I should be involved in all that – but I trust everyone – and I’m there so much that I think I can use the break every month. If something comes up that I’m really concerned about or involved in, I’ll go. Or if Sheila needs a ride to PowerUp or something… which I guess she didn’t go tonight either… she didn’t say anything about it to me when she was online earlier….

I can’t remember my Yahoo security key… so naturally, I try to get another one and it asks me “What is your favorite city” and tries to tell me that I answered this question on sign-up. Bull crap. I wouldn’t pick a dumb question like that that I would not remember the answer to. So I couldn’t remember that either, so it locked me out and is now telling me that I have to call them to get a new security key. So the stupid person I am – I suddenly remember, I’ll bet I put it in that Code Wallet program on the Pocket PC. I did. But now it still won’t let me in, now that I have the correct code, either. @#$%(*&@^!@*&^$((#$(&@#*( Do they want my money or not!? For crying out loud. Would a hacker or other person of immoral senses be seriously trying to order only 5 photo prints on my account? No, only a picture freak like myself would pay shipping on an order that small. GRRR ARRG.
Did I mention that the call is long-freaking-distance? They’ll probably put me on hold for two hours, too. And I won’t be able to do anything that requires a secure log-in until I call them. AUGH.


Well anyway, I hear the X-files coming on so I guess that means it is getting late. I am once again going to reset the time on this thing so that it goes on the right date instead of the next day :-) I like that I can do that, heehee. It’s actually 12:06am….
Oh, by the way, and knock on wood – Elijah slept 8 hours last night!! Hallelujah!!

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