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2 Nov 2003 In: Days Go By

Well today is Sunday and it has been a full day.
This morning we got up and went to church like normal. During service, I went into the tv control room to try and learn some things. I asked them for an extra headset and so I was able to listen in. During the preaching, the director turned to me and said, “do you want to do this?” I was like “oh boy – do I?” So for about ten minutes, I directed for the first time. I was SO nervous! I think I switched too much and I hope that I did okay – they said I did good, so I guess I have to believe them. There were only three cameras running though, because camera two is being fixed, so I guess this week was a pretty good one to get a start. I also accidentally hit the button for camera 5. Notice earlier I said there were only three cameras. Yeah, we got some black on there. I was like shoot! And I switched it back. The director started laughing and said, “it’s okay, I did that last week.” Hehe. So after a bit, he took it back to close up. I started doing it, though, the way my old boss used to. He would say something like, “okay going to four” then “four’s hot” when it was online. That’s what I knew and so that’s what I said. But later the director told me that in there, “hot” means there is too much light. Ooops. But then he was like, “they knew what you meant. They’ll get used to you.” So he asked me to run a camera next week, but if he doesn’t need me for camera, I am supposed to help him in the control room – doing a job of the guy who won’t be there. :-) You know, too – I got to thinking, in all my years there, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman running a camera… hmmm… I wonder why?
Well I just finished putting Sheila & Sarah’s school pics online. They’re at 2003schoolpics.htm.
Then after church we went out to my mom’s and ate real quick then headed to A’s ordination service. That went for a couple of hours and so by the time it was over, it was just barely too late for us to try and get to our Sunday evening class. It would not have been a big deal, but mom and G were with us and so we had to take them home and Steve had a stop he needed to make while we were out in that area. So by the time all that was done and we headed back to Festus, it would have been way too late. Plus, The Rimshot had been alone all day again.
But then we had to stop at F Walmart cause Steve had to have some workboots. So we got those, and I got Elijah a “God Made You Special” Veggie Tales book and a toy airplane that was on clearance.
Then we came home. :-)

Work, work, work

1 Nov 2003 In: Days Go By

Today we headed out to ILL for Steve to do some electrical work for our friends. We had a good day – he got everything he needed to get done done and I was able to spend some time talking with my friend, and they got to see Elijah for the first time, even if he was crabby and sleepy all day. :-)
We left there around 6:30, and it wasn’t until later that Steve discovered they paid him twice what he said. I about fell over. We are certain this is not a mistake and are going to definitly send them a thank-you card tomorrow.
Last night we went and helped out with the youth scavanger hunt. It was a good thing we went, too, because they ended up needing all the drivers they could get. Mostly there were teams of three because most drivers were couples who had cars and could only fit that many. One group had four. We had three girls including a set of twins. The hunt was to find something that started with every letter of the alphabet. We were allowed to go anywhere, including houses, as long as we didn’t buy or steal any of the stuff. The girls had some great ideas. Steve and I had hurried to Walmart beforehand, so we had a few things to use like Wire (underground wire for the job today, 250 feet to be exact – it had to weigh 50 pounds!), Oil, and my Ultra Dairy Digestive Pills (lol). We also had in the trunk Jumper cables and our Stroller. Then at McDonald’s, we got, from a friend of mine, a Zone Manager nametag, and we went to one of the girls’ house and got some things like an X-wing fighter toy and a Knight’s helmet. I felt bad later though, because had I realized what time it was when we went to her house, I would not have let them drag us over there, it was like 10:30 and her dad was trying to get the two little ones to bed. I know the family though, and if I see them at church tomorrow, I will certainly apologize for our indescretions. Yeah, our girls had some good ideas, but Mitchell’s team of guys had better ones. They brought in a Fallow deer head (mounted, of course, their driver is an avid hunter), another pair of Antlers, and the driver’s Beagle (Dog) in his Kennel. So they won. :-) But it was a ton of fun.
Anyway going to go now, I am also scanning Sheila’s & Sarah’s school pictures I took. I am just a teeny bit proud of them, ehehe, they turned out way better than last year. I will post them as I get the chance to. (I just wish my scanner allowed me to pick output size, like my old one did. *sigh*)

It’s diaper day!!! (If you really care to know what that is, email me, heehee)
Well, I’m sitting here, wondering if E’s going to stay asleep or not. If I get by the 10 minute mark, I should be okay…
Well I won one of the auctions on Ebay hehe. It’s just an old Ste. Genevieve postcard – but it’s kinda cool. I mailed off payment tonight. Which reminds me I need to email the seller… Okay, I emailed her…
The other auction I’m bidding on isn’t over until tomorrow morning. I’m bidding on the Poseidon expansion pack to Zeus. I’ve been playing Zeus lately when I am either bored to death or am giving Elijah a bottle. I can put him on the nursing pillow and have my right hand free for the mouse. It’s either that or sit at the tv and I can only take so much of that. Steve sometimes asks me or tells me, that is, I’m on the computer too much and why do I do that? Well for the same reason he watches tv – to unwind. Sure I will watch tv, but sometimes I’m more entertained here I guess because I’m doing something with my hands and/or mind (web design or something). So really, what’s the difference?
Anyway, I am the winning bidder for that game so far, but I almost am wishing someone would outbid me (for now) because I might end up spending as much after shipping as if I bought it at Sam’s Club. At Sam’s, they’ve got, I think, all four cds to the Zeus and Pharaoh Games (both have an expansion pack each). I already have all three but Poseidon, so if I bought it there, I guess I could give someone the other cds. I’ve been putting off buying it because I don’t need the other three cds though. We bought Pharaoh back when we had the old computer and bought a new hard drive for it. We each picked out a game and I’d been wanting to get Pharaoh. That’s me, I like those city-builders and I love ancient Egypt! Then later I got Cleopatra, for some reason, I don’t remember – maybe I bought it for my birthday or something. And last Christmas, I bought me Zeus on ebay – only paid $5 for it and I think $2 shipping and $1.30 insurance – $8.30 total – so that was totally cool. It was brand-new, never opened, and still had the price tag for like $59. Blows my mind why it was ever that expensive to begin with…. But then again, if you go to the official Zeus site and click buy now, it takes you to amazon.com and they are saying Poseidon is like $23 or something. At Sam’s the four disks are only $14 or $15. I love Sam’s. :-)
Enough babbling about games lol. But I still have not beat all of Zeus and I am going to do some troubleshooting cause I’m having to skip levels because I meet requirements for an action, but that action won’t occur.
Today Elijah and I went out to L’s for this homeschool nature journaling thing. She tricked me into it – I got there and she’s like, you’re helping with the preschoolers lol. I’m afraid I wasn’t much help though. It was just too much to lug Elijah around in the stroller and try to understand what she wanted me to do. But luckily P was there in charge – and all the moms were with their kids, so it was good. I had to drag his stroller up a hill though that was really pathless and rocky. It wasn’t too much fun until we got to the top and could come down the road. But he started to get crabby, so we left earlier than I probably normally would have stayed.
I ran into Steve on my way home, he’d worked in the area too and so I followed him almost all the way home (I had to make a stop at the PO though). It was kind of interesting because on my way up to Lynn’s, I saw him at McDonald’s. :-)
Then when I got home, I cooked – yes, cooked hehe. Made some Broccoli/Potato/Cheese Soup and Italian meatloaf (which was damn good if I do say so myself). Also made this dessert, but we haven’t had it yet because afterward we went out to his family’s house.
I was out there to install Norton 2004 on their computer (they recently got a new one). I did so and promptly had to remove some spyware! Arg what a trip. Last week or the week before, they had like 6 viruses that their factory-installed version of Norton had caught. A Trojan spy thingy and then another type of Trojan. What is people’s deal that they have to make viruses to ruin other people’s lives? I remember the time I opened a virus on the computer in the tv station where I worked. Talk about mayhem. It wasn’t a bad one though, it just crapped out all the *.jpg files on the computer at the time. I think it may have messed with something else, too, but the computer still ran fine. I was tricked into opening it though – somehow it made me believe that it was a *.txt file. And I kicked myself for months after that. I mean, how could I have been so stupid??? They found out later and the tech guys took care of it, never knowing where it came from lol.
11 hours, 57 minutes to go on my auction…. lol
Well… dunno what else to say…. probably should shut my big mouth though because this has already been a fairly long entry.
Waiting for Erin to go do her laundry and come back to the computer… should go do mine… yeah right…
ooooooh, I Dream of Jeanie is on…

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