Um, what?

Ok so, we were going to this dentist, and I really liked him.  Wonderful dentist.  Horrible businessman.  My sister-in-law, who’s a hygienist  is the only reason we went there because he was a bit further than I would prefer to drive.  They also gave us a nice family discount which was very helpful as we ended up getting a lot done after having not had dental insurance and then failing to use it for 8 years at that point.  The last time Elijah and I were there was in January for our cleanings.  No cavities.  Yay.  We made appointments for July.  When Steve got laid off in March, he started going and getting his stuff taken care of.  He was there after us, of course, the last time would have been in April or May.  In late May, the dentist fired my sil because, though he didn’t admit it, he didn’t want to give her a raise.  He did this to his assistant as well and has since done it to their replacements.  Really, he’s missing out, my sil is a wonderful hygienist.  Yes, I might be biased, but she did work on my teeth, so it’s not like I’m talking blindly here.  As far as I know, we were paid up on everything.  Usually stuff goes through our dental very fast.  I know I had no charges from me or Elijah.  Our appointments in July, I hadn’t decided if I was going to keep them or not, but it didn’t matter because no one called to remind me and I ended up totally forgetting to go.  No one even called to say we’d missed them.

Anyway!  Yesterday, we got a bill in the mail.  It said, “balance forward: $0.00” and, “amount due: $78.04.”

Um, what??

Someone wrote on it, “To Pay By cc or” and it looks suspiciously male in handwriting (the office people are women) and they highlighted “Insurance has paid, the remainder is your responsibility” and the final amount.  But do you know what’s suspiciously missing?   Yeah, what the bill is supposedly for.  The big area where charges would be stated and outlined out is completely empty.

So Steve called first thing this morning – I’d actually gotten it then because I forgot to get the mail yesterday – and I was already mad so I had him call.  I’m hearing his side of the conversation and afterward he confirmed what I thought I heard…  Supposedly they never keep track of what money is owed for what service because “people usually know what they’ve had done.”

Seriously!?!?!?! Well, considering none of us have been there in at least 5 and a half months…

The billing woman was supposed to call him back and a whole business day has gone and no calls.  He thinks they’re going to try and make something up.  lol.  I don’t know what’s going on here but I do know that I am not paying for this under any circumstances unless they can show us what it’s for.  I should have all the insurance papers, too, that say what was done and when and how much we’d owe.  We’d been going there for about a year or so when we stopped.  Of course, I’m considering not even digging those out until they show me what this charge is supposedly for.

Gosh, as if it wasn’t bad enough dealing with children’s hospitals and pathology departments that don’t bill our health insurance right, now I have to deal with phantom dental charges.

bill breakdown

One of the reasons I put off getting my wisdom teeth out for so long was because I was afraid of the cost. We’re trying to get out of debt and when Steve had his taken out early in our marriage it really got that ball rolling towards debt. However, when all things were said and done with mine, thanks to health insurance and the dental that we have now that we didn’t have then, we only had to write a check for $124!

ATT’s a little… dumb.

Yesterday (July 11) I got an email from ATT that started out:

As of Wednesday July 11 at 12 AM, your account had a balance due.

It goes on to talk about how paying this may not stop collections and that if your balance is past due, PAY IT NOW, etc.

I’m thinking, “crap! I forgot about the phone bill.” But then I keep reading until it finally tells me that my bill isn’t due until July 16.

We’re not overdue at all and they’re sending out emails trying to scare us? What’s up with that?

The last paragraph says:

Many of our customers have told us that they enjoy AT&T eBill but have trouble remembering to pay the bill online. We realize some of you schedule your payments right before they are due using other online services…

So they’re expecting me to forget?

Ya know, it’s really not their business when I pay the bill as long as they get it on or before the due date. What’s with the mafia techniques lately? :P