that time of year

Sheesh, has it really been two months?  Never, since I started a blog, 11 years ago, have I taken that long between posts.  I know, though, it seems all I do is come here and post about how busy I am.  It’s really true though.  Photography is really taking off for me in my solo-again business.  Add that to homeschooling and speech therapy and swimming and church and family and my “office job,” and I just really don’t have a lot of time.

I’m really enjoying it though, I am really enjoying where I am in my business and I have lots of plans and ideas that I can’t wait to incorporate.  Just that time of year, though, I guess.  Fall and spring are really the busiest times though I didn’t just sit around in summer this year, either.  I feel really bad telling my once a week, if that, office job boss that I don’t have time to work this week, but it’s just true.  I also don’t want to take advantage of my babysitters, aka grandmas, so I have to plan things for when Steve is off work as much as possible.

Then there’s things like crochet.  I’m trying to finish a baby blanket for one of my sisters-in-law but it’s not going real good.  Not to mention she just had the 4th preemie out of 5 grandkids for my in-laws.  This is crazy, I don’t know why this family has so many preemies!  Elijah was technically one though just barely and we all know Kayleigh came at 29 weeks.  Our other sister-in-law had one that was, I think, 5 weeks early this spring and now this one came at 30 weeks.  However, even though further along and even with Kayleigh considered small because of her lack of fluid for 8 weeks, this nephew of mine is even smaller.  He came in at 1lb 9oz.  The saddest part is they’re not even in the country right now so it’s going to be a long time before we get to see him in person as they are stationed overseas.  But he’s doing amazingly well, was breathing on his own right away, I’m so impressed and just floored, he’s really a little miracle in the happening.

Hmmmm, I think it might be finally time for a new look around here, don’t you??

Here are some of my favorite pics I’ve done recently, you know, just for funsies.

Jaime Aaron, Jenny, and Lily

Jenny, Aaron, Lily Jenny & Lily

McDaniel McDaniel

Um, what?

Ok so, we were going to this dentist, and I really liked him.  Wonderful dentist.  Horrible businessman.  My sister-in-law, who’s a hygienist  is the only reason we went there because he was a bit further than I would prefer to drive.  They also gave us a nice family discount which was very helpful as we ended up getting a lot done after having not had dental insurance and then failing to use it for 8 years at that point.  The last time Elijah and I were there was in January for our cleanings.  No cavities.  Yay.  We made appointments for July.  When Steve got laid off in March, he started going and getting his stuff taken care of.  He was there after us, of course, the last time would have been in April or May.  In late May, the dentist fired my sil because, though he didn’t admit it, he didn’t want to give her a raise.  He did this to his assistant as well and has since done it to their replacements.  Really, he’s missing out, my sil is a wonderful hygienist.  Yes, I might be biased, but she did work on my teeth, so it’s not like I’m talking blindly here.  As far as I know, we were paid up on everything.  Usually stuff goes through our dental very fast.  I know I had no charges from me or Elijah.  Our appointments in July, I hadn’t decided if I was going to keep them or not, but it didn’t matter because no one called to remind me and I ended up totally forgetting to go.  No one even called to say we’d missed them.

Anyway!  Yesterday, we got a bill in the mail.  It said, “balance forward: $0.00” and, “amount due: $78.04.”

Um, what??

Someone wrote on it, “To Pay By cc or” and it looks suspiciously male in handwriting (the office people are women) and they highlighted “Insurance has paid, the remainder is your responsibility” and the final amount.  But do you know what’s suspiciously missing?   Yeah, what the bill is supposedly for.  The big area where charges would be stated and outlined out is completely empty.

So Steve called first thing this morning – I’d actually gotten it then because I forgot to get the mail yesterday – and I was already mad so I had him call.  I’m hearing his side of the conversation and afterward he confirmed what I thought I heard…  Supposedly they never keep track of what money is owed for what service because “people usually know what they’ve had done.”

Seriously!?!?!?! Well, considering none of us have been there in at least 5 and a half months…

The billing woman was supposed to call him back and a whole business day has gone and no calls.  He thinks they’re going to try and make something up.  lol.  I don’t know what’s going on here but I do know that I am not paying for this under any circumstances unless they can show us what it’s for.  I should have all the insurance papers, too, that say what was done and when and how much we’d owe.  We’d been going there for about a year or so when we stopped.  Of course, I’m considering not even digging those out until they show me what this charge is supposedly for.

Gosh, as if it wasn’t bad enough dealing with children’s hospitals and pathology departments that don’t bill our health insurance right, now I have to deal with phantom dental charges.

if you find my brain, tell it to wait here for me

Sometimes I just really gotta wonder what’s wrong with me.

Last evening, I took the kids and headed to the nearest JC Penny, aka a half an hour away. I didn’t even get to head out until 6. First we had school, then my sister-in-law stopped by to pay me for my brother-in-law’s phone bill. Apparently she’s as brainless as I am, haha, because she’d forgotten her checkbook and left to go to the bank. While she was gone, UPS arrived with the wedding book I’d made them. She returned, paid me, took her book and only then would Kayleigh finally take a nap. So it was 5 pm before K got up and we could get started out the door.

Drove out there and took the kids to Sonic because OF COURSE I didn’t get us anything to eat for supper before leaving, then we were in the car wash getting rid of all the salt and snow grime that built up over this last snow, when Steve called. The whole reason I had to go to Penny’s was to return some things I bought online that arrived and totally did not fit. Guess what? Yeah, I’d left them on the kitchen table! My purse had been sitting RIGHT by them and somehow I managed to get that.

Elijah wasn’t phased, of course, he was on a mission to spend his Christmas money. Well, the Christmas money he knew about. :P (Really, my kids have enough stuff as it is, they don’t need to just run out and spend all their money when I can save some of it for them for a rainy day or whatever.) So we went to Walmart so he could spend his $15 on – you guessed it – a Transformer.

I made a list before we left. Apparently I can’t even do that right and I forgot to write down several things and forgot several of the things I needed from there. Ugh!

I used to have this great memory, what happened??

K’NEX are of the devil

My sister and brother-in-law got this for Elijah for Christmas, a construction K’NEX kit. Basically, the K’NEX blocks are like Legos and then you’ve got these little things that look like gears and rods and connectors, they call them.

Oh, my gosh, these things are annoying!

Why FedEx is now on my bad side

As I had stated before in my anti-DHL post, I had never had a problem with FedEx before. Well, now I have.

Wednesday night I ordered my camera that is coming with two lenses and a couple of other things, also a memory card and an extra battery. The battery and memory card shipped from one location, everything else from another. One in Kansas, one in Georgia. Both shipped earlier on the 17th (Thursday). Both made very good time and met up in Memphis the evening of the 18th. They were due to be delivered Saturday, the 19th.