Harry Potter!

Harry PotterSo I’m not sure whatever peaked Elijah’s first interest in Harry Potter, but he’s hooked!  We have all of the movies and now he has the books (though I can’t get him to read them) and he has some Lego HP and is hoping for more for Christmas.

Our church does a Trunk or Treat every year, but we’d never been.  The last time I did something on Halloween was when Elijah was probably 3 and he dressed as a little dog and we went to the thing that our church did at that time.  He was a little young, though, and kept getting in the way of the older kids trying to play the games.  He ran around and had fun but I was stressed, haha.  We just really don’t put any emphasis into it and just plain haven’t bothered.  Not to mention, we don’t really live in an area that’s conductive to trick or treating.  We back up to a subdivision but have never gotten treaters in the 12 years we’ve lived here.

But this year, Elijah wouldn’t let me let it be just another day.  He kept asking to go to Trunk or Treat and I was kinda like yeah, yeah, yeah.  Too busy to really think about it.  But he mentioned it over at my in-laws and next thing I know, Sarah’s getting him the costume she wore last year.

So here we have Harry Potter!  All he needed was his white collared shirt and black pants.  Sarah provided him with a robe, tie, sweater, glasses, scarf, and even wand.  The scarf was actually made for her by Stacey last year.  I was going to crochet her one but I got frustrated trying to do it Tunisian so I asked Stacey to teach me to  just knit it in a basic stitch.  She said it’d be quicker if she did it, and she did.  It’s very thick and warm.

I had to laugh, though, the sweater was huuuuuge on Elijah.  We tried tucking it into his pants – oh, mind you, I made him wear white long johns too because I thought he’d be cold in all short and wispy sleeves – when we tucked the sweater in, he looked like he had this huge beer belly.  I said, “nope, not going to work, you look like you have a huge belly.”  He said, “What, you don’t want me to be Harry Potter AND Santa Claus!?!?”  I ended up pony-tailing it in the back and you couldn’t even tell.  The glasses were 3D glasses from one of the movie showings, with the lenses removed.  Very cute.  And, of course, since his right eye is just fine, he had no problem going without his real glasses for a while.

So we went to ToT and I felt like such an idiot because I didn’t bring him a bag.  Was pretty embarrassed but it’s been so long…  One of the ladies there gave him a bag that I guess they’d gotten when purchasing candy for the ToT.  Kayleigh walked around without a costume but I don’t think she minded.  Honestly, even if she had one, I doubt she’d let me dress her in it.  She only does what SHE wants to.  She did see a kid dressed as SpongeBob though and she about died of happiness.  She started following him!!  We had to pull her back with us.  I mean, though, he’s her favorite, but afterward when Elijah and I had to go in the store, I bought her a SpongeBob hat and she wouldn’t even wear that until about 3 days later when she decided she would.  We joked, though, that she was a leopard.  Her coat is leopard print… something she picked out at Babies R Us last year.

But anyway, E got a bag and he walked up to each car and held out his bag, got candy, and said, “thank you.”  I liked that.  I don’t like hearing “trick or treat.”  “Thank you” is so much better.  Kayleigh even picked a sucker from a lady that had a neat tray to hold them standing upright and she ate that right there and then.  Some other people put candy into her hood. lol

After that, we went through DQ and Elijah got an ice cream then he and I went to the store and Steve and Kayleigh went home!  It was a good evening.  Elijah had a blast.  We stopped at one Grandma’s on the way home, too.  He was just so cute.  He got a lot of attention all evening.  Even in Walmart, “HEY, it’s Harry Potter!!  Hellllooo!”