Creative Wedding Favors that Your Guests Will Love for Years

content_marketing_opi_photo487501-21-2013Your wedding is all about you. It’s a day you’ll never forget, and one that you want all your guests to remember too. In all the stress of planning the wedding, you might opt for some generic wedding favors, but you shouldn’t do that! While whatever you give your guests as a wedding favor will of course help them remember your big day, giving your guests a creative gift will ensure that their memories of your wedding are just as vivid as yours. Check out these ideas for creative wedding favors that you can give your guests without putting too much of a strain on your wallet.

Different Kinds of Mugs

Rather than simply giving each guest a generic gift, opt for some variety and let people choose their wedding favor. One way to do this is by making a variety of different kinds of mugs and leaving them on a table for guests to pick up on their way out. Create coffee mugs with the wedding information on them, so coffee drinkers will remember the big day. Create beer steins too, so your guests can instead choose a beer mug if they want to remember the wedding while having a pint. The great thing about mugs is that if you buy them in bulk from they are fairly cheap, meaning you won’t be spending a ton of money on party favors. Another idea for your wedding is rather then giving out the mugs on your guests’ way out, give them out before the dinner. That way, they’ll be drinking out of them during the dinner, and the mugs will become extra sentimental!

Personalized Flash Drive

Handing out a personalized flash drive might seem like an odd wedding favor, but in today’s digital age they are actually a terrific gift to give. Load up the flash drive with pictures and videos from the wedding, and include a playlist of the songs that you played during the celebration. There may not be a better way to remember the wedding then giving an audio and visual reminder, and your guests will enjoy all the fun and embarrassing pictures. Many people require flash drives for work these days anyways, meaning they’ll be a useful gift that your guests will use often.

Tiny Plants

Giving out little plants as wedding favors can kill two birds with one stone, and save you money on your wedding. Arrange the tables with beautiful, tiny plants for decorations (such as mini cacti) and decorate the pots with the wedding details. Once the party is winding down, inform the guests that they can take these plants home. It’s a very fun way for your guests to remember the wedding, since they’ll think of you every time they take a look at the plant or give it some water. Little plants are very inexpensive, and designing some stickers to put on them is also affordable. These plants are guaranteed to be a hit with your guests.

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