A lot of our house finishing and organizing projects have been on hold for a long time.  Life just gets away from you… bed rest, hospital, NICU, newborn, baby, toddler…  Kayleigh’s still destructive but she’s getting older.  Organization has been done here and there over the past couple of years.  I re-did the “lower” room earlier this year.  Took out the little school desk and the little book shelf, brought in a long table that E splits in half: half for school, half for Lego.  Storage space under.  New shelving for books rather than stacks and boxes.  Of course, those are already full.  In the “center” room, Steve finally closed up the space under the stairs.  There’s a door there now and inside a cart for toilet cleaning supplies, toilet paper, diapers, etc.  Kids’ room was done real nice not long before Kayleigh came home from the hospital and now they have bunk beds and a series of plastic drawers for both clothes and toys.  I’m sad that they don’t seem to make these drawers anymore, as we could use another stack.  The similar ones they make now are smaller and more cheaply made.  Thinner.  Thankfully, despite her breaking of many smaller tubs (hence the moving of E’s Legos to another room), she hasn’t broken any of the drawers…  knock on wood.  The living room is pretty well organized but often messy thanks to Kayleigh’s need to drag out all her toys and my aversion to folding laundry.  I’m allergic.  Can’t help it.

Today I started upstairs.  Our room is largely the worst.  It started out well enough but when you don’t spend any time in a room during the day, you just tend not to think of it.  Plus, with our house being a story and a half, there’s the whole slanted wall issue to think about.  Over the last couple of years, our room has been pretty neglected, filling up with stuff that needs to be up there, but not organized.  Not anymore!  I got rid of some stuff in one section and moved some tubs back in but I think my first real project is going to be getting rid of the desk that we have up there.  Really, it’s cheap, parts are broken, and we never sit there.  Then I’m going to organize the dormer that it’s in.  We have a ton of electrical books from Steve’s schooling that he still sometimes refers to so I can’t pack them away permanently.  Then there’s all his hunting and fishing stuff and my purses (though I have gotten rid of A LOT) and shoes for both of us…. and some memory books and items that I’m keeping for the kids.

SO, ideas on organizing a dormer?  Maximizing storage yet still making it accessible is the ideal.  38″ wide, 49 1/2″ deep, 5′ 4″ tall for the center 32″…. hmmm…!

Ideally I should probably move my yarn upstairs but I’m afraid!!

now I remember

Okay now I remember… I was checking the fire and I went to get another log to put in and I turned around and there was a dead mouse on the floor right where I’d been standing. Lol. Scared the crap outta me. Well, I don’t mean scared really, because I’m not scared of mice. I don’t like them running around my house but I’m not scared of them. But it startled me for sure. I didn’t scream or anything though lol. I just didn’t expect to see it there at all, not right where I’d been standing. I haven’t seen a mouse here since before we got rid of Kat. And I’d say that’s been over a year now.

Okay, well, I just thought everyone should know that :-)

Oh yeah, it’s still there by the way, I’m not cleaning it up. :-D Steve can do it as payment for not bringing in more wood like he said he would. Now I hafta freeze tomorrow. We’ll just have to make sure The Rimshot doesn’t decide to clean it up.