Never ends.

Seems like someone in this house has been sick every day since around Thanksgiving.  We’re just taking turns and it’s Kayleigh’s turn again.

My sweet little girl has pink eye.  We’ve never had pink eye here.  I didn’t even recognize it for what it was at first because the whites of her eyes are still, well, white.  But it’s been getting worse and she got into the doctor earlier this evening.  First thing he said when he saw her was, “oh, yeah…”  And by the way, he is on our new insurance, yippie.  Here we got hitting that insurance right away, too.

So she has some antibiotics and antibiotic eye drops.

Yes, this is already a nightmare.

It’s hard enough to get her to take her medicine, I mean, I’d finally convinced her that I was NOT putting it in her  milk and to take it like a big girl and she took 1 of the 5 ml and gagged and shuddered.  I had to force it after that.

I HATE forcing medicine down my kid’s throat, but she has to have it!  It really does make me feel pretty crappy though, for both her and me.

And the eye drops, oh my gosh, might as well be killing her.  He told me to try her when she’s asleep… yeah, that worked.  She woke up yelling as soon as I tried to gently turn her from her side to her back.  The rest is history.

So not sure what we’re going to do about that, necessarily, but we shall see.  Hopefully the other antibiotics can take care of it even if we can only get minimal eye drops in there.

But sheesh, I just want us all to be healthy for a while!  We did so awesome the past two years or so, and now…??


This morning Steve was worse and I ended up driving him up to the urgent care center. He wasn’t even really able to get water down and we know how bad that could be!

Well he’s got strep throat. Ugh.

This is a man who never gets sick. The last time he was really sick we both had the flu. It was almost 7 years ago. February 2002. I got it first, he got it 3 days later, stayed home from work one day and was fine. I was still sick another 3 days or so.

I have never had strep. Never. That thing I had just over two years ago where I didn’t eat for over a week? Wasn’t strep. Still not positive what it was.

Praying Steve has a speedy recovery (the big baby lol) and that neither me or Elijah get it!!!

ok, well.

So, the medicine. They’ve got Elijah on antibiotics and a cough syrup. Me, I’m on antibiotics, some Mucinex stuff, a nasal spray (but I’m bad and haven’t been doing that one), and something new called Xyzal. That one is a daily thing that I guess I’m getting a prescription for (he gave me samples). He says it’s stronger than stuff like Claritan and what not (it had better be considering that you need a prescription and the price of this stuff). He gave me a discount card for it and I called and my insurance does cover most of it so I should end up (if all goes well) close to getting it for free half the time, spending $15-20 a month the other half. Provided it works, that is. We’ll see.

We’re both doing better though. Of course, Elijah never really acted sick other than taking a nap the other day. My voice is still crud, and I’m coughing a lot more now, though. But there’s no pressure in my head anymore and I don’t feel like puking all the time. The two of us actually got out today to take some pictures and what not. Mostly we drove around, but we got some sun, too.

The new dehumidifier is working out great and maybe that’s helping, too. In just short of 24 hours, I already had to empty it. I don’t think its tank is any smaller than the old one, it’s just gotten pretty damp down there in between normal stuff and all the rain we’ve been getting. This evening Steve said it was almost full again, so I’ll have to check on it when I do some laundry here in a sec.

Anyway, more to come later.

i feel like pooty

Sinus infection again. Sigh. Kicking my butt again. Don’t think I’ve ever had one in the summer though, so this is new. My energy is completely zapped. I’d love to do something productive but I can’t seem to make myself move. Not even to get something to eat, and I’m starving to death, thirsty too. Thankfully, E is actually being good and needs absolutely nothing to make him happy right now. So I get a little rest. Can’t get into the doctor until tomorrow. I seriously think I’ve some blocked sinus cavities or something. Never did fully feel like the stuff behind my ear drums went away, it was always annoying. But now it’s painful. My head is going to explode. Where’s that cat scan the doctor talked to me about so long ago? My lungs feel sick, too. I think I’ll go put myself out of my misery now. Good-bye, cruel world…

Life goes on

So yesterday I didn’t even have to go into the doctor, just talked to him on the phone and he arranged for medication. I’ve got so much crap running through my veins though, we’ll all be lucky if I don’t pull a Heath Ledger. Seriously. I’ve got this one medicine that he actually gave me the last time, a month ago, and he told me to keep taking it. Well last night as I was taking it not long before bed, I realized that it was probably the fourth time that day I had taken it… I’m supposed to take it twice daily. My bad.

So, anyway, what is new these days? I don’t really know. Just being sick, it seems. Yesterday evening, I did go outside for a while with the boys and while Steve BBQ’d, I watched Elijah drive around the yard in his little Jeep. I also spent some time out with them on Sunday while Steve cleaned up the yard (all the winter wood and stuff gathers and makes a mess) and Elijah played, before going out to my in-laws’ and attempting to fix their modem. Being outside really isn’t pleasant for me right now, even if the weather is nice, for obvious reasons, but I suppose I needed it.

So, um, yeah, I started this post like hours ago but got distracted by everything. I need a nap.