Never ends.

Seems like someone in this house has been sick every day since around Thanksgiving.  We’re just taking turns and it’s Kayleigh’s turn again.

My sweet little girl has pink eye.  We’ve never had pink eye here.  I didn’t even recognize it for what it was at first because the whites of her eyes are still, well, white.  But it’s been getting worse and she got into the doctor earlier this evening.  First thing he said when he saw her was, “oh, yeah…”  And by the way, he is on our new insurance, yippie.  Here we got hitting that insurance right away, too.

So she has some antibiotics and antibiotic eye drops.

Yes, this is already a nightmare.

It’s hard enough to get her to take her medicine, I mean, I’d finally convinced her that I was NOT putting it in her  milk and to take it like a big girl and she took 1 of the 5 ml and gagged and shuddered.  I had to force it after that.

I HATE forcing medicine down my kid’s throat, but she has to have it!  It really does make me feel pretty crappy though, for both her and me.

And the eye drops, oh my gosh, might as well be killing her.  He told me to try her when she’s asleep… yeah, that worked.  She woke up yelling as soon as I tried to gently turn her from her side to her back.  The rest is history.

So not sure what we’re going to do about that, necessarily, but we shall see.  Hopefully the other antibiotics can take care of it even if we can only get minimal eye drops in there.

But sheesh, I just want us all to be healthy for a while!  We did so awesome the past two years or so, and now…??

health insurance fun.

Oh, yeah, envy me.  Envy me hard.

Really I guess it’s not all that bad.  I haven’t had to really deal with any of the set-up of our new insurance that’s coming with Steve’s job.  And they were so nice as to get our start date for the day he started the job which is great because he’s really paranoid regarding K since our other insurance ran out Dec 31.  The confusing thing is what to do with dental.  It’s optional, pay-in, for the three of the rest of us and his mom was telling him about their plan which is cheap compared to ours.  So he goes to work and tells them and they might switch even.  So might not be up to us to do anything.

But here I sit, in the online account of the health, trying to find out if our doctors are in network now or not.  I can’t find our family practitioner  which is strange, because the nurse practitioner who is there and the other doctor they now have, they are on there.  But I want him…

At least I don’t have to check quite as many doctors as I would have 3 years ago.  Thankfully, K is down to just a family practitioner near us with us, her pediatrician (quite a bit away), and her kidney guy.  And even then, hopefully we won’t have to be doing any kind of checking in with him after this year.

I still gotta check on the boys’ allergist.

Envy me!


Well, got into the doctor today in a last minute appointment.  They gave me a 330 when they were closing at 4 for New Year’s.  I didn’t leave until after five-freaking-thirty.  Seriously.  My little rural doctor’s office has grown and moved to the new health center the hospital built and has at least one new doctor and a pharmacy.  The pharmacy… man, it was just me and one other woman in there most of the time and they were so freaking slow.  Steve chose to come along with me at the last minute and had the kids in the Jeep the whole time.  Man, were those kids ticked.

I didn’t even get to see my doctor, I saw some nurse practitioner   I think she thought I was really weird for foregoing the shots she wanted to give me but to think about it, I have several reasons why I should just do pills.  For one, I’m terrified of needles.  This is why I don’t have any tattoos.  Secondly, the last time Steve got antibiotic shots, it ended up being a lot more expensive than pills.  And third, side effects?  Who knows.  I’m wary of anything injected into me, not just for the needle factor.

We were also calling the other pharmacy on the way up to the doctor.  We got the mail shortly before leaving only to find out that our health insurance is now officially expired as of the close of business today.  What a load of crap.  For one, Steve called them a few months ago to ask how long he had, since he’s been laid off and not sending any work hours in and the woman told him March.  So he was pretty comfortable that his new job insurance would probably overlap a couple of weeks with our current insurance.  We got a letter today that if we did not choose to go COBRA by today, we’d have no health insurance.  What the heck…  who’s decision was it to send us this letter last minute?  There’s no way we could arrange COBRA in an hour’s time even if we could afford freaking $1,100 a month.  So we wanted to quickly fill our everyday stuff, allergy medicine, before the insurance runs out.

So anyway, I have sinusitis and bronchitis and ear infections.  Ear infections are no big surprise.  I’ll bet if I went in there any dang time, they’d say they’re infected.  Ever since I was on that jury dury and I got kicked off for being sick and I had all those blisters in my mouth and throat… have had I had fluid in my ears.  SIX YEARS now.  And now, because my sinuses are repeat offenders, I’m on an antibiotic I’ve never had before, for something like a month.  Then I have some steroids, a cough pill, a nose spray, probiotics, as-needed anti-yeast infection stuff, and my otc decongestant, Ibuprofen, and Mucinex.  She wanted to give me  Delsym, too, but I told the pharmacist I don’t need that crap.  I refuse to take liquids anyway, they make me puke and why the heck would I need two cough medicines when I’m not really coughing that bad?

And now I’m about to get really confused.  Half my medicine wants me to take it with food and now, after screwing up my very first dose, I see that my antibiotics does not say take with food, it says take on an empty stomach, 1 hour before eating or 2-3 hours after.  Um, if I can get back on my diet, I’m supposed to eat every 2.5-3 hours max.  They all tell me not to run heavy machinery.  (There goes my day job.)

I’m going to go crazy with all of this stuff.  It’s already hard enough for me to remember to take a once-daily pill.

I guess I’ll be having that CAT scan when we get our new insurance in the spring, though.

back to work

On Wednesday, one of the unions where Steve signed on as a traveler called him to go to work. It’s a great opportunity and he jumped on it. It’s not any farther than when he was working in downtown St. Louis and it’s away from the city, which he likes. Good pay and hours and if things keep going like they are, it could be long term.

What’s really interesting, is that this is one of the unions that he had to leave the hospital to go re-sign at on the same day Kayleigh had her surgery. He has to appear in person every 6 months and that date fell on her surgery date. So he called the two unions that he had to go to and one of them (this one) said it was fine for him to come in the day before but the other union refused to budge so he had to just go visit them both on that day. When he re-signed that day, he was somewhere in the upper 100’s for his line position for a job. That is why it was so important for him to go. Then last week he started checking the job board and found he was #86. This company called something like 70 electricians.

We are just both so excited. I can still hardly not believe it. Honestly, I guess I’d gotten to the point where unemployment was life. I have been trying to get this photography business going good with my friend, so I had been really busy, but life became what it was: Steve not working.

Of course, there are no guarantees. We plan to live on as low a budget as possible and save the rest for the time that this may happen again. Somewhere around 2007 we were finally able to start a small savings account and though we were never rolling in it, there’s been a little something to save us during this time when we needed it. And we needed it at least once a month during the lay-off, usually when the Jeep and the mortgage and the electric were all due at the same time.

There’s also a downside to everything, I know Kayleigh is going to be upset. She’s already a daddy’s girl and she’s not going to like this at all. Plus I know Steve will be tired. But I’m not going to complain, we will all adjust. It’s just going to feel like a completely new life at first though.

But a big plus is we’re going to keep our health insurance! With no time off! Eye and dental, too. I’m psyched about that, lol.

So now, after more than 10 months of no work, he went into the union today and got his paperwork sorted out and is good to go!!

yes, we have no bonanza

mobile The bills and the insurance statements have started to roll in. Well, the ones on me have been rolling in for some time now and I think they’re starting to come to a stop. The ones for K are just getting started.

All I can say is: thank God we have good insurance!

The total base costs for me? This would include anything related to the pregnancy, so we’re talking the first doctor, the second set of doctors (4 of them), many ultrasounds, lab work, emergency room visit, first hospital stay (1 night), second hospital stay (20 nights), medications, all the various things they charge you for, and anesthetic that I didn’t get that took 30 minutes to prepare for.

Wait, I forgot, the insurance hasn’t yet sent us papers on the hospital stay of 20 nights or anything related to it. So the working total of everything but that so far is $21,219.30. And if one night’s stay at the hospital was $3069.21, we can expect 20 nights to be at least another $61,384.20 when you consider I had more medications, including the steroid shots, saw more doctors, etc.

It’s absolutely unreal and, yes, because “we have no bonanza,” I’m very glad we have awesome insurance through S’s union. They pay 90% of everything and we pay 10% until we hit $500 then we’re done! That’s on me. The same thing on K, too. And not only will $1,000 do good for both of us, but E could go out and bust himself up with his antics and he’d be free, too. This just doesn’t include any out-patient prescriptions (so still have to pay our part for my allergy medication) or someone out of network (no one has been so far). Not that I want E to go bust himself up, but knowing that kid he’s likely to do it at any point in time. Not to mention, if enough stuff has gone through the insurance by this time for K, then E’s tests will be free (we’re going to have him tested for the Vesicoureteral Reflux, too, just to be sure since it runs in families). Not that S doesn’t pay for it, of course, it’s part of his wage package.