exhausting organization.

I am so exhausted!  I spent all day organizing our bedroom.  It has really gotten away from me and has become the room where things go when we have nowhere else for them to go.  But now…  got some unnecessary stuff out of there, threw away some crap, though not as much as I would have thought, and organized everything else.  Now instead of stuff just being on the floor in some spots, we have three new areas of shelving and moved a few other things to make the room have a better layout.

Have a shelf for all of Steve’s electrical books.  I had no idea there were so many!  One thing we did was get this little desk out of there.  I’ve had that since I was like 10 and I’m ready for it to go into the trash.  It’s not in the best shape anymore anyway.  Then there’s a bigger shelf area for his outdoorsy stuff and then, since we got a very large shelf unit in the lower/school room, I took the one I had there upstairs and it’s now housing all my yarn.  All that yarn was in the living room in two tubs, a Thirty-One utility something er other, and a plastic drawer in the entertainment center… not to mention overflow.  Clutter!  Now it’s all in this cube shelf organizer thing.  I had that downstairs but it kept falling apart, hence the new shelves.  But upstairs, with less traffic, and MUCH lighter stuff in it, it should be just fine.  It fits perfectly along the half-wall.

I’m proud of myself haha.  I’ve been trying to do this for a while now, I just needed to get a few things and really get started.  Well, I’d been started, but couldn’t progress without the shelves, which we went and got Monday.  But I was surprised I got all our room done in one day.  That’s so nice.  I still need to do the closet, but that’s ok.  Largely, that’s just moving stuff around and going through again and getting rid of clothes we don’t wear.  Need to make use of the dormer in there, too, and I guess take the ironing board down since I rarely have to actually use it.  Get that chair out of there.

All I need is a shoe organizer and a power strip.  Moved our like 1970’s TV to another spot in the bedroom.  Yes, it has got to be that old.  We NEVER use it, not sure why we keep it.  It only has a cheap DVD player on it.  When I did want to use it, I’d have to unplug phone chargers or whatever and use the little extension cord.  Hence the need for a power strip.

But anyway, not even 830 and I want to go to bed…

Tomorrow…  cleaning the rest of the house.  I only got one more day before Friday…


A lot of our house finishing and organizing projects have been on hold for a long time.  Life just gets away from you… bed rest, hospital, NICU, newborn, baby, toddler…  Kayleigh’s still destructive but she’s getting older.  Organization has been done here and there over the past couple of years.  I re-did the “lower” room earlier this year.  Took out the little school desk and the little book shelf, brought in a long table that E splits in half: half for school, half for Lego.  Storage space under.  New shelving for books rather than stacks and boxes.  Of course, those are already full.  In the “center” room, Steve finally closed up the space under the stairs.  There’s a door there now and inside a cart for toilet cleaning supplies, toilet paper, diapers, etc.  Kids’ room was done real nice not long before Kayleigh came home from the hospital and now they have bunk beds and a series of plastic drawers for both clothes and toys.  I’m sad that they don’t seem to make these drawers anymore, as we could use another stack.  The similar ones they make now are smaller and more cheaply made.  Thinner.  Thankfully, despite her breaking of many smaller tubs (hence the moving of E’s Legos to another room), she hasn’t broken any of the drawers…  knock on wood.  The living room is pretty well organized but often messy thanks to Kayleigh’s need to drag out all her toys and my aversion to folding laundry.  I’m allergic.  Can’t help it.

Today I started upstairs.  Our room is largely the worst.  It started out well enough but when you don’t spend any time in a room during the day, you just tend not to think of it.  Plus, with our house being a story and a half, there’s the whole slanted wall issue to think about.  Over the last couple of years, our room has been pretty neglected, filling up with stuff that needs to be up there, but not organized.  Not anymore!  I got rid of some stuff in one section and moved some tubs back in but I think my first real project is going to be getting rid of the desk that we have up there.  Really, it’s cheap, parts are broken, and we never sit there.  Then I’m going to organize the dormer that it’s in.  We have a ton of electrical books from Steve’s schooling that he still sometimes refers to so I can’t pack them away permanently.  Then there’s all his hunting and fishing stuff and my purses (though I have gotten rid of A LOT) and shoes for both of us…. and some memory books and items that I’m keeping for the kids.

SO, ideas on organizing a dormer?  Maximizing storage yet still making it accessible is the ideal.  38″ wide, 49 1/2″ deep, 5′ 4″ tall for the center 32″…. hmmm…!

Ideally I should probably move my yarn upstairs but I’m afraid!!


So what’s going on?

I’ve started a new diet, officially, today.  Not going to talk too much about that I think, don’t wanna jinx it!  But here it is Friday and I’ve been such a good girl… NO, absolutely NO soda since Sunday when I said ok, cold turkey again, have to.  This time it’s gonna have to stay, at least until I reach my goal.  Only then, maybe, can I treat myself every once in a while.  Of course, getting caffeine completely out of my system and having one later may put me on overload.

I’ve also started trying to get this house whipped into shape.  It’s taking longer than I wanted it to.  I blame that on my kids.  I spent all day re-organizing their room and the very next day, Kayleigh totally trashed it.  Dumped out all the toys, even pulling drawers out and dumping them.  But I did get the living room re-organized and it looks pretty good, still gets covered in toys but not nearly as many as before.  The center room is next and that’s going pretty slow.  I also spent a lot of time putting up these adorable chalkboard decals on the kids’ door and some sweet animals on the empty wall after dismantling the crib last week… only to have to take them all down the very next day.  Turned out they terrified Kayleigh.  Who would have known??

So, yes, the crib, she is gone.  Stored in pieces, temporarily, in the garage as I’m not sure what to do with it.  I wonder if our trash men would take it away.  It’s the kind of crib that they are outlawing so I couldn’t and wouldn’t try to resell it and my kids damaged it so you have to permanently have the side up, so a lot of people wouldn’t like that anyway.  It’s just so big…  But the transition was MUCH easier than I thought it would be.  The first night I put Kayleigh in her Big Girl bed (aka bottom of the bunk bed) and she got up once so I put her back in the crib, she cried a bit then went to sleep.  The next night she got up from her bed and I put her back then she went to sleep, same thing the night after that.  The next day I removed the crib because I was sick of it.  That night was trickier because she was still scared of the decals but I put her in bed, shut the light and the door really fast, then she stayed in bed.  Since then, when I’ve been putting her to bed, she’s been staying.  I can hardly believe it.  However, this also means largely no naps.  We’re only getting naps out of her if we happen to be driving at the right time or she falls asleep somewhere in the living room.  So far she’s slept on the little trampoline and on the floor between the couch and love seat.  I actually did just put her in for a nap, we’ll see if she sleeps or not.  She was trying to fall asleep in her high chair.

Also because of Kayleigh’s new found freedom, I’ve had to buy a gate.  I got this extended width walk-through gate for between the living room and the rest of the house.  She gets free reign of the living room and their bedroom and I don’t have to worry about her sticking her hands in the toilet or trying to leave the house.  She could probably climb over the gate if she really tried to, but so far, we’re good.  Best $60 I ever spent.

As for me, I have been having these weird headaches for a while now.  They were every day for a week though when I went to the doctor on Monday.  We are hoping it’s just my sinuses and not something serious.  ‘Cause to tell you the truth, they feel so weird they freak me out.  He put me on some antibiotics and my sinuses did start draining and I’m not feeling constant headaches like before but it still hurts in that strange way on the top and sides of my head when I lay down.  So falling asleep is no fun right now.  I’m going to carry the antibiotics through and if it continues will go back to the doctor again.  He said if my sinuses wouldn’t clear, the next step is cat scan to see how they look.  I may end up with one either way.  We’ll see.

they don’t make ’em like they used to

So the other day, I decided to clean out the entertainment center. It wasn’t really messy but it was full of VHS tapes that haven’t seen the light of day in a long, long time. A LOT of VHS tapes! We started three piles: keep, donate, pitch. I found movies in there that we have since acquired on DVD and even movies that we have since seen so many times on TV that we now detest. Most of the tapes are made up of stuff recorded off of TV. Really, I think we were the last people we know to get a DVD player, surprisingly enough. The VCR was a wedding present. When it dies, though, I’m not replacing it. In the meantime, we are keeping a small selection of tapes, including things that came from a camcorder when I was in high school and a few tapes of Steve’s football games.

I’ve started going through the tapes that we had once recorded that I thought we might want to keep. Some of these are so bad there’s nothing to do but throw away, they’re all static. Some of these are in great condition.

So now I’m sitting here watching the Addams Family… the ORIGINAL, the GOOD, not those silly movies, the original show… and the family is trying to teach Lurch to dance. Besides this marathon from a few years ago on TVLand, I can’t remember the last time I saw this show on TV.

There’s a ton of junk on TV now, why can’t anyone show the good stuff anymore? Who cares if it is in black and white? Nothing beats it. The Addams Family, I Love Lucy, I Dream of Jeannie, Green Acres, Leave it to Beaver, etc. Not to mention stuff from the 80’s even, like Mama’s Family and The Carol Burnett Show. The only one I ever see on anymore is the Andy Griffith Show. Meh, I guess I’m just mad at TVLand and their stupid “reality” shows that seem to have taken over their airwaves.

Now to see which of these are on DVD. Not that I can afford anything right now, but hey, I can add them to my wishlist. :P

Oh, I’m also proud of my organizational skills. I bought some plastic drawers to put inside the entertainment center’s two cabinets. There are two drawers in each of the two cabinets and they fit perfectly… after I took off the door magnets! Then they slid in and I screwed the magnets back on so the doors will actually stay shut. Now, throwing out or getting rid of most of these tapes, I also have at least one of the larger drawers for my yarn which is overflowing out of it’s basket. I will even have room for my scrapbooks of recent years to be in a decent place! I figure with neither of us finding any work, we’re not going to be moving anytime soon, so we might as well make this closet we call a house work… again.

Flickr Organization

Over the last few days, I’ve been spending a lot of time messing with and organizing my Flickr sets, groups, contacts, etc.

The groups, for example. I realized that I was just in way too many of them, there was simply no way I could participate in them all. I found myself leaving groups that I didn’t even realize I was in, groups that I’d never submitted anything to, etc. I went from about 130 groups or more to 74, not including those 8 I administer. I’m still going through groups, trying to see if there are any that I can leave. I just want to participate with a few that really match my interests. If it’s one thing that annoys me about Flickr though, it’s the fact that it doesn’t list my groups alphabetically on the group page. Ohhh that bugs me, it’s so hard to find the one I want without Ctrl+F-ing it. :P

I removed a contact or two. One suddenly disappeared from Flickr with all of her photos. One I never talk to, have never enjoyed their photostream, etc.

I’ve done some set organization, too. Created a couple and moved photos over, deleted a couple, rearranged them all. Heck, I deleted 209 photos from one particular set, saving about 50 in that set, moving them to another. Don’t worry, it’s nothing you’d miss. They were all horrible, bad, old scans I had every intention of re-doing and updating… but months later I still haven’t and their very presence annoyed me. Haha, Flickr asked me about 4 times if I seriously wanted to delete those 209 photos or what.

But speaking of sets, I’ve always been a little unsure of how I should organize them. As of now, there are a few general categories but the rest are all categorized by location and the set list is growing all the time. How do you organize yours?

Oh, and while you’re here, how about a photo of my neighbor’s clematis? You know, to welcome you to September…


UPDATE: Oh. My. Gosh. This is. The. COOLEST. Thing EVER. I’m going to be here all night adding my photos to this map, I can feel it! Muahahahahaha